Fated Fortune Cookies still not usuable in Mythic +

Reported many times, this should be adressed as it’s somewhat gamebreaking.

Fated Fortune Cookies, which is the BiS food for some classes, cannot be used in content where it is needed a lot (Mythic +), because of some “cute” interaction where it gives you a fortune card after consuming. This, however, is seen as “loot” in Mythic + and therefore cannot be eaten. As a result, we have to resort to lesser food or the more expensive feasts. Please Blizzard, change the way this item works so it can be used where it is most needed. This is just annoying.

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Dude, you can get an embellishment on one of your gear slots which increases the duration of food buffs by 100% and allows it to persist through death. In other words, just eat the fortune cookie before the start of a m+ and it will last the enitre run

Yeah and they can only cost about 100k on the AH. Awesome.

True, but thats a (expensive) workaround which does not fix the kind of gamebreaking issue. We should not have to do that. This should be addressed.

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