Feedback: Warriors

In this thread, we’ll be testing and talking about Warriors in The War Within. Look here for posts from the development team as adjustments and bugfixes are made throughout the testing period.

Please note that off-topic or inappropriate posts will be strictly removed.

The War Within Beta

All classes’ Hero Talent trees are available for testing. Please keep in mind that this is a Beta environment:

  • There may be UI elements on the talent panel that are placeholder, including things like talent icons, text, or final UI art.
  • Some talents may not be functioning yet, or may be marked as not yet implemented (NYI).
  • Some new spell visuals and audio may still be a work in progress.
  • There are some talents that are not fully tuned yet. This is expected, and we will implement tuning adjustments throughout testing.

The combat design team has two big areas of focus at this time:

  • Finish work on changes to talents, especially wherever Hero Talents still need adjustments.
  • Fix bugs that are blocking testing of new talents.

Working from Feedback

Alpha feedback thus far has been of great benefit to us.

Now that we are entering Beta, our focus on Hero Talent trees is shifting away from reworks and design changes and towards tuning and refining. We want to thank you so much for all the forum posts, videos, and discussions all over the internet. Your feedback and impressions have been invaluable for bringing their identities to life and making them fit into what you love about the classes you play.

We are looking forward to hearing from more of you as you get a chance to try Hero Talents for yourself. We are specifically interested in feedback or impressions on these topics:

  • Hero Talents that you feel are “required” for your spec in a type of content, such as raiding or Mythic+, or that push you towards picking a specific tree. This could be due to damage profile, utility, defensives, or something else.
  • Hero Talent trees that you feel are either too strong or too weak in power level compared to other options.
  • Hero Talents whose functionality is confusing, unclear, or difficult to track during gameplay.
  • Hero Talent choice nodes that you feel could offer more meaningful choices.

Again, Thank You

Feedback throughout the Alpha test was highly impactful on our design of the game, and we look forward to refining every class with you in the Beta. Thank you!

The World of Warcraft Combat Design Team

After testing Protection Warrior with Hero talents, the general feel and first impression is… a disappointment.

As we all know the problem with being competitive in raid or 5 man content is ‘What do you bring to the group?’. In raids we cannot cheese any abilities with cheat death, we cannot provide immunities nor any sort of DR for anyone, dispel anything or even remove anything from mobs (as before with SS) nor we can withstand a lot of damage without a healer. We should be jacks of all trades and have the slightly weaker version of everything and anything. I don’t expect warriors to get OP abilities or make it as broken as DH in S3-4 as that is just bad for the game. So take this with a grain of salt the below proposals and take this feedback wisely.

If you look at our spec tree there are some dead nods in the talent tree.

  • Dance of the Death
  • Storm of Steel
  • Unnerving Focus, if there won’t be any tier set interaction with LS it is worthless
  • Battle-Scarred Veteran, don’t get me started

Worth changes:

  • Spell Block to be moved to FbV/BV spot.
  • FbV/BV to Bolster spot
  • Bolster to Spell Block spot
  • Make Disturbing Shout its own, standalone button, I hate that is linked to AoE taunt as it is cringe to use on raid boss fights when you shouldn’t taunt the boss too
  • Revenge should be the baseline, MOST of your Hero talents/Talents affect it…
  • Ravager moved to the Revenge spot
  • In Ravager spot you put Necro Banner
  • In the Dance of Death spot you put ‘After using Necro Banner nearby players in X range get 10 DR’
  • In the Storm of Steel spot you put ‘After using Necro Banner nearby players in X range get x% of Crit/X’
  • We have two nods for Fear and we know they are garbage therefore here is the proposal. Cacophonous Roar should change to ‘Mobs are unbreakable from Fear for 4sec’ (half duration of fear) and Menace to be changed to ‘Mobs instead of running away from Warrior they run towards him’. This resolves the issue with the lack of groups the mobs other have (and when TC grip was introduced we were shot down by DK Twitter boys)

The other part is the class tree, this should be reverted to the previous one you made which was much better. Felt quite good when it was done, this one is BAD to pick your right talents.

