Farming gold without Dragonflight?

I would like to farm gold for wow token to get the war within next year i dont have df

what are my best options i just started i have one lv 60 char

cannot leave my house for health reasons so if the farm will take me 3-4 months it not a problem i have the time to do it if iam lucky


I hear that Ghost Iron Ore from Mists is still quite useful for some engineering stuff (goblin gliders I think).

They currently sell for 3g each. So to get enough gold to buy 4 WoW tokens to get the base version of TWW, you would need to farm and sell 428,992 Ghost Iron Ore (at current WoW token price).

I’ll be honest with you. I have seen this question asked many times on the WoWEconomy subreddit. The advice is always something along to lines of “its not impossible, but it’s really not worth it”.

The thing is, you’re going to struggle because there are already goblins on those markets who have already got all that stuff on lock down.

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old world mining-check ore prices
specific boe farms for transmog purposes, also crafting tmogs, check youtube
some pet & mount farms , also check yt

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I’m being realistic now: If you can’t afford TWW and would rather non-stop grind 3-4 months, there is a high chance that your PC can’t run it anyway.

However, if you still insist on farming that gold, my advice would actually be to farm and potentially even host your own GDKP in wotlk or cata, buy wow tokens with it, and then put it on battlenet balance to buy TWW

mining and herbing not really worth it; 2-3k gold per hour. :confused:

old world ores sell ridiculously well and are easy to farm
In fact they sell so well I’m starting to think the AH bots are starting to hoard materials to become sentient.

i think my Pc should be fine i hope so atleast lmao

If you own dragonflight currently, you could also level boost others.

What others said, old materials like certain herbs and ores sell nicely. I’m not sure if it’d be easy to get the tokens needed with it, but it still nets a nice sum if you keep at it :slight_smile:

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I think old transmogs sell good but you need to be super patient.

You can craft some of them too, give it a try.

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so about 140.000 a week if i do this 10 hours a day 560.000 a month so i could get it at launch i hope i find some long and good movies xD

Though there are still jobs where you don’t need to leave your house… I’d rather invest time into something like that than farm for hours for some virtual currency when I could earn way more real money in the same time.

if i could find something i wouldn’t have the problem

i am not allowed to do a full time job i am only allowed to work 2-3 hours a day and if i exceed a limit most of the extra money i earn is taken away

Well, that sucks… good luck in that case. May your pickaxe remain sharp!

yeah it really does but thanks for the suggestion anyway

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