Feedback: Epic Battlegrounds

I stopped playing Epic bg’s all together because of the Russian premade situation. Was looking forward to Ashran, but as things are now I’ll stay as far away from it as possible!


This is a failure, now everything is in a heap, Russians, Germans, British. No one understands anyone. I lost 3bg out of 4.

Its random!! Not premade!!! Cyrillic farts destroying Random Battlegrounds!!

Kick those Russians Premades, its just horrible and ain’t fun anymore. Got damn those bloody loosers can’t play without cheating!!!


Firstly, the point of this post is to point out how this BG is big for being a 40v40, how its hard to get this achievement done and get enough interested players for it even if it could sound easy on paper, because dominating enemy team is not enough.

“Mine” achievement for “Master of Isle of Conquest” is very difficult to complete at the moment. Because it requires you to WIN the game WHILE CONTROLLING ALL 5 BASES, but even if my team is winning enemy team always assaults 1 base or more, be it that they are trying to win or solely to cause annoyance (so much that they will still assault bases even if they are close to 0 reinforcements, they could be literally bleeding reinforcements to 0 and still have 5-6 on 1 base, defend that and preventing me from capping it) to add insult to injury; ignorant random players I’ve came across battlegrounds who either don’t care or mock me on top it like: “We are not here to do your achievement”. etc.

I tried to find a team in several achievement communities for this, there weren’t enough interested players regardless of being a seemingly active for having 100+ online members most of time.

It is very frustrating since this achievement “Mine” is THE ONLY ONE I need to complete for the “Khan”.

Possible Suggestions

A) This achievement “Mine” could be excluded from meta for “Master of Isle of Conquest” (like how “Alterac Blitz” is excluded for “Master of Alterac Valley”)

B) It could be made slightly easier like:

“Control all 5 bases at the same time (or all 5 bases but not at the same time) in a single Isle of Conquest battle AND THEN win Isle of Conquest”. - So it wouldn’t be required to control bases while winning in this case.

C) Introduce AI Brawl for Isle of Conquest (Isle of Conquest: Comp Stomp) and make it possible to do achievements in Brawl (achievements will stay unchanged in this case) - I think this could be the most logical solution since there’s an AI Brawl for Arathi Basin and some achievements can already be done in Arathi AI Brawl (Arathi Basin: Comp Stomp).

Also it has been quite a while since I completed even the Veteran achievement (100 Victories) and I still spam queue Isle of Conquest and I’m hoping it will be “that game” for “Mine” achievement but it never works out, it just depressing me a lot as this is being the only achievement I’ve left to do, I humbly hope and request either of those suggestions I mentioned gets taken into implementation. Either of these changes would be appreciated a lot by me and many other players who are in my situation.


Problem with AV is that the towers and gys are separated north and south, making it feel like you need to penetrate the enemy’s line. So you are either offensive or defensive. which hinders fun if both factions are equally matched and both keep defending their towers. Perhaps AV needs to be more dynamic with some gys and towers been spread a bit more.

Also ban premade addon for randoms.

If anything can we get more stable epic BG servers, I was in Wintergrasp just now and we lost instantly cause the Horde side lagged out giving the alliance free kills cause they were experiencing no lag at all, this is a common occurance on both sides and nothing to do with my faction but a 20-40 seconds lag is not really ideal when you want to push 40v40 battlegrounds. Time and time again this always happens and it never gets any better.


I used to like Epic Battlegrounds when levelling but no one does them pre max level now. I don’t know what changed over the last few years. In anycase random BG’s are mostly ruined by Pre-mades anyway.

Here is also a crazy idea to make battlegrounds more fun, remove the potions that you can use, 30% more damage, better invisibility detection, 20% reduced damage taken and that bothersome potion for 50% HP healing, are they really necessary apart from actually just being an annoyance? You ever had someone at 1% then suddenly they pop all healing and potions to suddenly go from 1% health to 100% health cause why not right?

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I didn’t notice much difference from how passively tanky people are in general tbh. Some classes self-sustain is just ridiculous. It’s no wonder every arena match goes into dampening.

It’s necessary to balance healers and tanks in EPIC BGs. It’s stupid to play 1-2-3 healers versus 7-9. You know when fail in BGs? When people make to leave is better option, than stay to lose. Why after you destroy 3 towers in Wintergrasp we should stay 30mins to end it? Why there is resources that don’t spent to lose or win faster? Also please say why still damage from machines can reach more than 50% in one hit? Yesterday got crit for 229k from demolisher.

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This is like this since vanilla. What change do you expect?

I miss IoC when it was pre wod patch tanks doing insane damage while having so much HP that there was no way to kill them.

It but the new meaning to the word of GY camping.

I love the fact, that you guys revived some of the old epics, but it doesn’t work out imo.

Ashran: Now we kill both mages from start without flags and it’s a waiting game, till one team goes in suicide mode. It’s frustrating, because no team wants to give in. Maybe time to have a look again at this.

Wintergrasp: I loved this bg back in the days, but now not so much. Way and i mean way too many vehicles. The defending team, should not have that easy access to a vehicle, only the attacking team. Because we have to attack the shops and the keep, they can win easily without having to take down our 3 towers. Would be nice if you guys have a look at this too.

Isle of Conquest: I loath this bg. The advantage for the alliance is way too much. They can bomb workshop and hangar, when they have hangar. Their cannons can shoot their flag in the keep as well, so time to remove that advantage.

Alterac Valley: Needs a revamp, make it harder to get towers for both sides.


I used to love AV until Russian Premades made it impossible to win. But, a massive step in the right direction would be to make wins account not individual.

Remove Ashran. Can’t play it at all, everyone is lagging and only team with more range classes wins most of the time. Getting kicked out of it because I can’t do anything in it as a melee.

Not just ashran, go into any epic bg and everyone complaining about the 10 second cast times, Blizz seriously need to look at this

I returned 1½ week ago. Huge changes has happened since I stopped my sub 10-12 months ago.

Mixed raids in epics is great. Finally!

Alterac Valley has become a true race to the final boss. I don’t see much real pvp anymore. The advantage is that is has become a quick bg.

Isle of Conquest still have some serious issues especially with the hangar. The faction who wins the workshop from start have to send demos to hangar and bomb the flag at the workshop. So basically if you win workshop from start you have almost won the bg.
Ally can bomb hangar from the ship.
Suggestion: give glaives more hp. They break way too easy. Faster spawntime. And maybe one more glaive. This could be a nice counterweight when the other faction controls workshop and hangar.


Or give glaives a melee range spell like the cata spell in wintergrasp

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The division into epic bg’s didn’t solve the issue with blacklisting because none of my blacklisted bg’s were epic ones.