Feedback: Mythic+ Testing 14 September - 18 September


Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ testing begins on the PTR realms Thursday, September 14. The test period will start on Thursday, September 14 at 10:00 PDT (13:00 EDT, 19:00 CEST), and end on Monday, September 18 at 10:00 PDT (13:00 EDT, 19:00 CEST). Please note that the test period may be adjusted in the event of technical difficulties.

This first weekend includes 6 of our season 3 Mythic+ dungeons featuring both Dawn of the Infinite dungeon wings and updates to the doors in Waycrest Manor:

• Galakrond's Fall
• Murozdon's Rise
• Waycrest Manor
• Atal'Dazar
• Darkheart Thicket
• Black Rook Hold

During the test period you’ll be able to acquire and customize Mythic Keystones by talking to the Keystone Vendor in Valdrakken, and the nearby Dungeon Teleports NPC will assist you with transportation.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

I don’t know if there was some communication about affixes in s3 but would Blizzard consider removing some of the affixes from the current rotation?
I’m personally thinking of Sanguine which I really dislike especially as a pugger, i wish it would be replaced by an affix that is not completely easy but still way less obnoxious than sanguine^^

As everyone may have noticed, 10.1.5 showed serious problems with class balance in m+. I understand that this problem is complex and difficult to solve. To simplify class balance, I would propose introducing a new closed system for m+, similar to the one in pvp, namely pvp talents.

Introducing additional talents that only work in m+ for each class and specialization will greatly simplify the work on the balance of these classes. In current realities, class changes (nerfs or buffs) affect both the raid and m+. The introduction of talents that are only active in m+ will allow developers to strengthen the weaknesses of classes in m+, without affecting the effectiveness of these classes in the raid. A similar and very simplified system existed in 9.1, when the player could strengthen his class with additional abilities as he progressed through the dungeon. By adding more developed similar talents for each class and their specializations, the start of action of these talents from the start of the key will allow us to significantly improve the position of many specializations in m+. Changes and balancing of such talents do not have consequences for other aspects of WoW, except for m+ itself. This system will significantly free up the hands of developers for creativity, and most importantly, the implementation of bold decisions in the form of unique talents, without fear of breaking the entire balance of this class in all aspects of the game. A living example of the effectiveness of this system is pvp talents, where very interesting and exciting talents are implemented that, fortunately or unfortunately, do not work in other types of content, such as raid or m+.
I understand that introducing additional talents may cause confusion among players and that they will take time to master and learn. But I believe that it is better to spend this time mastering and studying new talents under m+ than to wait for hours in line for the keys just because your class is not meta. Just imagine how many changes can be made to each class and spec without fear of the class being too far ahead in the raid. It is possible to add additional utility abilities to some classes that lack them or have less of them than others. Strengthening AoE abilities or vice versa ST. And most importantly, this system is closed and more flexible. It is not necessary to strengthen a specific spell; you can create a passive talent in m+, which will strengthen these spells and at the same time the class will not get too ahead in a raid or pvp.
This system can be developed in various directions. For example: there are currently no seasonal afixes in the game. Why not make season talents for each specialization under m+? This system does not affect anything except the effectiveness of the class in m+ for which this system can be created.

The Dinner Bell from Banquet Stewards in Waycrest Manor has way too large of an AoE. The area we fight them in is very small so it would be really nice if we could stop the cast or if you could make the radius of it a lot smaller.

When you pull it with the boss, which was common in BFA, it covers up so much of the safe space if it goes off when you dodge the frontals. It’s also very annoying to fight in the corridors if you pull out of the boss room.

The Gloom Horrors before Gorak Tul are also kinda annoying to deal with as ranged. There’s constant leaping if you pull them all together and having to constantly run around while you try to do dps isn’t fun imo. It would be nice if we they jumped less frequently or if they were all synchronized when they leap.

When we launch Black Rook Hold (in 18 Fortified) all member of group crash

So i just saw the news about Snaps in atal’dazar still working…
I hope this is not gonna be in Live game cause during BFA it was toxic and not fun at all
I like interesting skips and strategies but i really dislike standing on some place and trying to have 30 mobs TP to me :smiley:
it’s not good gameplay in my opinion

but i like how you did waycrest manor doors
that is a good change

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Please reverse the Waycrest Manor changes.

When you announced that this was going to be part of the S3 M+ Pool, I was beyond happy. It’s my favourite dungeon ever. The mood, the setting, the boss fights. All of it perfection.

But the best thing about it was the variety of routes. The fact that you needed to adjust strategy and mob count accordingly based on which way you had to do the run. It added a huge amount of interest to the run opposed to a lot of other dungeons.

WoW instances are always at their best when there’s something different to do (just look at Court of Stars, a total classic). By removing those variables you are turning it into just another ‘Rush Key’ that people will find the single best route for and then stick to it forever, which is a real shame.

That’s the post. Thanks.

Hey, some initial notes from testing dungeons

Black Rook Hold seems to not be working at all, whole party getting disconnected right after putting a key in and starting. Some ppl have been getting disconnected just from teleporting to the dungeon by the teleport NPC.

Atal’Dazar, on Vol’kaal, sometimes when you kill the totems the healing aura doesnt get dispelled, sometimes works just fine. General note as a Preservation Evoker, this boss is definitely an absolute nightmare to heal with range limitations and the early damage coming in the fight

Priestess Alun’za, weird seemingly random disconnects throughout the fight on all partymembers, tanks getting dc’d on pull etc. done this a couple of times and havent really noticed a pattern so far for the disconnects.

Dawn of the Infinites, trash mobs throughout both dungeons seem to do an absurd amount of damage even at relatively low keylevels.

One thing that I found a bit sad, is that WCM now only got open doors. So there is no real varriance week to week. It simply is path A to D.

While I get it is probably necessary for “rio” balance purposes, it do take some fun out of the key - not having to take different paths and see the different mobs/areas.

Balance wise (doing 20s), things seemed fine in all dungeons. The new Chromie ones felt a bit, meh or annoying? But I am unsure if that is because of mobs/bosses or that I simply personally don’t enjoy that place as much.

Overall, things are looking good. Just polish away the bugs reported, and we should have a fun season :dracthyr_heart:

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WCM taking out the variety is a huge step in the right direction. With an random door setup most of the players would ignore the dungeon for sure.