Feedback: Warlocks

In this thread, we’ll be testing and talking about Warlocks in The War Within. Look here for posts from the development team as adjustments and bugfixes are made throughout the testing period.

Please note that off-topic or inappropriate posts will be strictly removed.

The War Within Beta

All classes’ Hero Talent trees are available for testing. Please keep in mind that this is a Beta environment:

  • There may be UI elements on the talent panel that are placeholder, including things like talent icons, text, or final UI art.
  • Some talents may not be functioning yet, or may be marked as not yet implemented (NYI).
  • Some new spell visuals and audio may still be a work in progress.
  • There are some talents that are not fully tuned yet. This is expected, and we will implement tuning adjustments throughout testing.

The combat design team has two big areas of focus at this time:

  • Finish work on changes to talents, especially wherever Hero Talents still need adjustments.
  • Fix bugs that are blocking testing of new talents.

Working from Feedback

Alpha feedback thus far has been of great benefit to us.

Now that we are entering Beta, our focus on Hero Talent trees is shifting away from reworks and design changes and towards tuning and refining. We want to thank you so much for all the forum posts, videos, and discussions all over the internet. Your feedback and impressions have been invaluable for bringing their identities to life and making them fit into what you love about the classes you play.

We are looking forward to hearing from more of you as you get a chance to try Hero Talents for yourself. We are specifically interested in feedback or impressions on these topics:

  • Hero Talents that you feel are “required” for your spec in a type of content, such as raiding or Mythic+, or that push you towards picking a specific tree. This could be due to damage profile, utility, defensives, or something else.
  • Hero Talent trees that you feel are either too strong or too weak in power level compared to other options.
  • Hero Talents whose functionality is confusing, unclear, or difficult to track during gameplay.
  • Hero Talent choice nodes that you feel could offer more meaningful choices.

Again, Thank You

Feedback throughout the Alpha test was highly impactful on our design of the game, and we look forward to refining every class with you in the Beta. Thank you!

The World of Warcraft Combat Design Team


I really wish you had left the Demonology base tree the way it was.

Hello there,
Affliction spec really needs a way to keep agony up in some way. (M+ spesific point of view.)

Agony Duration is 18 seconds
Vile Taint CD is 25 seconds (if you go hellcaller hero)

Here comes the most disturbing feeling ever for 7 seconds mid of the fight;
-Ending up ignoring Agony totally and trying to catch up all the procs (free instant shadowbolts and MR) and dropping the agony from all targets for 7 seconds.
-Or drop all the procs and ignore everything (basicly stopping actively dpsing) try to put agony one by on on XX many targets manually by handwork.
-Then comes the most awkward feeling, if there are many targets to dot one by one in that lost 7 seconds, vile taint comes off CD and you look at it and question the life, if you should use it and start the next pack in the most lame way ever this time by dotting agony manually again on god know how many targets…

I mean really it breaks my head what kind of a design is this. It is awkward, outdated, unperformable, unfinished. I am in shock everytime I give this spec a chance. Does the development team only test the specs in raids or what?

Aff lock is unperformable in m+
I am not speaking about the damage what I say is there is no rotation. Because simply agony and vile taint does not rotate at all.


First of all, I want to thank everyone who put the effort on warlock class and after a long time, I am happy with the class/spec tree changes and feeling excited to play them. There are just some little fixes that can be done to make them even better - and I think those are ;

Class Tree

  • New Burning Rush talent is nerfed a bit too much even for a single talent point and it doesnt feel worth to pick for any situation anymore.
  • Soul Conduit has the same issue. %5 chance for a capstone nod feels very weak.


  • The right side of the gate 3 with some felguard stat stick talents and also immutable hatred dont seem fitting that part of the tree and can be moved or just removed to avoid bloating.
  • Pack of the imp mother is really out of place by being under Umbral Blaze. Pack of the imp mother works in every situation and is very fun to play with. Umbral Blaze - not so much sadly. I think It would be very very very awesome if you could just switch their positions in the tree.


  • Capstone section of the tree feels a bit too much bloated and i think it could be fixed by moving soul fire and its talents to gate 2 part. New soul fire is really cool and adds a fun button that was very needed for Destro for years and i think most players would want to play with it.
  • Catacslysm and Inferno still sharing nodes is a bit dissapointing. I think any talent that allows multi-dotting / spreading should be very easily obtainable and shouldn’t share thier nodes.


  • I haven’t tried it yet and most likely won’t since Malefic Rupture is still there. So can’t really give any feedback, sorry.

Hi all.

Affliction Spec:

  • I reckon we need a talent for reapplying agony “aoely” (sz, I just made that adverb up). It would improve the playstyle. It can alwyays being tuned accordingly.
  • Swap Kindled Malice and Seed of Corruption. Why do we need to pick up an AOE talent (Seed of Corruption) in order to take Kindled Corruption, which is useful for both ST and AOE? Swapping them would give us more decision power over our tree for different situations.
  • Swap Dark Harvest and Malign Omen. Same reason as with KC and SoC. Why setting an universal talent such as MO behind a talent that is useful mainly for AOE? This would also give us more options.

Affliction Soul Harvester

  • Potential bug: According to the tooltip of Sataiel’s Ambition, every time you consume Nightfall the demonic entity within you appears to deal dmg. However, I have noticed that it only appears when you have two charges of Nightfall AND consume one of them. Then, the demonic appears and the second Nightfall charge is also consumed without casting any spell that benefits from Nightfall.

  • Sataiel’s Ambition does NOT work with Drain Soul at all. No matter how many NightFall are consumed by DS, it does not trigger the SA effect.

  • A known bug: Malign Omen does NOT work as intented, i.e. Malefic Rupture does not extend the duration of dots and Haunt.

And I think that is all for now.


Destruction warlock feedback

Diabolist needs a nerf for PvP

  • we are able to get off literally 20-40 chaos bolts each proc , sometimes more
    each chaos bolt is hitting 1.5 - 3 million damage , most people have 7million HP in pvp

  • the cast time for each on a haste build is 1 second
    im not normally one for asking for nerfs, but Destruction in pvp at the moment is WAY overpowered

what im worried about is , this goes live, season 1 pvp and then we are hit with an overnerf

i think the issue is with the proc of the demon that spawns that then spams Chaos bolts, the proc isnt hard to do and is fairly easy to execute

  • the damage scaling on chaos bolt is too large,
    1.5million - 3million each bolt is 50% hp of current fully geared players


---------------------------------------------- GENERAL FEEDBACK --------------------------------------------

  1. Too many 2 point nodes. The recent addition of Soul Link and Fel Synergy as 2 point nodes has removed most “flex” points that warlocks had.
  1. Because of this we’re losing utility options and having to chose between them when we didn’t have to in Dragonflight.
  1. Turning a couple of the 2 points node into 1 point node will solve this.
  1. There’s still a couple of useless and/or expensive talent that don’t do much that we’ve never taken in Dragonflight or are forced to take because of pathing.

