Feel like I'm playing in a team of npc's

Playing epic BGs as Alliance here (might merc if available, mainly just to get the daily win).

The level of enjoyment goes up and down each week. A few weeks ago, Alliance was stomped on by Horde nearly every battleground. Not fun. Then Alliance got a bit better, winning and losing were pretty much 50/50. I can live with that.

But now, it seems we’re back to being stomped on again, usually no chance whatsoever. But the most annoying part: the Alliance isn’t even trying anymore. No leadership, no leadership authority, nobody listens to tactics, lots of bickering, language barriers (many Russians/Germans), afk-ers, trolling. The Alliance is losing winnable bgs because of it.

I prefer us to win but if we lose, I’d like us to lose because the opponent is better, not because we fail (or deliberately not do) simple objectives.

Can there be something (more) rewarding introduced for doing the objectives in a battleground to spark some more participation?

You are playing with people mostly born after 2000. They have zero clue or awareness what’s going on. Stacking HKing at nowhere for scrap pieces of honor.

They don’t bind abilities or learn how to use them. They don’t pick up HS or food buffs. Its like they are on opiates.

And since this is EU they probably don’t even read BG chats either while listening their dubstep crap unmusic and talk in discord about completely irrelevant stuff with people who are not playing WoW.

Zero focus!



Imagine playing random bgs just to have fun instead of tryharding :thinking: :rofl:

I think there is more to it than just this. On average horde players are more geared and as many might have seen there are many mercs in alliance teams with around 30k hp trying to gear their char (which I understand).

But if you look at it this way. If horde players are on average 57k hp and alliance players are on average 55k hp (numbers taken from nowhere). The total healthpool for horde would be 57k*40 = 2280k vs alliance 55k*40 = 2200k or (57k-55k*40). This means that with two highly geared teams but alliance lacking about 2k hp per player they would lose 80k in healthpool. That is almost two players “more” for the horde team. And in epic bgs when many fights are very large that means alliance will be fighting with “2 players less” and that is if we are talking about 2k hp difference per player. Of course it will be harder to win as alliance then. Sadly there is no real way to “prove” which faction is better but having equal terms in bgs etc would be cool.

Conclusion: Horde better gear = harder for alliance. Remove this stupid gear gating and let everyone buy conquest gear (similar to wod system).

they could have added some ingame tutorials to feel more comfy in epic bgs so that players at least know what to do first and yeah “rewards” could be very nice, too

I have been tryharding on random BGs since their inception. Its the most fun concept because anything can happen. But you surely proved my point thousandfold. Today’s players are mortifying.

Generally I prefer kill oponents and not do tactics. For example in ashran or Alterac Valley. In rest EBG I do tactics.

I don’t have 2k less HP, I have 20k less HP :smiley:

Do u think horde players have any huge difference? No. Difference only 1 - ally pug have very poor players roster in random BG/EBGs, but tones of premades. Horde - huge random roster and zero premades. So if you playing solo and have bad/good timing u will play with the same bad/not bad grp and lose/win.

what a joke, every 2nd or 3rd bg horde party is premade (from my exp)


Yeah man - and you are proving that you are extremely subjective. ”I have been tryharding since the dawn of time” - sure, people still just want to have a good time and this has existed for over 10 years. Blaming it on the players or their age proves how delusional you are.

It can be extremely fun to just play - I keep playing casually and we still win as long as the team plays. But I assume you are the guy screaming RUSH MID, flames everyone who doesnt follow you and then /afk - while at the same time you are max 1100 rated in bgs…

There are rated bgs for a reason… people who tryhard random bgs and feel proud about it is a different kind of breed…

Yeah just imagine how much bigger the difference gets then? This gearing system is so stupid.

There is no point to q as premade on horde side, cuz its wasting of time. 2-3 players party thats q sometimes together not a premade as we actually understand this. Even players thats need honor, a lot of honor will q together as ally merc.

So when you see ally taking demos to horde keep time and time again under cannons to be destroyed in seconds is the dross we now have to put up with, the game is now full of the total clueless, as well as premades. Doing your best to win is not tryharding, following strategies is not tryharding,

It seems that the game is full of bots, even been against them as well.

I dont mind losing, but the whole point of randoms is to have fun but also to win, getting creamed by horde in my eyes is not fun,

The game was always full of clueless people - the difference is that new players will be clueless (just like in the past) but old players will know how the game works. You were 100% clueless at one point in the past.

Of course people want to win - but being mad at people trying to have a good time in the game is hilarious. Like people flaming others in low level dungeons for not following strategies - no sh*t the game is dying if that is what new players face.

Yeah but again - 10, 15 or 40 people where everyone has their own strategy. Would you blindly follow someone’s strategy if they are higher xp than you?

Yeah it sucks getting “creamed” by the horde. But as I said - people talk about it like it is alliance fault for having bad players. Look it up - which specs, gear, races each faction has and you will see why it is harder for alliance.

Team of npcs is like u que normal bg horde = premade

Dead game not fun

Doubt that there are that many new players to bgs, certainly not 90% of the time, what the point in playing when you give 100% and 80% of your team like to scrub mid like in the IOC that just finished, despite us having demos on flag. Dungeons is totally different, certainly can relate to that though.
There are very few strategies that you have to follow, and objectives dont change much, 10 possibly more blindly followed a 0 honour to docks in the IOC yesterday as had the biggest voice, but most will have experience of the bgs, honour doesnt lie, they either bots or mercs on alts. I have never seen randoms so bad, and its more than just gear and spec in my view.

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