Faster Legendary Cloak Upgrades

Later today, we will apply a hotfix to the game that will allow players who have upgraded the legendary cloak Ashjra’kamas to Rank 15 to purchase Malefic Cores from MOTHER for 2,000 Echoes of Ny’alotha. This will be repeatable, up to the current maximum Resistance that the cloak allows (currently 92 Corruption Resistance, and next week this will increase to 95).

The intent of Malefic Cores was to provide ongoing incremental weekly power gains, to help overcome remaining challenges in this final tier of Battle for Azeroth. This has been similar to past systems in Warlords of Draenor (upgrading the legendary rings via Archimonde drops) and Legion (upgrading trinkets from Argus the Unmaker). While each extra bit of Corruption Resistance only represents a small increase in potential power, we understand the frustration of feeling weeks behind, especially without any controlled way of closing the gap faster. With this hotfix, players can further supplement their progress through the wide variety of endgame content that rewards Echoes of Ny’alotha.

It will still be possible to earn up to two Malefic Cores per week by fully clearing a Horrific Vision and/or defeating N’Zoth the Corruptor on Normal difficulty or higher.

Thank you!


About time.

Hell ya!


Well that’s good to see

Although, still a bit annoying seeing as my some of my alts still need to buy essences, corruptions and now cloak upgrades via a limited currency


Too little, too late.


Wow too many good blue posts today.

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Good to hear, just need to get to rank 15 in the first place now :frowning:


How many times must we go through this? You create a dysfunctional system, you string your players along and only after months of the patch being out do you input a solution to the problem you created? How do you expect people to not become cynical about your motives?

Silver lining, I guess… At least you actually implemented it.


It works man, look how many ppl thank them for it (not now maybe but just wait) or go to the NA topic and see people say Thank you… Ofc they keep doing it for years, proven to work


Now to debate between use Echoes for corruptions, or Resistance… :stuck_out_tongue:

Would’ve preferred if Coalescing Visions were used instead. 10k per Cloak up.


Okay, I’m not sure I understand… so the change is that you can still get 2 Malefic Cores per week, but now instead of having to do 1 Horrific Vision and 1 N’zoth kill, you can buy either one (or both) of these two MCs with Echoes of Ny’alotha?

In other words, if I do a Horrific Vision and kill N’zoth, I won’t be able to get a 3rd Malefic Core with Echoes, but I can for instance skip killing N’zoth and buy my 2nd weekly core with Echoes?


Don’t think you understood that correctly. What the GM meant regarding the maximum you could have otherwise earned via weekly Horrific Visions or N’Zoth kill is there’s currently a maximum corruption resistance that is increased by 3 every week (currently 92) but with this change you can buy Malefic Cores until you reach that cap.

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What makes you think that you can’t get more than the 2 a week?

The first quote sounded that way to me at first, but maybe I misunderstood :slight_smile:

I hope you’re right and it’s just me not being able to read and/or being too much of a pessimist :)) Anyway, thank you for providing a more optimistic perspective! :slight_smile:

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No. The weekly maximum from Visions or N’zoth means the cap of the amount of Malefic Cores you can get, which is 2. If you’re up-to-date with the corruption level you can only get 1 per week, either from N’zoth or a Vision. But if you’re behind then you can get 2 cores per week, one from a Vision and one from N’zoth. You’ll still only be able to get 2 cores per week, either from said content or buying them from MOTHER.

If that is true, then this is a pointless change

Edit: So, I was right!


It is super late to do that, you could have done it for ages.

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I’ve edited the original post for clarity.

This will be repeatable, up to the current maximum Resistance that the cloak allows.


Thank you, Kaivax!

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