As for Hero talents:

  • General feel is, passive, passive, passive, proc and proc. There isn’t any fancy thing added to talents just pure +dmg +proc, its boring. Outside of Demolish and Thunder Blast proc, it felt like I forgot to turn Hero talents on.
  • Storm Shield talent is one of the weakest shields I have seen. Giving around 62k shield while we have 2-4m HP and hits for 300-500k. Needs tuning asap.
  • Storm Bolts, this talent is as bad as it can be. Randomly stunning 2 nearby targets which either you don’t want to stun or they are the wrong targets is just bad. Now you added 10sec CD on top of it, well played. Dead talent.
  • Steadfast as the Peaks, concept is probably ok but it wont beat 8% DR
  • Flashing Skies, so many procs this tree have, I would call it Proccing Thane instead
  • Earthquaker is something that I still need to test properly, but if that knock mobs up even if they are stun-immune that is actually a great one if not that’s a waste of talent. They are still stunned when knock happens…
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Endurance training is a nice talent but you will never choose it over any other talent in the same row

The two Second Wind talents on especially arms seem VERY strong, especially when keeping in mind we have Defensive Stance and Ignore Pain + Impending Victory. Mostly from a PvP standpoint, to make things a bit more even-steven, I think one of them should be tuned slightly.

During duels etc, I never felt like I was in any real danger, even if I am stuck at 5% health.

Feedback Warrior Arm spec - Colossus hero talents - PVE

Feedback is focused on gameplay and skill usage, not numbers output as not enough data on my side.

Colossal Might stacks → Too slow to stack, even with all reset skills available and the double stack when Crit, the stacking of 10 stacks are completely de-synchronized with Colossus Smash and other important cooldowns.
Proposal → Add Colossus Smash as a Colossal Might stack creator.
Proposal 2 → Add Execute as a Colossal Might stack creator.
Proposal 3 → Demolish is part of Anger Management cooldown reduction

Dominance of the Colossus → Burst window is extremely short and dependent on important burst preparation, leading to difficult burst window setup in dungeon environment. Making it an off burst cooldown with no interest. When reset procs are up, important burst window observed but creating uncontrollable damage output in the long term.
Proposal → Remove CD on Mortal Strike/Cleave during Wrecked debuff
Proposal 2 → Recklessness cast at reduced effectiveness during Wrecked debuff
Proposal 3 → Wrecked debuff create 2 charges of Sudden Death and reset Mortal Strike CD

On the + side, rage generation seem OK, feel unchanged compared to DF. If your goal was to create rage management it is currently not visible.

Talent Tree: ARM

Colossus Hero talent is focusing on Mortal Strike, Overpower, Cleave and Whirlwind skills. Our talent tree has a strong focus on Execute which is a blank for Colossus creating a final node talent choice extremely limited:
Fatality → Execute oriented
Executioner’s Precision → Execute oriented

We lost Hurricane, Merciless Bonegrinder is multi only (if somebody take it), Dance of Death is useless since start of DF.

Warrior ARM tree has no last talent node choice, Unhinged is the only talent that makes sense. Not really a question of taste if only 1 option makes sense.

That’s for now, I guess will come back at later stage.

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Feedback : Slayer Fury
With return of bladestorm and slayer talents target cap doesnt feel like as much of an issue as before but regular non proc based rotation needs some adjustments . Suggestion , outlaw treatment with 8 target cap.
Execute still doesnt feel good to use it since its being remade and a hero talent tree buffing it still doesn’t make it feel better. My suggestion is maybe rework Ashen Juggernaut talent talent to give damage instead of crit chance considering the nature of fury warrior crit chance doesn’t really effect much.
Single target feels lacking , there seems to be a push to use bloodthirst a lot but fury bloodthirst isnt a hard hitter to begin with even when you take all the buff talents for it. Unhinged casting 2 bloodthirst while arms counterpart casting 2 mortal strike just feels like a joke because the skill hits like a wet noodle compared to mortal strike.
Cold steel , Hot blood talent feels too much of a rng to take without guaranteed crit. Maybe make that skill not require crit to make the talent competitive. I doubt it will break the game because it doesnt deal huge damage to begin with.

Class tree ( Fury perspective )
It feels better to be able to pick a bit more utility but still having too many dps nodes and having so little meaningful utility is an issue still. This need better solution then what we have currently.
Spear of bastion / Champion’s spear : Not fun to play around , never was . Rune of power kinda mechanic where you have to stay inside it and it is pretty much required for any pure single target fight. My suggestion to fix this is removal of this talent and maybe replacing it with another shadowlands ability like ancient aftershock or banner. Ancient aftershock could bandage the problem of having little utility because of the interrupt effect.
For now this is all i can say , we don’t have m+ to test any numbers yet properly because everything dies in 5 seconds. I’ll do an update when those are available

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Hello, I wanted to provide a bit of feedback around the effects of the mountain thane hero talents. To note, I’m not a number cruncher or high end experienced player so I’m focusing more on how something looks and feels from a mid-core standpoint.

