Fashion wishes for blizzard?

You, yeah you, design a set rn, next tier set whats the theme?

We doing void?
We doing Crusader?
We doing elements again?
What we doing?

I’d want an ardenweald like forest with blue glow set, totally not cause I love the feywild concept idk what you’re talking about.

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I want them return my face please , the outfit for some reason ?

Obesitea Set, we are all Obesitie then united we are OB Legion

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I hoped more “jungle armors” since I wanted great mog for my trolls
They are rare and separation for cloth, leather, mail and plate.
Feel dont enough jungle armors in WoW

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we need more gothy outfits!

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I see it I see it, maybe some more troll themed raids would be cool, maybe some are gonna be in “The Last Titan” as northrend has that whole region full of them

For totally normal and not weird reasons, dont read into it, yes please!

were getting void expansion. this is almost guaranteed

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More HandSome druid Man

yes deffo.

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What do you think of the arathor set we are getting good sir

I still dont know what or who this is

Love it. Very paladin

Excellent excellent no what are your opinions on the nerubians and the possible crusade of said nerubians?