Fallen order feedback from BrM pov

Seeing that there’s an attempt to make fallen order more appealing for tanks in the latest ptr build i’d like to point out the biggest gripe i had trying to tank with it.

While the fallen order with the covenant legendary did pretty good damage in dungeons, the biggest downside that ultimately forced me to swap was that the clones do not give you any threat.
You basically spec for full aoe damage through the covenant and your legendary choice while you have 0 threat added from the ability and therefore not really a viable alternative to keg smash kyrian.

The extra shields and consistency on the recent buffs sure make it slightly better but when both of the major offensive cooldowns are pets i ended up having pulls on fortified where pets were dealing 50% of my damage (overall comparable to the other 3 covenants) i’d end up losing aggro to dps using their offensive cooldowns.

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