Feedback thread on the War Within Hero talents?

Why is there no feedback thread for Hero Talents on EU forums?


Blizzard doesn’t care about the EU playerbase or anyone else, only NA. We’re also missing other forum categories, like bug report.


yeah it´s crazy, they dont care about eu … it´s a joke at this point


1- Blizzard does not care about EU feedback.
2- Blizzard does not care much about a niche spec like Feral thats why we got bland talents with minimal effort that will be very underwhelming.

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This is completely insane. It was never like this. We could have contributed before… This is really bad, and should be fixed.


The feral/resto one was very underwhelming imo

‘‘Your hots/dots causes… ANOTHER HOT/DOT… THAT JUMPS BETWEEN TARGETS’’ with the additional +3-6% throughput passives, there has to something more imaginative than this

The only upside of Wildstalker is that it at least keeps the feeling of nature. Vines or whatnot plants coiling around your enemies (or allies for Resto) is fun in fantasy. But the rest of the talents were really underwhelming (X ability does 5% more damage/healing) to the point I feel like if the devs hadn’t said that they wanted to get Druid out of the way first, I’d have thought Druid was done the last 5 minutes before the deadline.

You can’t be this unimaginative, when other specs have gotten far more interesting Hero Talents. I get Druid being difficult due to four specs, but surely the answer isn’t to make Druid players feel like if they wanted to actually have a Hero fantasy they’d need to reroll, right? The only one with mildly interesting feeling was Elune’s Chosen for Balance, and that doubles down on the obnoxious cosmic fantasy Balance has been plagued with the last few expansions.

Can’t Druids just fight people with Nature? Keeper of the Grove Hero Talent spec could’ve been the perfect opportunity to turn the cosmic talents into more grounded plant-y spells. Make Sunfire an Insect Swarm, make Full Moon just some big sprout of vines/roots that slam down on people. The treant focus is somewhat in line with the WC3 design, but doubling down on Force of Nature is so awkward. Why not have Force of Nature turn into a passive that just keeps summoning Treants (and other FORCES of Nature?) with more interesting abilities than just ‘your treants now cast Moonfire’. If you want the design to be around Force of Nature, just make it actually feel like a Force of Nature - where are the Faerie Dragons, Ancients, animals, Mountain Giants, and so on - that’s also part of the WC3 design.

This is just utterly disappointing and feels like such a big missed chance.

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they even could bring some Talents from the Legion Artifact weapon back and it would be enough.

open wounds, Protection of Ashamane, Ashamane’s Energy Talents from the Artifact weapon are more Interesting, than the current Hero talents from Wildstalker

just boring passive % healing and dmg Increase

I have now been reading some books regarding Malfurion. Also looking at some trailers. The possibilities with wines, and thorns and roots for druids are endless. And we got this super mega boring stuff.
In the lore:
Malfurion just pulls the target through roots IN THE GROUND:
Why would not wildstalker enable something like: When 3 vines are active on target, the next roots pulls the target underground, stuns, silences, adds a suffication dot, and obscures the target from vision of allies. This effect can occur once in a minute.
The restoration version can do the same, but protecting the target and healing over time.
How f-ing cool would that be??? Could be used in PvP and in PvE in lesser extent, but it would add so much flavor.

I am reading a book and on one point Malfurion turns Xavious into a tree! Why we can not grow wines from somebody and imobilize it with some additional damage added. Again it could be tied to Entangling roots in some way. For the restoration version, again roots could heal and protect.

Thorns also come to mind, this could be added to wines to passively apply them or enhance them.

When you barkskin the vines grow out of you reaching nearby enemies and allies…

The possibilities are really endless, and we got flat increases and percentages. This should really change to add flavor to a really nice concept!


Couldn’t agree more. Keeper of the Grove could’ve been their perfect opportunity to do something like this. Instead, we get an incredibly boring design that doesn’t really invoke the Druid class feeling nor the iconic WC3 hero either. It revolves around Force of Nature, but it’s a super clunky ability with an awkward design.

Especially with how the offensive spellcasting Druid is already overshadowed by the cosmic planetary spells that some might find interesting, I don’t. I wish the Druid class was more grounded and used Nature itself to attack. You could’ve changed Sunfire into an Insect Swarm as a simple cosmetic change. Force of Nature could mean so much more than ‘summon treants that do nothing’. Why not have some talent options change Balance spells to summon large vines that bash your enemies? Why can’t Force of Nature actually summon forces of Nature like in the quests in Feralas, where you summon Mountain Giants, Faerie Dragons, pretty sure Ancients and whatnot else too.