---------------------------------------------- CLASS TALENTS ----------------------------------------------------

  1. Curses of Enfeeblement + Demonic Embrace

We’re forced to take this talent to get to Demonic Embrace that’s super mandatory. Curse of Enfeeblement is ok but really niche and 99% of the time useless in raids.

Swapping the position of both talents would give us back a flex point.

  1. Demonic Inspiration + Wrathful Minion

Very weak and underwhelming talents that we have to take because of pathing and because it’s throughput.

I think they could be removed to free up some flex points and give us access to more utility.

  1. Accrued Vitality + Libeblood

Those talents are super weak and cost 2 points. We’ve never taken them in all of Dragonflight because they ignore how Warlocks keep themselves alive now.

Drain Life is absurdly weak, with or without this, with or without Soulburn. The healing from Accrued Vitality isn’t going to keep you alive.

Healthstones with Soulburn are basically Lay on Hands that brings us back to full HP. Some extra leech after that is meaningless.

Those 2 talents need to be removed and replaced with 1 point nodes to offer alternative pathing to Dark Pact and Shadowfury.

  1. Sweet Souls

It’s a cool talent but as soon as you have more than 1 warlock in your party, 1 warlock basically gets no value from this, but you have to take this talent to get to Dark Pact.

Either make Sweet Souls work for all warlocks in the party regardless of who distributed the healthstones.

Or offer alternative pathing by changing Accrued Vitality.

  1. Scorethar’s Guile + Sargerei Technique

Those 2 talents are my favourite option to turn into 1 point nodes to free up some “flex points”.

They create this “wall” to get to the last section of the tree that doesn’t feel good. They’re not super weak but not amazing either.

If turning them into 1 point node requires a slight nerf, I’m okay with that.

  1. Swift Artifice

Very niche talent that really doesn’t do much and acts as an obstacle to Resolute Barrier that’s a pretty cool talent that we could take in some situations in Dragonflight, but now we can’t because not enough points and Swift Artifice.

  1. Demonic Tactics

Grants +10% crit chance to the Warlock instead of 5%. The 5% supposed to go to our pet is given to us as well.

  1. Teachings of the Black Harvest

Doesn’t do anything if playing with the Felhunter and talented into Grimoire of Sacrifice.

  1. Resolute Barrier

Very nice talent that’s now inaccessible unfortunately for reasons explained previously.

This could become a 1 point node. The second point does nothing frankly.

  1. Fel Synergy + Soul Link

Those have been turned into 2 point nodes with the Alpha but they still do the same thing whether you spend 1 or 2 points into them.

We’re forced to spend 2 points in them anyways. Fel Synergy was always a very weak talent, I really don’t see how you could justify it costing 2 points, unless you want to make Pact of Gluttony more expensive but that would just feel bad.

  1. Amplify Curse

Doesn’t work properly with Curse of the Satyr of the Hellcaller hero tree.

  1. Pact of Gluttony

This is an amazing new talent, extremely powerful with Soulburn.

  1. Soul Conduit

All 3 specs generate a lot more shards in TWW so I understand why this got nerfed.

However 5% is very very low, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up not taking it because the proc chance is just too low.

Might need to be replaced by something else.


--------------------------------------------------- HELLCALLER --------------------------------------------------

  1. Wither

Doesn’t work properly with Absolute Corruption in the Affliction tree. Wither randomly disappears after casting Summon Darkglare or Malevolence.

Doesn’t work properly witth Channel Demonfire, it doesn’t extend its duration if talented in to Raging Demonfire. Sometimes you have Wither up and you just can’t cast Channel Demonfire at all.
I’m not sure why, I think it’s when I go up very high in Blackened Soul stacks?

  1. Xalan’s Ferocity

Very weak talent compared to Xalan’s Cruelty that is instanely powerful. Both are tuning knobs talents.

  1. Blackened Soul

Sometimes the stacks stop being consumed randomly before dropping to 0. Sometimes you can go above 8 stacks without turning Wither acute.

It’s not a big deal, but it can be confusing.

  1. Curse of the Satyr + Aura of Enfeeblement

This is a bad choice node, there’s not really a choice.

Curse of the Satyr is just saving us 1 keybind, that’s all it does.
Curse of the Satyr also doesn’t work properly with Amplify Curse, the curse of tongues part doesn’t get amplified.

Curse of the Satyr will always be picked despite being very underwhelming because the alternative is even worse.

Aura of Enfeeblement does nothing. You will NEVER use Unending Resolve to trigger this effect, and this effect will never have any impact on whether you survive or die. So it might as well not exist.

This needs to be changed to be something else. AOE curses were nice, I don’t understand why it got removed.

  1. Zevrim’s Resilience + Illhoof’s Design

Another pretty bad choice node. There is no choice there either.

Zevrim’s Resilience

It is absurdly weak and not well designed. The healing is unnoticeable but that’s a tuning issue.
The biggest issue is that the healing is active only when Dark Pact hasn’t been consumed.
Dark Pact is meant to be consumed, otherwise you didn’t use it properly.

I would argue the healing needs to be triggered WHEN Dark Pact is consumed. Or this talent needs to be reworked.
It also has a pretty big counter-synergy with Ichor of Devils in the class tree, because there’s just nothing to heal.

We’re forced to pick Zevrim’s Resilience despite it doing nothing because Illhoof’s Design is a straight up nerf in its current form.

Illhoof’s Design

This talent looks cool at first glance but it’s actually a nerf. You’ll have a bit more shield on pull, but for the rest of the encounter you just have 10% less HP and 10% less Dark Pact.

This talent needs to come with a pretty massive buff to our Soul Leech shield generation. Either by doubling the generation from Demon Armor and Soul Leech. And/or by making healing received contribute to the shield in some proportion.

Increasing the size of the shield is useless without increasing our ability to fill the shield. Only the warlock can do that. If we can’t fill the shield -and we can’t-, it doesn’t matter that its maximum size has increased.

  1. Seeds of their Demise

Insanely powerful for Destruction, it might require a nerf frankly. A lot more reasonnable for Affliction.

  1. Malevolence

I think it needs to be off the GCD despite it doing a lot of things.

