Feign Death no longer removes DoTs..? :O

I NEVER complain on forums when class changes are made, but I gotta admit, THIS seems a but baffling to me… :sweat_smile:

Hunter has VERY few defensives as it is, and the ones we have, have a 2.5 - 3 min CD… So we need every bit of defensive as we can get…

And up until now I have seen so many discussions about “when we get better defensives”… Which leads me to this post… :sweat_smile:

Why did they remove the “DoT removal effect” from our Survival Tactics PvP talent??? :grimacing: From what I can tell, they didn’t move it, or make it a baseline effect… It’s just “gone”. :melting_face:

It doesn’t make any sort of sense to me… :man_shrugging:

I guess… We are just gonna slowly die from now on, to ANY class that deals DoT dmg…? :face_with_head_bandage:


To “compensate” they made FD ignore 90% damage for 3 seconds. Not nearly as good as DoT removal IMO.

It always had that effect. :slightly_smiling_face: Both the 99% dmg reduction, as well as removing DoTs.

Now it only gives the 90% dmg reduction :confused:

Most classes in the game have some sort of “short CD heal” they can use… but Hunter doesn’t. So instead we had a “DoT removal”… Which is gone now :man_shrugging:

SV Hunter does have Mending Bandage though, which is a 30% channeled health heal… but it breaks on dmg :sweat_smile: so that is useless now, with the DoT removal removed.

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The difference is that the previous damage reduction only lasted for 1.5 seconds. It is now doubled but still nowhere near good enough in my eyes.

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Oh didn’t notice the duration change. At least that’s something… although the DoT removal was still better :sweat_smile: Restealthing into Camouflage is nearly impossible now, without it…

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The reason was that no matter what they did with affliction, it was bad and unfun, so they targeted the classes that trivialize their damage - priest with fade into dispel all dots, and hunter with feigh dispel.

That being said, affliction is still horribly unfun so they achieved nothing

Ah… They should also have countered it with Camouflage not being broken by damage then… :confused: Since Camouflage is only usable in the opener now, and not mid fight, since EVERY class in the game (except Pally and Monk) has DoTs now…

So not only did the ONLY short defensive CD we have get nerfed… But they also made our only other semi-short CD unusable as well with this change… :sweat_smile:

Even if you go SV Hunter for the Mending Bandage PvP talent… It STILL is unusable now. :joy: Since it breaks on damage too, and you gotta use it in combo with the old Survival Tactics to SOMETIMES work. :rofl:

That is one HECK of a nerf to Hunter defensives…

Hunter is the most killable class in the game now. :melting_face: unless they manage to kill the enemy player in the burst opener…

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the new feign death is better… imo
yeah it sucks vs Aff lock

but the meta and our counter is Melee… and feign death dmg reduction is way better into DH, War, rogue, pala, dk … etc
you just need to track feign death more now and use it on cd in pvp, if you are focused
being able to negate the damage for 3 seconds is a huge defence … only a 20second cd

i run Leech now rather than speed, for that passive healing, you can easily get 15%-20% leech, with the correct pet and enchants … DONT UNDERESTIMATE LEECH. being able to heal off Dots, and pet attacks…

I should try the leech thing, could be fun indeed.

you become hella tanky, worth a shot

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