Feedback Wanted: Further Adjustments to Layer Behavior in Stranglethorn Vale - 23 February, 2024


Today we’ve implemented some adjustments and fixes that should more reliably keep groups together during the Blood Moon event in Stranglethorn Vale and we were hoping to get some feedback around your experience this coming weekend.

Please note that if your layer is completely full, new people joining your group may not be able to move to your layer after being invited to your group. This is expected behavior to prevent performance degradation caused by a layer becoming overfull. You may consider grouping up and moving into Stranglethorn together with your group ahead of the event starting to avoid being unable to play together after the event starts in the event your layer’s Stranglethorn Vale zone fills up.

We appreciate your patience on this and have been working hard to make this a better experience. We plan to make additional incremental adjustments as needed, and your feedback is still very helpful here. When providing feedback, please be as specific as possible about what you observed. If you have an issue, here’s some good information to include:

  • Please describe the behavior or experience in as great a detail as possible.
  • Who was impacted by that behavior?
  • Where were the players who were impacted located?
  • What day and time (server time) did the issue occur?
  • What realm are you on?

The more experiential feedback you provide with a high level of detail, the better will be able to continue to make adjustments to improve the experience. We understand that it may be frustrating in the moment, but simply telling us “there was lag” or “my party can’t stay together” is not going to be as helpful.

Here’s a few examples of a good way to report these issues to us:

  • “I was in a group of 4 in Booty Bay and invited a 5th person to the group at approximately 3:14 PM server time Feb 24th on Crusader Strike. That 5th person was unable to join us on our layer”
  • “I was fighting near the Gurubashi Arena at roughly 6:20 PM server time Feb 26th on Living Flame in a full 5 player group, and I experienced input lag that caused my abilities take 1-2 seconds to fire. There were roughly 50 other players within a few hundred yards of my location”.
  • "I was in a group of 5 players gathered near the Kurzen Camp and 2 members of my party were removed from my layer at 12:25 AM server time Feb 24th on Lone Wolf. "

Thank you,

  • The WoW Classic Dev Team

Did not see this mentioned before,but happenned quite a few times before : You join a group and get layered away from them,then when you leave the said group you get put back into their layer.You join the same group who is standing right beside you and get layered away again. Was very odd


Before you guys brought in some fixes, if we moved to STV last minute, everyone would be in different phases. We’d try to combat this by relogging until we all get in the same layer. Been a while since I had any layering issues, so great job!

You lot over at the SoD team are still struggling with this event huh? Almost like you should have made it an instanced BG true free for all with no teams instead of an open world premade clownshow.

I do hope you’re not planning on more of these open world pvp events in the future phases. Just make them instanced to new BG’s instead. (as to new BG’s just take a zone, copy it, paste it, close off its borders/entry/exit points, instance travels there, done. Dustwallow Marsh could be good for a Battlefield control point kind of match and Un’Goro could be great for a big free for all event)


You really beansed this one up. Completely unplayable since the change.

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But also, stagger the availability of rewards like they did with raid lockouts… else you are just going to keep rewarding those who exploit it the first couple days
(yes I said exploit, they themselves referred to it that way hence the hotfix)

Same thing went down with ashenvale when it went live… but then the rewards weren’t anywhere close to as impactful


you get 8-10 silver per one event…

Great bug report! They surely can fix anything after your very detailed explanation.

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Can we get Arathi Basin tabbard quest changed to level40 or it will be too powerfull for current phase

Kinda sad, had 1 single working blood moon event the rest unplayable

The layer we were on just felt way way way overcrowded, just insane lag constantly

15:00 Living Flame PVP EU

Today at around 14:55 five people in the group we layered on three different layers. After a few tries logging in and out, we all got put together on the same on. We were north of Grom’Gol. The whole layer we ended up on, was lagging though. There was rubber-banding, Input-Lag etc. It was on Living Flame EU

Didnt have any real Issues with layering or lag on Crusader Strike EU since the last 3 days but we did notice that the layers were way less populated and if you wanted to have alot of pvp you had to stick around the boss.

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Hi, I did 2 STV events today. In the first one our healer left around 15 mins before the battle started and we managed to find another healer around 5 mins before the event but he was unable to join our layer.

It felt like way too many people in one place especially around the boss and there was obvious lag issues. Because of so many people it was hard to have any meaningful game play. So many people stacked up at the boss, people would go there cast aoe die then res and repeat.

During the second event we couldn’t even get to the boss because there were so many people on the way but the game play felt more meaningful. We could fight with other groups of 5.

I think before the change calling servers dead was a hyperbole but I did notice the lack of people. Now it went in the complete other direction. Way too many people to have any meaningful gameplay.

To me it feels more fun when there are 10 to 15 people are around. You can have an actual fight. When there are hundreds of people around the game play breaks down, it just becomes aoe and die.

I think the solution would be to have layers at 70-80% capacity. So people in your group can join layer and the lag isn’t so bad. I would recommend increasing the amount of blood from kills.

Forgot to add server Chaosbolt EU at 12 and 3pm realm time.

Attempted to partake in the midday event on Saturday 24th on the Crusader Strike EU server.

The layering issues described by others in this thread did not impact our group, but the intense lag did. I do not have a clear player count but I would guess it was over 100. Players were rubber banding across the area and input lag was tremendous. As a melee class the event was unplayable and I left 15 minutes in.

I don’t know if it is because of a significant difference in the number of players on a Saturday morning/afternoon, but I have not had any lag or layering issues all week until this fix was introduced. Again, maybe this is just the impact of higher player counts, but could this “fix” have made things worse?

18:00 Living Flame EU


Crusader Strike Server:
There was absolute horrible lag to the most recent PVP STV event @ 6:30Pm. kills weren’t granting blood. and the lag was so bad you couldn’t hardly do anything. Earned 10 coins in 30 minutes with a 5 man group that became 4 man because one person just gave up.

We grouped in STV prior to the event starting and didn’t seem to have a layering issue.

We were near the STV raid towards the North East of the region. There was serious input lag, spell casts were taking 2 to 4 seconds to fire and death animations came well after your health reached zero. At one point I had 14 blood and managed to make it to the altar before i died but the blood never cashed to coins it just disappeared from my inventory. I did get 10 more blood that did actually cash to coins.

Careful what you wish for…

Here, il give you the best description you will ever need:

Dont make any more events in SoD, EVER. At ANY point. You are literally killing your own game. Almost as frustrating as playing BFA and Shadowlands combined.

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Living Flame EU 18:00-18:30. Lag when using spells, players teleporting around, unable to cast, spells not landing. Kills not granting blood, blood not handing in. Ressing without the protection buff (20s one).

Unplayable unless you can spam aoe

Edit - Feels like there are not enough layers now, too many people on a single one.