Visually it’s cool but you can’t really enjoy how it looks on big character models or with big shoulders/helmets. It needs to go over 3D elements somehow, not necessarily easy.

----------------------------------------------- SOUL HARVESTER -----------------------------------------------

  1. Demonic Soul + Succulent Soul

First Succulent Soul is heavily bugged for Affliction. Tormented Crescendo and Succulent Soul procs consume each others.
You very often have both procs at the same time, and your next Malefic Rapture consumes both. So we’re missing out on a massive amount of Malefic Rapture.

Demonic Soul tooltip is confusing because it mentions “unleashing” the Demonic Soul.
Sataiel’s Ambition makes the Demonic Soul “appear”.
Shadow of Death makes you “invoke” the Demonic Soul.

And there is a real difference, because the Sataiel’s Ambition Demonic Soul is different from the others, but it’s just not explained clearly.

  1. Friends in Dark Places + Gorebound Fortitude

Friends in Dark Places doesn’t work.

This is a good choice node, contrary to Hellcaller.

Both talents are good and competitive. Gorebound Fortitude might even allow us to save a point in the class tree by skipping over Soulburn in certain fights.

  1. Eternal Servitude + Spirited Away

This is a bad choice node, and it’s not really a choice.

Eternal Servitude

It is very niche, you only really use Fel Domination when you’re dying again and again, usually not a good sign.
There are also plenty of situations where we don’t pick Fel Domination, because we simply don’t need it.

But we have to take this talent because the alternative is a straight up nerf to our mobility (just like Illhoof’s Design is a survivability nerf in the Hellcaller tree).

Spirited Away

This is a nerf to our mobility plain and simple. The 60s CD is absurdly long, the buff to Burning Rush is not nearly powerful enough to justify it.

Burning Rush is so good BECAUSE it doesn’t have a CD.

The CD needs to be massively reduced, to something like 10/15s. Or it needs to become a passive effect that enhances Burning Rush for 6s with a 60s CD but that doesn’t prevent us from using Burning Rush.
Or it needs a massive power buff (and keep the 1min CD), by allowing us to cast while moving during those 6s, or something like that.

  1. Feast of Souls + Shared Fate

Feast of Souls is heavily bugged for Affliction, again because of Tormented Crescendo procs.

Shared Fate needs to be a trackable debuff on the target affected. Its visual effect is not clear enough, you simply don’t see when it’s active or not unless you go check your logs.

  1. Quietus + Sataiel’s Ambition

Both talents are heavily bugged for Affliction. They don’t work at all if talented into Drain Soul.

They only work with Shadow Bolt if you have 2 stacks of Nightfall up and then your next Shadow Bolt triggers their effects but both Nightfall stacks are consumed.

The demonic soul summoned via Sataiel’s Ambition is different than the one summoned via Succulent Soul or Shadow of Death, as it doesn’t deal the same amount of damage. But somehow both trigger Soul Anathema despite it being worded to only proc from Shadow of Death and Succulent Soul?

It’s not a big deal, but it’s confusing.

  1. Shadow of Death

Very underwhelming for Demonology, because Summon Demonic Tyrant doesn’t grant 5 shards like it used to. So very often after finishing our Tyrant set up we have 0 shards and we’re forced to spam Shadow Bolt and 1 shard hand of Gul’dan.

Would be solved if Demonic Tyrant gave us 5 shards on summon again.

------------------------------------------------- DIABOLIST ----------------------------------------------------

  1. Diabolic Ritual + Demonic Art

Still has some bugs. Demonic Art can be consumed by Soulburn or by summoning your pet even with Fel Domination (which removes the shard cost).

When it does, your Demonic Art is consumed but you don’t even summon the OVerlord/Shivarra/Pit Lord.

  1. Touch of Rancora

This talent is constantly being wasted for Demonology since the spec has a lot of shard spenders with its summons of demons that (rightfully) don’t benefit from it.

It’s not a big deal but it feels bad to have a talent that you benefit something like once a minute when Destruction gets basically full benefit (unless you use Soulburn at the wrong time).

  1. Secrets of the Coven

Infernal Bolt cast time is too short, it’s below the GCD because it has naturally a shorter cast time than Shadow Bolt/Incinerate AND it benefits from our talents that reduce the cast time of those spells.

Spells with cast time faster than the GCD feel bad in the rotation, they feel like a hitch. Also more often than not we end up queueing a SB/Incinerate on the back of it which we don’t want to.

Very often Infernal Bolt makes us overcap shards, which feels a little bad? But we’re not really lacking in shards whether it’s in Demonology or Destruction so it’s not a big deal.

  1. Cruelty of Kerxan + Infernal Machine

I find both talents to be underwhelming, especially Cruelty of Kerxan.

I think the Diabolist tree is overall very good and this choice node could disappear and I wouldn’t notice it.

I think this could use a redesign.

  1. Utility Nodes

Both utility nodes in the Diabolist tree work and are decent.

I do wish Annihilan’s Bellow would uncap the number of targets feared by Howl of Terror, so that we can maybe use it in M+.

  1. Ruination

Hits like a truck, especially as Destruction. It has a super short cast time, is not interruptable and can be cast while moving. This is going to cause issues in PVP.

So first it can be cast while moving, it’s not written anywhere, so I think it’s a bug?

Then for Destruction, the imp summoned is meaningless. I don’t know what it’s doing there, it deals no damage, doesn’t generate shards. Ruination does more than enough damage on its own, just get rid of the imp.
It should also replace Rain of Fire in our bars, just like it does for Chaos Bolt, so that in AOE scenarios we don’t have to do a weird switch between both abilities.

For Demonology, the animation takes a long time and so it takes a very long time for the imps to spawn.
This can cause issues if you get a Ruination proc during your Tyrant set up. You might cast it, but the imps won’t show up before you’ve summoned your Tyrant.


------------------------------------------------- AFFLICTION ----------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------- GENERAL FEEDBACK ---------------------------------------------

I don’t understand why Affliction still has 2 point nodes but not Destruction and Demonology. There are a bunch of completely useless talents that do nothing that have to go.

I get the feeling that the devs have ran out of ideas for Affliction. The bottom of the tree which is supposed to be where you get your most powerful stuff is weak. Talents there are randomly scattered, there’s no structure or idea or “specialization”. But at least it’s just 1 point nodes.
The bottom of the tree feels like a buffet with just mediocre options.

I’m glad that things like Dread Touch are gone, but Affliction doesn’t feel at all like a DoT spec on alpha. We play Absolute Corruption and we’re just spamming Shadow Bolt and Malefic Rapture.

