Faction imbalance

So I am waiting for the new time walking event, however, there are 19 alliance players (I counted) and 3 horde players. Some noobs from Alliance just attack any Horde that comes close and the guards aren’t strong enough to do anything. One rogue tried to chase me down and I killed him twice, these Alliance players are BAD but too overpopulated. I can’t 1v5.

When are we seriously going to address the faction imbalance in the world? Something has to be done about this, either give Horde good racials or work on shards faction balance optimization.

OR tell me which realm to transfer to for good 50/50 World PvP, because I don’t believe “all realms are the same because of shards”


Wow the event started and we are really supposed to kill some NPC guards in the open world :smiley: It went like 30 alliance vs me alone so I stand no chance at this event, of course they have to kill me so its a gg, I waited 15 minutes to be raped by alliance


I was just camping on a elevated pillar during the whole event while the alliance was working hard killing the mobs. So I guess thats one positive about it. We then entered the Time Warp rift and all of us were neutral, so at least I could be a part of one part of the event.

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I waited 15 minutes to be raped by alliance

Same time same place tomorrow

Stick to Heroic Dungeons, you can’t PvP unless you are with 15 other guys

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