Fastest way to get to Karazhan

I was just wondering if there are any portals that take you fairly close to Karazhan. I cant seem to find any. I try to run the raid once a week on 3 charactrers and taking the flightpath from the undercity is kinda annoying.

You can talk to one of the NPCs in the portal room in Orgrimmar, who’ll port you to Blasted Lands, near the Dark Portal. Hop on your flying mount, and you’re at Karazhan in about a minute. Should be a lot faster than flying from Undercity.


At first, I thought you might be right.

But that would have made too much sense.

Stupid people usually do simply stupid things, but it takes a group of really smart people, like the devs, to royally screw up travel in WoW in such an artificial, fake way.

Since I hadn’t used the Blasted Lands portal since the dog’s dinner that 8.1.5 made of it, I tried for myself. Nope, not there. No-one offers transport. So maybe in The Drag, where the original portal was? Nope, not there either.

You can, however, get a portal to the steps of Hellfire Penindula in the Magic Quarter in Undercity - assuming you have set yourself into the pre-destruction phase, which of course I have, since anything that helps me to forget the vandalism of the BfA prepatch is good -and step through from there into the Blasted Lands.


Yep, found him and he tps you close enough i guess, thanks

There was no-one there offering a tp for me. I figure the comments here may explain. Sort of.

Currently, this NPC is not functioning correctly (?). The Alliance version Honor Hold Mage correctly takes you to Blasted Lands, but this NPC doesn’t seem to work except for the first time you request a port. After that it merely extols the glory of Shattrath, and encourages tourism.

Note: Both the Horde and Alliance portals to return to Orgrimmar and Stormwind from Blasted Lands are present and function correctly.

He’s there for me, and he did tp me

I’ve just tried it on my three Horde characters over 90.

The only one that gets the offer of a TP is that one that never did the Warlords entry quests. I’m not sure whether it’s the BL-side quests or the Dark Portal entry that makes the difference, but the mage’s dialogue:

“I must report to the Dark Portal”

suggests it could to be one or the other.

Coming back, without doing any quests, I find the mage’s TP option is still available.

Alliance-side, my mage, who has done everything, gets the “I must report to the Dark Portal” dialogue from the Honor Hold mage in Stormwind.

NPC isn’t working. NPC only works for starting quest of expansions.

Take zepplin to stranglethrone forest from OG.
Fly to Kara from there.


This is what i do when i need to go to blackrock mountain / karazhan, take zeppelin from orgrimmar to grom’ gol base camp in stranglethorn and you are very close to kara.

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