Hellcaller still has a big emphasis on our DoTs, Wither is our first source of damage and our DoTs deal a significant part of our overall, but there’s not DoT management anymore.

With Soul Harvester our DoTs feel irrelevant. They deal barely 20% of our overall and there’s no DoT management either because we’re playing Absolute Corruption too.

The tier set bonus is pretty good because it helps make the overwhelming amount of Nightfall and Tormented Crescendo procs feel more relevant.

------------------------------------------- AFFLICTION TALENTS -------------------------------------------

  1. Seed of Corruption + Kindled Malice

We’re forced to take Seed of Corruption all the time for pathing reasons.

I don’t think it’s a big deal but I don’t understand why it can’t swap places with Kindled Malice or be moved somewhere else in the top section of the tree?

Kindled Malice is powerful, I just don’t understand why it can’t be a 1 point node, even if it comes at the cost of a slight nerf.

  1. Dark Virtuosity

There is no choices in the top section of the tree, we will always take the same talents in all situations.

We will NEVER pick Dark Virtuosity because it’s very weak and very expensive. This talent NEEDS to become a 1 point node, there’s no justification for costing 2 points.

Of course the issue with going down to just 1 point is that you need to come up with other talents, and it seems to be an issue for Affliction.

  1. Absolute Corruption + Siphon Life

Siphon Life healing doesn’t work.

The 5% damage difference doesn’t seem to be enough to justify not playing Absolute Corruption. Absolute Corruption makes the spec 100x times simpler to play, it frees up so many GCDs.

Even for Hellcaller that’s all about Corruption/Wither damage, I don’t see a world where we don’t go AC.

Absolute Corruption is bugged with Wither, it will randomly disappears at times after casting Summon Darkglare or Malevolence. Or it will get a random timer after refreshing it via Seed of Corruption.

  1. Volatile Agony

AOE talent that we’re forced to pick in all scenarios, like Seed of Corruption. It’s a very good talent that makes manually refreshing agonies mid-pack feel very satisfying.

  1. Nightfall

Nightfall is heavily bugged. Stacks get consumed when casting a Shadow Bolt that wasn’t buffed by it.
If you get 2 stacks both are consumed by our next Shadow Bolt/Drain Soul.
It’s also completely bugged for the Soul Harvester tree, it doesn’t trigger what it’s supposed to, especially if you play Drain Soul.

  1. Improved Shadow Bolt + Drain Soul

Drain Soul is at a massive disadvantage compared to Shadow Bolt in TWW.

That’s because we have a lot more Nightfall and Tormented Crescendo than before so you’re constantly forced to interrupt your Nightfall Drain Souls as not to overcap on Tormented Crescendo procs.
If you finish a Drain Soum channel you more likely than not “wasted” 1/2 Tormented Crescendo procs.

Drain Soul is also at a disadvantage because of Shadow Embrace.

  1. Shadow Embrace

Given the issues that Drain Soul has, I don’t understand why applying/maintaining Shadow Embrace should be more punishing for Drain Soul.

Just make it go up to 2 stacks, just like for Shadow Bolt, it’s a no-brainer.

  1. Improved Haunt

Makes Haunt apply Shadow Embrace even if you’re not talented into Shadow Embrace.

This is an issue because again, if you’re playing Improved Shadow Bolt, that means you get a 4% damage amp for free with Haunt.
But if you play Drain Soul, it’s just 2%.

You can also do some shenanigans to maintain Shadow Embrace at max stacks by casting your first Haunt at max range, then the following in melee range, etc. Something has to change there.

I think talenting into Shadow Embrace is what should make Haunt contribute to it, not Improved Haunt. It would solve the issue.

  1. Malediction

Doesn’t work. Should be a 1 point node at the cost of a slight nerf.

  1. Cunning Cruelty

Doesn’t work with Drain Soul.

So this is meant to be a cleave/AOE talent, it’s actually much better in ST, it’s a beast in ST.

That’s because in AOE we generate so many shards, we’re just spamming Malefic Rapture, we’re not actually casting our filler.
Whereas in ST we’re spamming SB/DS quite a lot, there’s roughly a 50% chance to proc, and so you’re throwing out so many free SB that deal a lot of damage.

That’s 5% of your overall in ST for free. It’s too powerful.

  1. Vile Taint


This prevents Affliction from using curses in M+, it is beyond annoying.

  1. Infirmity

This talent does nothing if playing Vile Taint. Applying Agony with 4 extra stacks is utterly meaningless. Just like Agonizing Corruption was utterly meaningless in Dragonflight.

Let Vile Taint apply Infirmity as well, just like Phantom Singularity.

  1. Contagion

Should be a 1 point node at the cost of a slight nerf.

  1. Cull the Weak

Should be a 1 point node at the cost of a slight nerf.

Very good AOE talent, but it’s actually quite hard to get to. Paradoxically, Infirmity and Cunning Cruelty are pretty bad AOE talents that you don’t really want to pick, so it makes getting to Cull the Weak very expensive.

Create a connection directly between Vile Taint/Phantom Singuliarity and Cull the Weak.

  1. Soul Rot

Still not listed as benefitting from our Mastery, despite the fact that it does.

  1. Xavius’ Gambit

Unstable Affliction is actually pretty weak now, so just a +15% buff to it isn’t competitive in any scenario.

  1. Perpetual Instability

This talent is a joke. It does nothing.

Merge it with Xavius’ Gambit, increase the damage amp to UA to +35% or something, and then we have a decent talent.

  1. Oblivion

Very niche talent that’s stuck behind Xavius Gambit that’s weak and has nothing to do with it.

Oblivion doesn’t scale with our mastery, doesn’t interact with our talent tree or our Hero talent trees.

I don’t really get what role this is supposed to fill.

It has a 45s CD just like Phantom Singularity, so maybe with Infirmity there’s a synergy there? But you hold Phantom Singularity for your Soul Rot window, even more with the Hero trees and Malevolence/Shadow of Death.
And during those windows you’re heavily incentivized to cast Malefic Rapture.

  1. Focused Malignancy

Decent talent, for some reason it’s on the opposite side of 2 other talents that buff Malefic Rapture. But nothing very exciting there.

  1. Death’s Embrace

This talent is a joke. It does nothing. Thank god it has moved to a corner of the tree where we don’t even have to look at it.

Healing buff to Drain Life is meaningless. Damage amp below 5% is meaningless. This talent will just collect dust.

  1. Dark Harvest + Malign Omen


  1. Improved Malefic Rapture

Pretty weak. Destruction has the same talent for Chaos Bolt that’s twice as powerful and also just at the cost of 1 point.

