Fates Reforged is looking for new raiders

Tired of your old guild? Looking for a new community?

Reforge your Fate into something better & stronger for Dragonflight and beyond.

Join FATES REFORGED today We are Heroic Raiders, M+, PVP and social/collectors

Fates Reforged aim to achieve AOTC/KSM/KSH and enjoy ourselves whilst doing it. We want players who play the class/spec they enjoy and know best. We dont make players reroll to FOTM. However we do expect you to know your chosen class well and optimize it as much as you can. We aim to create an inclusive space that is welcome for all to have fun and be themselves

We are currently recruiting for heroic raiding in season 4 and beyond:

  • Couple dps

Raid days are Thursday & Sunday 20:00-23:00 server time (CEST).

Ideally you’d have existing heroic raiding experience.

To apply to the guild you can message sykke on Discord to get started.

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