Most of the abilities simply do nothing and are flat numerical increases. How’s that interesting? Why does this spec also have abilities around cosmic abilities when we already have Elune’s Chosen for that? Wildstalker gets abilities that do grow vines around the enemy, so why couldn’t Balance do that?

Entangling Roots, Force of Nature, Tranquility, and Thorns are all part of the WC3 hero’s toolset. We end up ignoring three of those in favour of Force of Nature, which gameplay-wise already feels bad. This was Blizzard’s opportunity to give Druids an offensive spellcaster that uses Nature to defeat their enemies! What an unfortunate missed chance.

Blizzard doesn’t care about feedback, and even less from EU players, and least of all from Druids.

As for the talents trees they are boring and terrible, Feral and Guardian need to become paladin sub-classes to have any hope for anything interesting.

After realizing that one of the new talent trees require a guardian talent that no one uses at the moment and the other one is a RNG proc form Auto Attacks as a bear, I’m so disappointed it is unreal.

And with no changes to the main problem, that is the general druid talent tree, it is time to change my most played toon.

and what’s wrong with making an unpopular talent strong and building a build around it? or what is wrong with the rng proc from auto attacks, when, for example, there is a perfectly working rng proc from auto attacks - tooth and claw?

firstly, this is not the main problem, and secondly, it is still unknown how the talent trees will be redone.

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Well not because it’s not cool, mainly because of it’s tuning and being a “You must stand in here” mechanic which is hard to use well. I like the theme of Moon Bear and changing the tuning a bit or making the zone move around with you would be enough. Or make the Bear so powerful inside the Beam that nothing can touch him while he is in it. :smiley:

What is wrong about having some RNG? If it only ain’t 1% per melee it’s probably not an issue. You also have a way to force the first proc and during Incarn you’ll be getting procs like crazy.

The problem for me ain’t RNG, only that Massive Attack just seems a little bit like Rampant Ferocity or Raze.

Also our trees in general seem weak when you compare it to others. Like Feral will no longer be the “mobility assasin” when you’ll have Slayer Warriors immune to slows with multiple charges that give you 70% dash, with low CD Bladestorms + random proc Bladestorms. I can imagine the Charge into Bladestorm Beyblades already lol.

We really need to get away from the “you got mobility you cant have survivability” meme, cause next patch every single melee is getting some crazy mobility, summoning horses, beyblades, immune to all roots and slows for 10sec with +100% movementspeed, movement speed when running toward enemies, movement speed when low, bursts of movement speed, movement speed for not switching targets.

But only for the damage part of Lunar beam. And if they don’t change the base damage, the damage buffs and leech from the talent tree still don’t make it worth it to stay in beam.

There is nothing wrong with making an unpopular talent strong or changing it to be more appealing, but you forcing people to take it removes player choice, and this is the issue at hand.

I agree the topic is how Blizzard is refusing to listen to the player base.
But the main talent tree is by far the worst thing for druid and a main topic of consideration, and maybe my feedback on this is twisted by my view of a returning player, but based on the massive threat on the US forums about the talent tree it is not only my opinion.

As for changes to the tree, I have not seen anything, I don’t know where you saw that, but I will be so happy if that is happening.

Did this general post for all classes:

Apparently they did for DK and Pal when first article released then just missed doing for the rest of us.

Hey, Druid guys, i have a question about the Druid of the Claw Hero tree, What does “Massive attack” actually mean, besides of the Band

i Mean it says, your next Ferocious Bite, become a Massive Attack, what cost 25 Additional Energy and is also an Aoe

i have 2 Questions

  • does bite cost a extra 25 energy on top of the normal dmg increase from bite what also cost 25 energy, which means 1 Bite and im out of Energy, or just an Improved bite, what have still the same cost as the normal bite?

  • if i get the proc, does it also buff my bite in singletarget dmg, or is it just an Aoe bite instead? so it does nothing, except making bite a “aoe”

if this does the same dmg as the normal bite in singletarget, then idk this is kinda lame

i dont know, i only found this

The Warlord King’s attacks are so brutal that no single man can stand against him. Attacks inflict 39635 Physical damage, split among all enemies hit.


Those talents won’t change much if we’re still forced into cyclone gameplay
my 5 cents