Just buff this to +10% damage and 20% reduced cast time. It’s a no-brainer.

  1. Malefic Touch

A fifth talent in the tree to buff Malefic Rapture. This deals decent extra damage but will fall off because it doesn’t scale with our mastery.

I think it could be easy to tweak this so that it’s directly added to Malefic Rapture damage and so scales with our mastery.

I’ll post about destruction/demonology later.


In general Affliction rework is a big miss, Destro and Demo are night and day.
Do agree with most of your point, would put also few mine but after Alpha I don’t think it will change anything.
Specialization is just not fun to play and then talents bring own problems.
People will hate forced Malefic Rapture playstyle and will hate removing of Seed spam… much more could be done to make Rapture enjoyable way to play.
Most important:

  • Malefic Rapture should work similar to oblivion, flat X damage for first dot and then % modifiers if more dots on target.
  • Corruption need to have better way to spread, Seed of Corruption in its form is echo of the past. Very often in dungeon you need to cast Seed multiple times during fighting one pack as there are always few mobs which were missed.
  • When refreshing Agony, the other active Agonies need to increase its time by 2-4 sec. To make refreshing cycle less pressured and smooth.

Also… most important… how Hero talents (or any other talents with damage) will work with Affliction mastery? Sooner or later, talents which supports spells scaled with Mastery will be only one to go. Huge portion of Soul Harvester damage is not scaled with Mastery.
Maybe it’s good time to rework how Mastery for Affliction works.


------------------------------------------------- DEMONOLOGY -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------- GENERAL FEEDBACK -----------------------------------------------

Overall I really like the new Demonology tree, I think it’s well structured, most useless talents are gone. Just 1 point nodes is very refreshing. As a Diabolist Demonology warlock I do really feel like a powerful summoner. More than ever before.

There are clear ideas and directions in the Demonology tree (and the Destruction one), which are sorely lacking in the Affliction tree unfortunately. I’m annoyed for Affliction because the spec has been average or below average in PVE for nearly 4 years.

My main issue with the Demonology tree is around the Dreadstalkers. There are 7 different talents that buff their output + the talent to actually learn the spell + Demonic Calling. It feels like a bit much. I’m pretty sure a couple could be merged.

The spec has gotten more complex in TWW. The big Tyrant set up is back with a lot of casting during a very tight and rigid 15s window. I really wish Summon Demonic Tyrant became an instant cast to guarantee that you can conclude your set up.

AOE talents are a bit scattered in the bottom of the tree with the Doom section on one side. The big Dreadstalkers talents in the middle and Guillotine in the bottom right. Guillotine feels very hard to get to in any AOE builds.

------------------------------------------ DEMONOLOGY TALENTS ------------------------------------------

  1. Demoniac

I really don’t like the RNG Demonic Core generation when Dreadstalkers expire. We need predictability, especially for our Demonic Tyrant set ups.

I would much prefer if we got just 1 guaranteed Demonic Core when they expire.

I think the spec’s flow is fine with the reduction in Demonic Core generation. We have to be a bit more careful with them and really rely on Power Siphon, that’s totally fine for me.

But the generation has to be a bit more predictive and less RNG to make up for it.

  1. Dreadlash + Carnivorous Stalkers

2 of the many talents related to summon dreadstalkers. I really feel those 2 could be merged.

  1. Blood Invocation

This talent feels really weak, at least from a PVE standpoint.

Demonbolt doesn’t hit that hard. It’s a very small portion of our overall.

Also with its 30s CD Power Siphon already lines up perfectly with our Tyrant set ups, which is every 60/70s. So a 5s CD reduction doesn’t really allow us an extra use.

Maybe if the CD was reduced to 20s? But then maybe it defeats the devs’ purpose of reducing Demonic core procs?

I will say that casting instant Demonbolts never felt special, and it doesn’t on beta either despite being more rare.

  1. Umbral Blaze + Pact of the Imp Mother

I think those 2 talents should swap position.

Umbral Blaze is pretty weak and unremarkable, whereas Pact of the Imp Mother is really interesting because it can help SO MUCH with your Demonic Tyrant set ups.

But the fact that it’s stuck behind Umbral Blaze makes it pretty inaccesssible.

  1. Summon Demonic Tyrant + Reign of Tyranny

So we’re back to powerful Tyrant with an important set up, that’s fine with me.

However it’s a very tight and rigid set up with a lof of casts. A lot can go wrong. That’s why I feel like Summon Demonic Tyrant should be instant.

I also think Summon Demonic Tyrant or Reign of Tyranny would grant us 5 shards when finishing to summon the Tyrant. Becausse it feels very awkward to have to then spam Shadow Bolt.

Reign of Tyranny with its 15 imps cap is basically impossible to reach unless you have externals like Bloodlust or Power Infusion, which is annoying but not game-breaking. OR if you actually get a Pact of the Imp Mother proc.

  1. Fiendish Oblation

This talent seems very underwhelming. Sims will tell us if it’s competitive or not. But mostly the extra Demonic Core every 2 minutes seems meaningless?

Maybe if it was 1 Demonic Core on summon and another when the Felguard disappears?

  1. Improved Demonic Tactics + Demonic Brutality

Those 2 talents seem underwhelming.

Demonic Brutality is just weak, no matter what.

Improved Demonic Tactics might become more interesting as the expansion goes on and we get more critical strike chance? I think if this granted something like +5% crit chance to your Felguard on top of its current effect, it would be much more attractive.

  1. Immutable Hatred + Guillotine

Immutable Hatred has lost a lot of its power with the fact that we cast a lot less Demonbolts, so it might require a buff to stay competitive.

Guillotine seems too hard to reach in any AOE builds because there’s clearly the Doom and Dreadstalkers/Vilefiend sections for that.

  1. Mark of Shatug/F’harg

Really cool talents but they are both bugged right now.

Both big doggos don’t get extended by our Demonic Tyrant.

  1. The Houndmaster’s Gambit

Extremely powerful talent. I think it’s so powerful that it might make us hold our Summon Dreadstalkers, which is a 20s CD, to line them up with our Summon Vilefiend, which is a 30s CD.
And that would feel bad.

The fact that Dreadstalkers are no longer a reliable Demonic Core doesn’t help in that regard.

  1. Doom + Doom Eternal + Pact of the Ered’ruin

I love that branch. Summoning the Doomguards is really cool, it deals a lot of damage.

I do feel like we’re spamming Doom maybe a bit too much? I wouldn’t mind a slight tweak to its duration reduction with Demonic Core procs and balance it by buffing the damage a bit in return?

I might be wrong on that.

