Feedback / Actual ideas on how to improve / change the current gearing system

Hello everyone (sorry about my English, it’s not my primary language),

During my time playing Shadowlands, I had several ideas for how Wow could be improved, from the perspective of a pure raider or pure mythic+ player, to make the game more fun and accessible to all types of players.

I am a player who loved playing WoD. Back then, people who wanted to invest time definitely had ways to fill their time - and at the same time, everyone who didn’t have as much time was definitely able to participate in skill-based endgame content.

I personally believe that it’s way more constructive to explain the issue with the game, using actual ideas to fix / improve the game, instead of just ranting. The introduction of the dinar really reminded me of my past idea. I think that fated raids and the dinar-traders are by far the best content that Shadowlands has offered so far. Thank you - to whoever came up with this idea in the dev team =]

→ I am happy to read any comments on my idea. I’m just one brain - that may not be taking everything into account. After all, WoW is a complex game. At this point, I’d like to encourage the community to create your own ideas on the forum :slight_smile: - if there is a way to make a change to wow, that’s the way to go.

First of all - the problem, which I try to fix with my idea:
In the current WoW expansion, players who only want to raid are at a clear disadvantage to players who are grinding the hell out of M+ while they are also raiding. On the other hand, pure M+ players won’t be able to get certain raid items, which leads them to being at a big disadvantage compared to players who clear both content. The game used to be more skill-based instead of being grind-based. The latter feels, at least to me, really boring and annoying. It is even possible that this is also kind of responsible for having salty M+ dungeon groups. To give you examples that are easier to understand, a blood DK without the weapon of the jailer sadly just can’t keep up as much in M+ as other DKs do. A Boomie back in castle Nathria had just completely sad parses if it didn’t grind those 30 runs of “other side” to get the quantum device. There are also M+ players who felt like they “need” to raid, in order to get specific trinkets from the raid - or one of the weapons with additional effects. It’s basically impossible for players who love playing one endgame content type - to really keep up. TL; DR - the endgame-content just isn’t accessible to people, who only want to play one of the different endgame-content types. which can straight up cause people to quit or not play the game to begin with.

Idea A) - introducing content-specific gearsets

My first suggestion would be to add raid and m+ gear that degrades to LFR/M+0 Gear score when carried in different/“wrong” endgame content. It’s basically a similar system to the current PvP gearing system. That way, people who only want to play one content type are no longer at a disadvantage automatically. Of course, if players still want to play both content types, they can get a set of M±gear to get their dose of grinding there as well. Maybe they even chose to play M+ with their alt instead → because they are a bit less bound to the main-raid character. For people who do all the content, this change doesn’t really change the game too much → the loot-table is just going to be different. Big plus for the devs - it’s easier to fine-tune raids and M+ while having only the loot table of one endgame content available. → which can also lead to a better control of how long a raid tier or a M+ Season should last / be played.

Idea B) - implementing a dinar-like system

If the first idea is too drastic, then what about Introducing a weekly quest that wants you to do 10 endgame activities. After completing the quest, you are free to choose any item available (M+, raid and pvp items). If that’s too much power-increase at once - the gear score can also be lowered a lot and the item has to be upgraded a few times to be useful - let’s say, for example by using one of the coins to upgrade the item instead of getting another low gear score item with that same coin. That way, M±Players who never clear raids can still get that jailer weapon - or raiders who never run M+ can still get that quantum device.

An example on how those weekly quest activities could be fulfilled:

  • Player A: 3 raid bosses, 2 games of rated pvp and 2 mythic plus runs
  • Player B: 10 mythic plus runs
  • Player C: 7 raid bosses, 3 games of rated pvp

→ Each of the three players receives a coin for completing these activities and will be able to choose from the same item pool.

Idea C) - weekly chest: let the player choose

Out of the nine choices, let the player decide where he wants the loot from. As example → maybe a raid-dd caster wants a specific M±trinket → let him set his three raid-loot choices to three M+ loot choices. That way, raiders are able to get M+ loot as well. - on the other hand, the M+ player might choose raid gear, because he wants that juicy jailer weapon, which he isn’t able to get while playing only M+.

→ the GUI could be implemented by showing three icons at each item slot, where the player has to choose where he wants the loot from - so let’s say one button for raids, one for M+ and one for PvP → honestly, this could even feel like a small minigame in a gambling hall (which it basically already is, just a boring one)

→ this idea wouldn’t throw up any issues at all. just quality of life.

idea D) - weekly chest: exclude certain item slots (a guildmates idea)

Create ways to exclude certain item slots. It’s so ridiculous if you run 8 mythic+ dungeons and end up getting three times the slot where you use a legendary. being able to exclude certain slots would be totally fair, considering you have to be insanely lucky to get the exact item you need.

Thank you for reading this :slight_smile:

I will not be playing Dragonflight because of the path the game is currently taking. I am missing the time, where only skill-based raiding was a thing → without having to grind 8+ hours every week (combined time to organize and run all weekly M+) - additionally to raiding 4-8 hours weekly, just to be able to keep up in DPS - and I really hope that Blizzard is changing the systems that are currently in place - in order to be able to play a more accessible and more fun version of World of Warcraft.

regards from a sad boomie, who actually loves raiding :c / Galwi

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