I’ve been trying the spec on training dummies as a protection warrior for now and really like the smoothness of the rotation and build. The effects are great for both aoe and single target since the procs are primarily around thunderclap and shield slam. You’ve kept it all simple, which for a mid-core with an energy-based disability is really great.

The current level of the character (the starter greens given at lvl 80) makes it a bit slow, so the next comment may just be fixed with higher haste as the gear gets better (also maybe I haven’t selected the most ‘efficient’ talent combinations, but I don’t want to copy someone else’s tree for testing, I just went for the talents that felt good for me in single target against a raid boss):
There are some points during the rotation against a training dummy where I felt the rage generation was a bit low, I could use a shield block and ignore pain once in a while but it felt difficult to maintain them adequately sometimes if I wanted to maintain use of revenge for additional shield slam and lightning procs. I’m aware there’s also resource generation when getting hit but in cases where something doesn’t hit back for a while (imagine a boss mechanic where it’s just aoe magic damage for a phase), it might feel a bit awkward. Not that we always have to be pressing buttons every second, and probably stat related, but thought I would add this in. Maybe thunderblast could proc a little bit more often outside of avatar activation? If you’re unlucky you can get 5 or 6 thunderclaps without a thunderblast proc in a row.

Not sure if this is a visual bug maybe, but when tanking a main target with a minor target next to me it seems the minor secondary target (which I am not focused on) is the one taking most of the lightning strikes (from the testing I’ve done so far anyway). I’m wondering if it’s worth increasing the chance the main focused target gets hit, this could help with the prot spec to help damage priority targets a bit more, and also help regain aggro on a target faster if the lightning tends to hit the focused target more (e.g. fire mage bursts something and taunt is down at pull of adds or a pack).

Lastly just a comment on the visuals and fantasy. I really love the lightning theme, although I feel like there could be just a little bit more distinction to it passively to the other hero specs. Maybe a constant lightning effect of some kind on the character, or a few animations added with lightning effects. The only attacks with lightning currently are the blast and the bolt, and avatar has a little ‘shock’ aura effect with activation (but not maintained for the duration of the buff. It feels a bit underwhelming currently with the effects and I’m not entirely ‘immersed’ into the fantasy of being a lightning wielding specialist (I’m not saying it should be like a stormbringer shaman, just needs a bit more on an ‘oomf’). The power feels ‘borrowed’ in terms of fantasy, as if it was an equipment gifting me this power and not the character, as it only shows on one or two specific abilities.

Over all, loving the direction for the mountain thane hero talents and how the prot spec is feeling. Really looking forwards to this expansion! Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication!

ARMS - Colossus Hero Talent

Cooldown syncing:

  • When playing Spiteful Serenity, Demolish generally lines up with Colossus Smash, but will desync more and more as you increase haste and crit. However, you don’t really want weaker Avatar and Colossus Smash for Demolish, making it a counterintuitive choice. Also I think Spiteful Serenity is way less fun than Anger Management regardless of situation.
  • When playing Anger Management, I have noticed I can usually sync Demolish with every other Colossus Smash. It feels pretty good.

Execute phase:

  • This hero talent doesn’t function at all in the execute phase. Even with forced Mortal Strike usage through Executioner’s Precision and free Mortal Strikes from Unhinged, I never manage to max out Colossal Might.
  • The hero talents don’t mention Execute for the execute phase at all, which is core to Arms class fantasy. I get that Slayer is the Execute hero talent, but I don’t want Execute to be completely ignored for Colossus. At least make Demolish deal more damage during execute phase, or increase Colossal Might stacks in execute phase.

Bleed build:

  • When I skip all Execute related talents and pick Skullsplitter and Thunderous Roar, it flows pretty well. Demolish doesn’t really feel important though, just another button to fit in.

2 target cleave:

  • Ravager (Unhinged) and 21 second Sweeping Strikes feels great on cleave. You get 2+ stacks of Colossal Might pretty much every Mortal Strike. Demolish usually lines up with Colossus Smash and gives a fluid playstyle.