---------------------------------------------- DESTRUCTION ---------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------- GENERAL FEEDBACK -----------------------------------------------

Just like Demonology, I think the new tree is pretty good overall. Good structure, cool new stuff, some clear direction. The new Soul Fire and its following talent Decimation are particularly cool.

Rotation in ST/2 targets feel soooo much better than in Dragonflight, because Destruction gets a lot more shards in those scenarios and hero trees provide a lot of free and/or faster Chaos Bolt.

We probably get too many shards in ST/2 targets than we should, because we’re very often overcapping, and talents like Rain of Chaos feel very redundant, we just don’t need the shard generation it provides.

There are some issues though:

  1. Pathing in the first section of the tree is not great. Getting to Scalding Flames and then Channel Demonfire, which look pretty mandatory is weird, because we’re forced to pick a bunch of AOE talents we don’t always want.
  1. This also makes Havoc harder than ever to get to, because we don’t really want to spend 10/11 points in the top section of the tree, but we might have to in AOE scenarios.
  1. Creating a path directly between Havoc/Mayhem and Scalding Flames would help a lot.
  1. I don’t think Shadowburn has found its place in this version of Destruction either. I would argue the talents that buff it are poorly designed as well, which doesn’t help. And Shadowburn barely interacts with our Hero talents that heavily emphasize Chaos Bolt (which is expected and good).
  1. Dimensional Rift doesn’t deserve its spot in the tree. It’s a cool talent for leveling, but at max power it’s just not really good. Destruction’s rotation in ST/2 Targets/AOE is very busy with the insane amount of Chaos Bolts/Rains of Fire, Channel Demonfire and Soul Fire procs. Dimensional Rift just doesn’t have the synergy or power to compete.
  1. Shadowburn and Dimensional Rift kinda fill the same “niche”: Something to cast while moving. It’s just not good enough to justify spending points to get them.
  1. I think something is missing in AOE for Destruction. I really wish there was a way to get both Inferno and Cataclysm.
  1. Some weak talents in the bottom section that don’t seem competitive at all.

------------------------------------------ DESTRUCTION TALENTS ------------------------------------------

  1. Backdraft + Roaring Blaze/Improved Conflagration + Backlash + Indiscriminate Flames

We always want those 4 talents in all scenarios, so getting down to the left part of the tree is fine. That’s 5 points out of 8 spent.

Backdraft and Indiscriminate Flames should not affect Soul Fire, it doesn’t make a lot of sense that they do, and Backdraft especially is completely redundant because of Decimation.

  1. Rain of Fire + Pyrogenics + Inferno/Cataclysm + Scalding Flames

We always want to get to Scalding Flames, as it’s the only way to get to Channel Demonfire which we will want in all scenarios as well.

That means we’re forced to get Rain of Fire + either Cataclysm/Inferno or Pyrogenics even in pure ST scenarios. Having to pick 1 mandatory AOE talent like our AOE spender (Rain of Fire) is fine. Having to spend yet another point feels bad.

Cataclysm is useless in ST/2 targets now, because we have Soul Fire, Channel Demonfire and Wither for Hellcallers.

And so in scenarios where Havoc, probably the second most iconic ability of Destruction, we then need to spend additional points to get it in the top section of the tree.

This is a problem, Havoc is too hard to pick. Scalding Flames is too hard to reach.

Solve this by creating a path directly between Havoc/Mayhem and Scalding Flames

  1. Inferno/Cataclysm

I think something is missing in AOE for Destruction, and I think it could be solved by separating those 2 talents and make them both available.

Cataclysm is the only way to efficiently spread/refresh Immolation. Hellcaller has instant Wither but it’s not good enough. We need those mass Immolation/Wither to get our shard generation going in AOE.

Inferno has been rightly tweaked and would make perfect sense in combination with Cataclysm. You could easily move Inferno further down the tree, even in the last section to replace some lacklusters talents (like Ruin).

  1. Shadowburn + Blistering Atrophy + Fiendish Cruelty (+ Conflagration of Chaos

Shadowburn just doesn’t mesh with the current version of the spec.

First we need to spend 4 points to technically get it going to its full power, that’s very expensive. This is even more expensive because Shadowburn is a niche execute talent that doesn’t compete damage-wise with Chaos Bolt.

Shadowburn has very very little interaction with our Hero trees, which both emphasize Chaos Bolt.
Hellcallers want to spam Chaos Bolt during Malevolence and is stacking Blackened Soul to get even more Chaos Bolt.
Diabolists want to take advantage of Touch of Rancora to get very fast and more powerful Chaos Bolts. We cast Chaos Bolts as fast as we cast Shadowburn (1 GCD). but we’re spending 2 shards in the same amount of time, which is better.

Blistering Atrophy and Conflagration of Chaos are very redundant for Shadowburn. Both essentialy increase its critical strike chance by 50%. So 1 talent is enough and 50% is overkill anyways because you want to use Shadowburn below 20% HP where it already has +50% crit chance on top of our critical strike chance baseline and from gear.

Also the execute threshold for Shadowburn is 20% HP and yet Blistering Atrophy and Fiendish Cruelty have a strange distinct threshold of 30% HP? If either talent maybe raised the execute threshold of Shadowburn to 30% if would make a lot more sense.

  1. Dimensional Rift + Dimension Ripper

I barely do not have the time to press Dimensional Rift. I just have this short CD with charges that I don’t want to waste, but I just have so many better things to cast 95% of the time.

Channel Demonfire and Soul Fire + Decimation + the Hero talents make the rotation quite busy, fast-paced, and Dimensional Rift just feels like an extra button glued on top. It just doesn’t deserve the prime spot it has in the tree.

I just feel like I have to dodge it when elaborating my builds.

  1. Internal Combustion

I really feel this talent shouldn’t exist anymore. It has always been annoying to play with. And now we’re just casting so many Chaos Bolts, we would have to reapply Immolation/Wither constantly, which is super annoying.

Even with Soul Fire and Channel Demonfire we need to constantly reapply it.

  1. Soul Fire + Decimation

Just an amazing addition to the tree that just adds so much to the rotation. It brings to much fluidity, it’s amazing.

It has an amazing synergy with Channel Demonfire and its following talents, because you launch so many projectiles so fast, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a Decimation proc and reset your Soul Fire.

It’s probably a bit too good. The 80% cast time reduction is overkill and might cause issues in PVP. Backdraft also reduces the cast time of our next Soul Fire by 35% if you happen to line both, you get a Soul Fire with a cast time below 0.5s.

The soul shard generation is amazing, but it could be nerfed to just half a shard and it would still be fantastic. Destruction has really a lot of shards.

