Fear of missing out?

Hello. I came back to WoW recently and I was actually interested to see what Dragonflight has to offer. But more I delve into the world, quests and thoughts, more I am thinking if I am not afraid of missing out on gear and events. I do not know what to do, where to go or which events shouldn’t I miss out (which is difficult to track) so I won’t lag behind other players in gear terms. Forbidden Reach is a nice location, but I could use more to do there, like daily quests or farming ores. But everything seems… late for me. As if I am not up to do anything since I do not feel proper kick into WoW. Maybe I will return to the main storyline, but I do not want to do all side quests…

It is a mess when I think about playing WoW.

Seek professional help.

It’s more like the opposite of FOMO. If you miss out on early content, you don’t see it invalidated when just a couple weeks/months later it’s mostly obsoleted.
For example, before the latest content patch I geared up three chars, and the third one kinda lackluster, low-effort, and even that seemed to have been too much effort, because there are much simpler ways now, and what’s the point of only needing high ilvl for the very activities that get you high ilvl?!

There is not much to miss out on with forbidden reach as it is a middle patch :slight_smile:
Get to 70 and do the main questline. I understand there are a lot of side quests but they are great to do over time for the renown.

You can then proceed to forbidden reach for the questline and do a bit of the tower. The ring is certainly worth getting. From there it’s just about doing the usual end-game content, the only catch up you require is gear and renown. Renown is mostly flavour, gear is very easy to get now with the tokens and abundance of storm essence.

Events are mostly storms but if you are into M+ and such then there is little point. Wowhead has some nice guides.
The weekly activities are:

  • Siege on Dragonbane Keep
  • Community Soup
  • Centaur Hunt
  • Obsidian Citadel quests
  • Primal Storms
  • Alternate Timeline Storm
  • Forbidden Reach rares (daily) and tower
  • World Quests (biweekly)

All of these are optional but what we have been doing since before the patch dropped, bar the reach.

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The only thing that you’ll be severely behind on are professions, as it will take a considerable amount of time to skill up to be competitive.

Gearing up, on the other hand, has been a relatively painless endeavor. Just doing some world content and purchasing some crafted items will get you ready for mythic plus and/or raids in no time.

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