  • You are encouraged to press Mortal Strike instead of Whirlwind. This results is lots of Cooldown reduction on Demolish. Overall I’ve notice pretty good overlap between Demolish and Warbreaker.
  • Doing a build with Champion’s Spear, Storm of Swords, Collateral Damage and Warlords Torment gives a very satisfying gameplay loop where your cooldowns line up. The hybrid playstyle of Mortal Strike and Sweeping Strikes in AoE feels surprisingly good.


  • 5% size isn’t enough, it’s not noticable. It would be cool if size increased per stack of Colossal Might, or increased even more with Avatar when playing Colossus.
  • Demolish doesn’t look impressive. I feel like Fury’s Rampage looks cooler. It doesn’t have enough weight to it, it’s decent but not very impressive at the moment. The two first swings feel so weak. I suggest taking inspiration from the Barbarian Upheaval ability in Diablo 4.

Overall I think Colossus is a pretty good hero talent. It works well in most cases aside from the major problems in the execute phase.

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Protection warrior feedback :

  • Overall, I’m unimpressed. Neither hero talent trees feel like they are freshening the rotation or the visuals.

  • The new class tree, while giving access to Shockwave earlier for Fury + Mountain Thane, doesn’t feel like it’s changing anything to what talents we’ll take. In particular, the reign of bleeds will continue, making Cruelty+Thunderous Roar+Words the only viable option vs Spear side.

  • I heavily resent the loss of Titanic Throw. I feel like my ability to do big pulls in M+ pugs will be severely harmed, once again far behind what a paladin or DH can do to create snap ranged threat.

  • One positive point : Berserker Rage being baseline. It was feeling weird losing a core identity skill on the altar of optimization.


I had another go at heroics and shuffling some talents around.

The difference between the two Hero talents is like day and night. I’m now pretty certain that Thane was made by someone playing Protection Warrior and Colossus as Arms without considering that it will be linked to Protection spec too.

Why you may ask? Thane is based on Thunderclap. That ability has so many interactions in the class/spec tree as:

  • Avatar (Instant TB)
  • Shield Slam (2 free slams and procs of TB)
  • Revenge (Show of Force, dmg inc or procs of LS)
  • Unstoppable Force (dmg inc / cd reduction with Avatar)
  • Blood and Thunder (rend)
  • Crackling Thunder (dmg / size inc)
  • Seismic Reverberation (dmg inc)
  • Thunderlord (reducing DS)
  • Demo Shout (pricing TB)

All that has great syngery and each ability you pick has meaning of what happens next. And when you look at Colossus, you got what? Anything that applies to Revenge and Slam. Nothing else matters - Avatar/Demo/LS/SW/etc. It is a blatant version of a good idea for a Hero talent tree. It is not made for Protection which means it may force us to use Thane only.

Summarizing this.

  • A class tree is a mess for Protection Warrior and there is no way we will ever pick Spear, it is still the same but with quicker easier Shockwave, but some other talents are spread too far away in the wrong spaces or ask for 2 NODS instead of 1.
  • Thane currently can do huge damage with the right talents, provide a nice shield of around 600k on Intervene and that’s it.
  • Colossus is slow, boring, and just the wrong version of a legendary axe. Waiting for the ability to come off CD while you are 10 stacks and hitting hard Revenges (which is SPENDER, not gainer like TC in Thane) is just utterly boring. Not even a size increase will push it over for me.
  • Utility is still lacking as only Colossus got that knockback which might be our answer to stun immune mob control.
  • GIVE US a grip, but don’t make it tight to TC as Thane has enough interaction with it already. I already wrote about the options above.

Hello there!

I do not know to place my take about warriors, because it is not exactly the feedback, it is my thoughts about warrior, especially it killing feature. I had that thoughts long time before (since SL for sure), but recent “Warriors State” by MadOx, Den and Archimtiros has showed that Im not alone here.

I wanna start with some other classes identities.

  • Mages are most masterfull wizards in the game, so they have access to personal Time Warp. (rip in TWW, but anyway).
  • Unholy dks and demo warlocks are minion masters, so they have their horde of minions.
  • Evokers has unique augmentation spec.
  • Paladins have a lot of major externals and immunities, beacuse they are protectors of others.
    That are p flavorfull skills and abilities. Some of them are insanely powerfull and spec-defining. And usually quite broken (PI+UDK burst).