  1. Ruin + Burn to Ashes + Power Overwhelming + Infernal Brand

Those are the underwhelming talents in the bottom of the tree. The rest is really good and powerful.

Ruin just is not competitive, the previous talent Devastation increases our crit chance by 5% in comparison.

Burn to Ashes is a bit more attractive in AOE, but it’s essentially a 15% buff to Incinerate. It’s not a well-designed talents because we get those stacks with a duration, but the truth is you always overcap, you never let it fall off, you don’t play around it.
This could be reworked as “increases Incinerate damage by 15%” and it would be the same result.

Power Overwhelming is weak, it’s even weaker because Chaos Incarnate has been nerfed.

Infernal Brand is weak as well. Maybe if mini-Infernals from Abyssal Dominion in the Diabolist tree refreshed the mark applied by your main Infernal instead of applying new ones it would be a bit better?

  1. Rain of Chaos

Because we get so many extra shards, so many free Chaos Bolts casts, Soul Fire procs, etc. we’re overcapping shards during our Infernal even without this talent.

So taking this talent would just mean wasting a lot more shards, which feels bad.

  1. Avatar of Destruction

Finally works but is heavily bugged and monstruously overpowered.

Instead of generating a shard fragment every 0.5s, it casts a Chaos Bolt every 0.5s (if not faster). And since we get Ritual of Ruin very often, we keep summoning this guy and he does 35/40% of our overall on its own x)


too many 2 point nodes in Affliction’s tree, not enough unique 1 point nodes

also I want instant shadowfury, or last make it a super fast cast, it used to be 0.5 sec back in TBC!

Class Tree

Class tree is in a really bad state right now, there’s too much 2 points nodes (10 exactly, with at least 6 being mandatory, DK’s class tree only has 2 in total, in comparison), which makes our talent choice more restricted, way worse than Dragonflight tree. It’s really problematic for M+, where we need more utility compared to raids.

I have to sacrifice a capstone to pick Shadowfury (mandatory in M+). With this tree, it’s impossible de take Banish, Amplify Curse, Darkfury, Fiendish Stride or Teaching of the Black Harvest without without sacrificing a second capstone (which are both mandatory, Soulburn brings too much utility to let go, and Pact of Glutonny is way too good to not pick).

  • Accrued Vitality and Lifeblood

These are both bad talents, and 2 point nodes.

The healing from Accrued Vitality doesn’t help you staying alive, 30% healing based on the amount we drained is negligible.

As for Lifeblood, we use our Healthstone with Soulburn to get to full life instantly. The Leech gain is useless most of the time.

  • Socrethar’s Guile and Sargerei Techniques

Could be 1 point nodes, this would allow us more freedom in our node choices.

  • Fel Synergy

Weak talent, 2 points for this feels really bad. This talent going back to 1 point would be better.

  • Resolute Barrier

Nice effect, but could also be a 1 point talent. The second point doesn’t bring much either.

  • Soul Conduit

Feels weak for a capstone, 5% chance is really low.

Affliction tree

  • Vile Taint

This needs to stop overwritting our curses, we have to apply Vile Taint before applying manually our curses, which makes us loose a lot of GCD while Vile Taint expires little by little. This is a real problem in M+.

  • Malign Omen

Cool talent, but it being stuck behind Dark Harvest feels bad. Its a good aoe talent, but nice in solo target too, especially with Infirmity and Phantom Singularity.

Soul Rot leading to a choice between Dark Harvest, Malign Omen, or both, was really good. Swapping Dark Harvest and Malign Omen could be a nice idea too.

  • Death’s Embrace :

Drain life’s buff is meaningless, and 5% dot damage amp under 20% health is WAY too low. Especially for a capstone.

  • Perpetual instability

There’s no point in taking this talent. We don’t need the cast time reduction, and the damage it deals is WAY too low.


  • Curse of the Satyr and Aura Enfeeblement

We will always take Curse of the Satyr (pretty unsignificant talent), as Aura of Enfeeblement is just bad.

Curse of the Satyr :

Two curses in one keybind, most of the time we don’t need the casters to be affected by Curse of Weakness, and vice versa.

Aura of Enfeeblement :

Straight up bad, we will NEVER use our big defensive cooldown to apply curses around us, we need it to survive from inevitable damage.

Aura of Enfeeblement really needs to change, or even be replaced, its useless in every scenario.
AoE curses would be nice, especially for Affliction since Vile Taint overrides all our curses with Curse of Weakness, this would help to bring back up our curses faster.

  • Zevrim’s Resilience and Illhoof’s Design

In this case too both are bad, but we will pick one talent, Zevrim’s Resilience, because the other is a straight up nerf.

Zevrim’s Resilience :

Useless, we use our Dark Pact to absorbs damage, most of the time the shield breaks instanly or will break pretty fast. If we use Ichor of Devils, we only use 5% health, it’s even worse in that scenario. Also, if we take into account that we have a healer in a group, 20% health is healed back fast.

Illhoof’s Design :

More shield on pull, less shield on Dark Pact due to the max health reduction.

This is a problem because most of the time, we can’t stack up our Soul Leech to full, except between pulls (if we don’t chain pack or the packs dies too fast). And even less during boss fights.

This could be better if the talent also buffed our Soul Leech generation, but as it is right now, unusable.

  • Malevolance

This spell being off GCD would feel a lot better.

Soul Harvester

  • Eternal Servitude and Spirited Away

Here again, both talents are really bad, but we have to take Eternal Servitude because the other choice is a nerf, like Illhoof’s design in the Hellcaller tree.

Eternal Servitude :

We use Fel Domination when we die, to summon our demon faster and for free. If we die so much that we need a low cd Fel Domination, it’s a really bad sign.

Spirited Away :

With this one it’s a nerf to our mobility. 60s cooldown for 6s of Burning Rush is ridiculously long, and the little move speed buff + no damage taken is not enough to compensate that cooldown.

Hi there!

Demonology warlock:

Our set 4 is bugged since day 1, we have the 300% legion strike dmg active 7/24 after first proc, even if we unequip set 4, its our highest dps contributor by far. But instead of fixing this bug which gave us unreasonably high dps, you nerfed half of our kit by 50%. I just dont get the logic behind this move. I also fear that when you finally get note of this bug and fix it, you forget to balance back the recently nerfed talents/spells.

Would appreciate some clarification about the demonology capstone “Pact of the Ered’ruin”. Is it intended that the doomguard is not casting shadowboltvolley anymore up to 5 targets? It will make the talent very weak in multitarget situations, if the current tuning stays.

