Feral and Balance Druids looking for Raiding Guild

Hello there. My friend and I (balance and feral druid respectively) are looking for an active heroic raiding progression guild.

Being a little dissapointed with the state of Battle for Azeroth we didn’t raid much at the beggining of the expansion, only clearing Uldir on normal.
However after the announcment of the much promising 8.2 we decided to get into heroic raiding once more.
So far we’ve cleared 6/9 heroic BoD and 1/2 heroic CoS but we’d like to join a dedicated heroic raiding guild and start doing proper progression.
(we’ve got the curve for pretty much every legion raid except antorus aswell).

What we are looking for is a dedicated guild raiding 2-3 times a week.
We value good communication and an environment where every player is important and has more to offer than just high dps. This is why we’d prefer a small raiding team ranging from 10 to 15 members.

Please reply or contact me in game if interested or in need of more information.


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