Lets move to warrior. They are descripted as the most skillfull martial class in WoW:

For as long as war has raged, heroes from every race have aimed to master the art of battle. Warriors combine strength, leadership, and a vast knowledge of arms and armor to wreak havoc in glorious combat.

Unfortunately, I can not find the real definition of our (warriror) perfection in melee combat. Are we delivirieng most deadly blows? No, monks do stunning damage with their unarmored strikes compiting with arms. Are we the fastest blades? No, dh and outlaws are as fast as fury. Are we the unbreakable wall? No, paladins use shields as good as us and dks can withstand magic projectiles much better.

To sum up warriors don’t have their killing feature as perfect melee combatant. In other words, warriors do not have their MEGA button or ability as most other classes. But I have a dream about it…

As warriors describes as most versatile and skillful melee combatants, so maybe they can change talent builds then others cant?

Maybe it should be possible only for Arms, because they are surely best of the best at arms. It will be MEGA warrior button, that will be class(spec) defining. Also i think it can help warriors with balance of utility/performance (sure, that there are a lot of discussions of not perfect class tree above).

Otherway, it can be not that BIG button, but any form of talent swapping. It undelines our capability to fight anywhere anytime using anything.

PS a little bit inspired by pf2

gl all

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Arms - General AoE

  • Cleave being a 3 second cooldown doesn’t feel very good. Just alternating between Cleave and Overpower is not very interesting. This also means Cleave will never be used with 2 stacks of Overpower unless you have Collateral Damage.
  • Dreadnought is currently so weak that Whirlwind is the correct ability to use until you are out of rage (Slayer). This doesn’t even take into account rage spending bonuses like Anger Management.


  • Increase Cleave’s cooldown to 4.5 seconds or 6 seconds. This would make it feel more impactful like Mortal Strike, and also make Exhilirating Blows feel better in AoE.
  • Buff Dreadnought or the Martial Prowess bonus to Cleave. “Overpower increases the dmg of your next Mortal Strike by 30% or your next Cleave by 45%” for example.

Class Tree.

A little bit more regarding the class tree in a more compact way. The possible changes or different approaches to them can be seen in my first post. Also reverting to the 1st wave of class tree changes would do much more good, yes it is just like 2-3 talents but they make much more sense and how they were placed. Then do the below.

Dead Talents:
Bad talents that we will never take or there is no way we can pick them due to the amount of talents we can pick.

  • Bitter Immunity. I will write a little bit more as I was super happy to see that, then I saw the CD of it. Couldn’t have been more wrong than that day when I thought we were saved from some of the crap that hit us. Still, it didn’t even affect Bleeds.
  • Cacophonous Roar (bad). Remove or change as post 1.
  • Menace (bad). Remove or change as post 1.
  • Berserker Shout (no points)
  • Piercing Howl (no points)
  • Champion’s Spear (bad). Put Ancient Aftershock in.
  • Piercing Challenge (bad). Change into interaction with AA.
  • Champion’s Might (bad). Change into interaction with AA.
  • Endurance Training (no points)

Boring Talents:
These talents are boring and I feel like, nobody had a better idea what to put—sometimes acting as a ‘band-aid’ for the class (STR+armor, haste, or leech).

  • Leeching Strikes
  • Cruel Strikes. Make it 1/1.
  • Wild Strikes. Make it 1/1.
  • One-Handed Weapon Specialization. Remove, and bake in.
  • Armored to the Teeth. Make it 1/1.

I can’t get why they are all 2/2 which makes me unable to pick anything fancy as I have to have them to be competitive.

Protection Tree:

I had another thought about it and looking at VDH and grip, I could understand you would probably not want all specs to have it and rather keep it a tank ability. Therefore you have an easy solution to your problem which brings diversity to m+ vs raid talent comps.

  1. Make Ravager as I said before in the Revenge spot.
  2. Put a new talent in Ravager spot with a bad_ass name
  3. Make that talent ‘force’ mobs to run towards the warrior
  4. Make a nod under it that changes that into pulling the mobs into a warrior

This can easily fight with Shield Charge (dmg) in m+ to get a grip. There is plenty of room to play with.

Please do not change the Intervene and remove the ‘spells’ part from it. That was one of the coolest changes for us that made us a little bit happy inside. We could be useful and had some fun with SR at least.

Also why on earth are you losing your time to ‘rework’ Ravager’s extra nods, they ARE USELESS. Completely, useless.

Can you please revisit the Protection tree and read the above feedback, please?