Also our tierset 4p is currently bugged, the 300% buff will not be consumed, leading to completely false dmg numbers during raidtesting.

Furthermore our 4p tierset doesnt have much value in multitarget situations, cause you will not casting shadowbolt very often. I would suggest to also add demonbolt to the triggereffect of the 4p.

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you just destroyed all the fun on the demonology spec… without even taking into consideration the big damage reduction (-50% on all spell …) , the fact that you no longer summon the demon at 100% at the end of Doom makes the demonology specialization and the Doom spell completely uncompetitive! After 3 minutes of combat I summoned 0 guards with Doom :‘’') it makes you wonder what you have against this specialization when you see a lot of other classes / specs doing as much or even better

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before this big reduction damages ***

Very disappointed to see the Doom talent changes, not being guaranteed to spawn a Doomguard and the Doomguard also no longer casting AoE volleys just turns it into a dead part of the tree once again.

Also very surprising to see the change (read: huge nerf) to Malediction for Affliction, I guess that is one way of “reducing” the amount 2 point nodes in the tree though lol.

Hello! Here are my concerns in regards to how Warlock is looking in TWW.

  • we do not have any ways to AOE Curse; previously we used to have this and I am fine with spending 1 Shard if it means I bring more utility to the party/raid; for this to work Vile Taint should no longer apply any curse because it will mess everything up.
  • For Affliction the baseline dot duration (of Agony especially) it’s extremely low, and having to manually refresh it is just painful; previously Agony used to be 24 seconds which I think it should come back to that; moreover, we had this which will definitely help the gameplay if we can maintain our dots for longer;
  • Improved Haunt is just a joke, since the Shadow’s Embrace part was already baked in previously. Just make it so that it increases % more (or old Haunted Souls)
  • Soul Swap was only game-breaking when we had Dot snapshotting. I believe an extra talent that will give us Soul Swap back with no CD/Cost (from MoP) will not be game-breaking. Maybe it can have a charge system with like 3 or 5 charges. Spread cleave is a pain for warlocks now. Moreover, if it could combine Soulburn and Soul Swap together to instantly apply all the dots it would be more than welcome.
  • Destruction is still a massive turret, and I think that we need to either have Channel Demonfire castable while moving or we need have a talent which enables us to cast while moving for a short period of time;
  • Also on the Destruction side, I am a bit tired of Rain Of Fire spam, and I will gladly take the old Fire and Brimstone instead of it. I am unsure what your goals are exactly, but it was so much better than what we have.
  • Demonology is in a good place, the only complain I have is about the RNG Demonic Cores from Dreadstalkers; other than that, it’s in a pretty good shape.

So after testing a lot here are my concerns.


  • Good spot currently. There are some talents that make no sense for them to exist like Soul Swap but not all talents can be good and broken. One thing that i am worried is when you decide to tune affliction’s damage.

  • Another talent that bugs me when i try to understand why is that a capstone talent is Ravenous Afflictions. This one i dont understand why is it even in the talent tree. Instead of granting nightfall it should grant Tormented Crescendo. The spec already has a lot of ways of getting nightfall procs so it doesnt make sense to add one more.

  • The Shadow Embrace talent should be a baseline after 3 expansions. Like you literally go improved haunt and you get a stack WITHOUT having that talent. Come on.

  • Death’s Embrace was good in its original form back in Wrath of the Lich King. For some reason you decided to bring it back but changed it completely. These talents were good for one reason. Because they were designed properly for the specialization. Give me one reason to use drain life ever.


Boy oh boy we have so much to talk here.

  • Pact of the Ered’ruin: Ok i guess this was a bit broken having a doomguard after every doom expires. But you nerfed it to the ground for some reason. You wanted to give us the tier set from dragonflight ? Perfect. Fix the spawn of the doomguard and keep its abilities and the damage to where it was. You literally took off it’s ability to cast doom volley and it only casts doom bolt. Let me give you an example. Doom volley bolts was like 2nd or 3rd as the damage and now its replaced with a single target doom bolt. Realy now? If you want your players to play with this thematically awesome talent fix this quickly.

  • Call Dreadstalkers: This is currently bugged in a sense that you only get one demonic core instead of two currently. Also the damage that they do seems pretty low for an ability that has so many damage modifiers and i have tested it with all of them.

  • Immutable Hatred: God what an awful capstone talent. For this to proc, i need to use demonbolt. In order to use demonbolt you basically do this using your demonic core procs, which they do not exist in a single target fight. Yeah!

  • Impeding Doom: I like this talent but currently after Doom’s nerf it doesnt make sense to pick this up. Maybe if you would rework it in a way that your abilities can reset the cooldown of doom would be good. Since, again in order for doom’s duration to be reduced we need to use demonic cores which they do not exist i believe that a minor rework on this talent would help it say the light of the day.

  • Sacrificed Souls: Another dead capstone talent. It wasnt good in Dragonflight it will not be good in War Within.

The one finger op dps spec.

  • After successfuly 2 expansions of spamming Rain of Fire, as 10 year warlock player i have to say that im tired of it. Yeah its good to be top dps and yeah i know that you also have to use havoc or immolate or chaos bolt. But come on. On aoe you just press one button at the end of the day!

  • Avatar of Destruction: Ok thematically you nailed it with this ability. Like the demon that spawns and the chaos bolts it throws good job. But i still haven’t figured how its scaling goes. Does it scale based on my haste? Because last week it was hitting like a machine gun.

  • Soul Fire: I like that you brought back the soul fire we had back in WotLK. I believe it still needs tuning to be made but good job.

  • Dimensional Rift: So this was our Artifact ability back in Legion. But now we are heading towards War Within. Thats a gap of 3 expansions. This talent is so undertuned that make no sense to play with it. Not to mention that the incenerate chance to give you a recharge of a rift is way too low to compensate with how bad this is.

Overall, i think affli is in a very very good spot. Tuning of course is underway because its OP as hell right now and smart players do know that it will get tuned down. Demo is in a very weird spot. Nerfing its abilities by 50% is bad. Our tier set bonus in the War Within is currently bugged in a sense that our pet always has 300% increased Legion Strike damage. The minute this is fixed, demonology will do 0 damage. So please fix and tune him as soon as possible. On the other hand destruction feels clampy at the moment. It has a similar playstyle like it had in Dragonflight, at least for it’s aoe build. Single target has changed with the addition of Soul Fire and changed its boring rotation of spamming chaos bolt and incinerate.

Do you even do m+ as aff spec? Or tried?

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affliction has too many 2point nodes in its tree and malediction is now bad