Fastest Way to Farm Honor in Shadowlands

Okay, so I couldn’t find this information anywhere so far, so I’ve taken the liberty to try most honor farming methods to find out which one is the most profitable. Since we need a lot of honor to upgrade Conquest gear after certain rating threshhold, we need to have optimal ways to farm it.

I’m sharing the details here in case other people are looking for this information.

Honor Gained ± in one hour:

  • 1) Arena Skirmish (est. 80% win-rate) --> 1360 Honor - 60 min total

  • 2) Random BG (daily win and BG queue counted) --> 1300 Honor (3 played, 2 wins) - 62 min total

  • 3) Random Epic BG (daily win and BG queue counted) --> 1592 Honor (3 played, 1 win) - 68 min total

  • 4) Rated BG (daily win counted) --> 2292 Honor (3 played, 2 wins) - 58 min total

Results: Honor Gained Per Minute (HPM):

  • 1) Arena Skirmish --> 22.6 HPM

  • 2) Random BG --> 20.9 HPM

  • 3) Random Epic BG --> 23.4 HPM

  • 4) Rated BG --> 39.5 HPM

Notes to keep in mind:

  • Arena Skirmish Queue ± 1 min
  • Random BG Queue ± 6 min (Horde)
  • Epic Random BG queue -+ 7 min (Horde)
  • I didn’t count rated arenas, because HPM is much lower there. Only with a winning team in low rating it might be worth farming.
  • Epic BGs are better for mass AOE classes --> I can farm a lot of honor there as a Balance druid.
  • Joining RGB was for me quite fast, as everyone wants full versa balance druids these days. Also, there is a huge honor bonus for winning Rated BG (850 first, then 500). So, this method is not really stable and profitable if you are losing.


Arena skirmish seems to be the most stable way. If you know your way around the arena and you have more wins than loses, it’s a good choice.

If you play Alliance (1-2 min BG and Epic BG queue) and you can AOE dmg, then Epic BGs might be the choice for you, not matter wins or loses.

If you have a powerful Rated Battleground group, the wins will get you a ton of honor.

The worst honor farming way is by going random classic BGs. Even with huge win-rate, it simply doesn’t produce enough honor per minute or hour.

Just my two euro cents.


This is very interesting, thank you. So would you recommend Epic BGs for farming, even for a warrior for example?

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Good question. Regarding melee classes in Epic BGs, there is also the matter of specific battlegrounds.

As a Warrior, you can have good farm in Isle of Conquest and probably Alterac Valley. Wintergrasp can get a ton of honor regardless of class if you get a demolisher. The worst pick here is Ashran, since 90% of the time is mid-battle until one side loses reinforcements and melee classes struggle in Ashran a lot.

On the other hand, Ashran mid fight for honor gain is great for ranged classes. Mostly druids, affli locks and hunters benefit from it, at least from what I saw.

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Fastest way will always be ashran with tokens grind with some luck ofc.

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Why does this thread have over 4 thousand views?


Lol…guess 95% of people were expecting some cheese/shortcut …draws people like flies to poop.


Best source is probably Wintergrasp - Defence.
Took me what… 30minutes ?
Gave ~950honnor. (+1k for quest)

But yeah… you dont always play wintergrasp and you dont always play defence side.

I just afk’d epic bgs and went from fresh 60 to 200 ilvl in about 8 days.

Alliance though so fast queue fast losses.

Don’t forget about the Ashran and Wintergrap quests. 1k extra (per week?) is hard to beat.

It’s once per char, then the weekly only gives 100 honor.


Playing how many hours a day roughly?

you get more honor if you win
so do the objectives win and repeat

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