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Feedback Fury ( 12.06.2024)
After the rearrangements i tried fury again.
Class tree , actually nothing changed. Same problems still exists , class tree needs a heavy rework. I am picking same stuff still. Still taking an extra utiliy or any niche node causing me a lot of dps loss. Spear of bastion still needs to get replaced with something more interesting too.

Spec tree
Seems like you are pushing me out of taking onslaught and forcing me to take of instead which i dont mind but there is currently a huge problem. Fury is having hard time keeping enrage without onslaught currently. Spec is revolved around enrage and it doesnt feel good to play it like this. Probably by the end of expansion with bearable haste values this wont become a problem but currently it is.

Changes to Anger Management and Unbridled Ferocity:
Unbridled Ferocity is a completely dead talent right now which has no reason to exist. 6% proc rate is a joke. Picking it feels like complete waste of talent point. Either remove it / replace it with something else or revert the changes. With both Anger Management and unbridled ferocity nerf , spec doesn’t feel like functioning properly currently. Rage starving , lots of ‘’ i have to get enraged so i have to press everything ‘’ moments.
Bladestorm Anger management bug starting around lvl 75-76 ish with slayer tree still exists. Seems like if i take unhinged talent , anger management doesnt reduce cooldown of bladestorm.

After the changes of today , feels like i’m relying too much on rng. I don’t personally like it. Also execute still hits like a wet noodle.

I have no comment on damage because again , we dont really have an actual enviorment to test it yet.

Edit : Damage seems lacking a lot , spec feels horrible to play in m+ enviorment currently. I am relying too much on cooldowns and my cooldowns arent really that impactful either

Edit2: After lots of testing ( both dummy and m+ ) i have reached a conclusion that spec is dealing no damage. Am / Uf nerfs hurts the fluidty of rotation also. Spec is currently monotone , nothing exciting happening. Recklessness alone isn’t a heavy cooldown anymore either. None of my cds are exciting to press. Spec either needs a full rework or revert and serious number tuning.

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Dear Blizzard,
since i am a longterm Warrior player and esp. Arms preferer, i’d like to give u a feedback on the recent changes in terms of removeing WWind and enhancing the Cleave cd.

I got to say that i dont rly get your point there, slam is still in the game, wich sadly still is a very clunky not used either as not good filler. in my opinion you could rather remove slam then WW since:
You kinda need cleave to get Deepwounds (our mastery) to all enemys. Whirlwind was a perfect ragedump to shorten down our CD of Warbreaker/Colossus smash, and felt somewhat good in terms of class id.
either this played into the Bonegrinder talent wich now becomes “useless”.
with the remove of ww and longering the CD of cleave it just feels VERY clunky to play.

So please consider the gameplay feeling of it.
there is no buttonbloat as it was told.
would be fully fine to remove slam completely since noone is useing it anyway.

further i got to say, i would rly like to see not getting busted for picking up more “defensive/support” talents and haveing to suffer in terms of dmg improve talens such as 10%str from armor val. or 10% more hp.

rightnow its kinda VERY hard to get into m+ keys on the higher end if u need to pug them, since this class does not offer anything to deal with certian affixes.

please dont follow this mistakes in the war within.
so i highly consider to review the Fluidness of gameplay in the terms i listed.
either as getting a bit away of the “you have to suffer” mentalety in talent choices.

thanks alot.

  • Arms
    • Cleave now replaces Whirlwind.
      • Developer’s note: We feel that Arms has an overwhelming number of abilities they must use in their AOE rotation, so we’re making Cleave replace Whirlwind to help alleviate that.
    • Cleave cooldown increased to 4.5 seconds (was 3 seconds).
      • Developer’s note: We are happy with Cleave’s position as the focus of Arms AOE but feel that the 3 second cooldown put too much pressure on the rotation. Increasing the cooldown will allow more room for Overpower and rotational cooldowns like Sweeping Strikes and Warbringer.
    • Dance of Death has been redesigned – When an enemy dies while affected by your Bladestorm, all damage you deal is increased by 5% for the remainder of the Bladestorm and for 2 seconds afterwards. When an enemy dies while affected by your Ravager, its duration is extended by 2 seconds. These effects can trigger a maximum of 3 times per use of Bladestorm or Ravager.

First impressions Slayer: There is some wonkiness with Unrelenting Assault reducing cooldown of Bladestorm for both Arms and Fury - cooldown is reduced in the UI, but it seems like it’s de-synced with the server and you can’t press it until such time that the ability would normally be available. It currently makes it pretty hard to playtest the spec correctly.

Arms seems generally okay, spec tree is good.

Fury on the other hand running out of buttons to press after all the changes to BT and Raging Blow just feels bad, I feel like Arms has better availability of just Overpower+MS than Fury has for BT+Raging Blow+Rampage outside of the Recklessness window. Vicious Contempt being a 2-point talent is kind of awkward if we now have to put talents into both BT and Raging Blow. Old issue but why is Single-Minded Fury still a talent? It being worse than Titan’s Grip is bad enough without us having to spend a talent point on it. Odyn’s Fury is now on the opposite side of the tree form Bloodborne, meaning 2 of the 3 bleed talents Fury has are on the left side and one is on the right side, maybe put them together and decouple Gushing Wound from BT? IDK.

Idiosyncratic issue: Slayer’s Strike audio makes me nails-on-chalkboard level of uncomfortable every time it happens.

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• Colossus talent tree feels simple, it does not have any synergy with AVATAR as one would expect. Something has to do with Avatar in this talent tree, after all it is Colossus.

• AVATAR and COLOSSUS SMASH should grant Colossal Might stacks. Stacks build up too slow.

• A MOUNTAIN OF MUSCLE AND SCARS is 10/10. The 2.5% damage reduction feels insignificant, 5% would work. Also a slightly larger health pool would fit nicely with colossus flavour. Great talent anyway, the 5% character size increase is just epic.

• PRACTICED STRIKES feels like an empty talent because the 20% increased damage on Mortal Strike will be lost due to tuning. It should give critical strike chance also.

• DEMOLISH; the 2 second root and channel is a no go for a mobility dependant meele class. Especially since I am locked out of action bar buttons with 2 bladestorms which already feels meh. Demolish should be instant.

• It creates keybind bloat. There are no keybinds left to press in the comfort zone. Rend, Impending Victory, Sweeping Strikes, Skullsplittter, Thunderous Roar, Bladestorm etc there are too many important buttons that must be pressed and now one more Demolish.

• Mortal Strike should turn into Demolish at 10 stacks to save some keybinding. Also Rend baked into Deep Wounds as a passive talent and to keep the skill expression, reapply it with Mortal Strike within a certain time to do extra damage like the warlock Dots or something like that.

• Overall, warrior in general should have more mobility and durability. Not healing but damage reduction. Impending Victory is overpowered and increases keybinds unnecessarily. I feel like i press some cheat potion button. I believe warrior durability should come mainly from damage reduction and not healing big chunks of hp like a healer or death knight.

• We already have SECOND WIND with PAIN AND GAIN as healing which is really awesome. REINFORCED PLATES armor buff or ENDURANCE TRAINING stamina buff instead of Impending Victory or a node with it somehow.

• I do not get why it has to hit and heal similar to a Death Strike. I am not at all for Impending Victory but if anything make it a reduced HEAL OVER TIME like the rogue CRIMSON VIAL or the druid FRENZIED REGENERATION so that when hunter shoots me from another planet I can still press something to heal.

• ENRAGED REGENERATION should also be a HEAL OVER TIME since it can easily be disarmed, parried, dodged, cced and kited the way it is now.

The new Blademaster’s Torment seems to me to be a swing and a miss:

  • This turns the talent from hard-lock in PvP to basically a talent that’s never going to be picked in PvP.
  • For PvE AoE putting Cleave and Sweeping Strikes together in a button is weird since Cleave does not benefit from Sweeping Strikes, so you get a free SS but then are hard locking every other GCD to Cleave. If you’re strictly in a 2-target scenario it’s just extra Sweeping Strikes uptime, which is an ability that already has a really high uptime (50% baseline, up to 70% uptime if talented).

Also can we make it so Warlord’s Torment isn’t strictly 60% worse than Fury’s Berserker’s Torment? Arms gets Recklessness for 6 seconds when you press Avatar, Fury gets Recklessness for 8 seconds when you press Avatar and a second Avatar for 8 seconds when you press Recklessness. I know the specs are different and balance needs to be taken into the account, but given this is a class tree node and not a spec tree node, it should be roughly equivalent value for both specs.

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I did not like being locked in beyblade mode so much time… Just buff recklessness to 8 seconds and go big criticals, makes more sense.