Feral druid nerfs are misplaced

45% armor nerf in bear…just what are you smoking?

Feral has HUGE problems with surviving melees, and I think it has the absolute worst defensives of any melee atm.

The game is very high consitent in dmg, with even bigger burst by some specs. Therefore we need something that mitigates that consitent dmg in cat form. Any melee that hits a feral in cat will say how satisfying it is seeing HP getting chunked away.

Buffing frenzy regen won’t cut it.

If this was targetted at rdruid, then why don’t you keep it just for that spec,because any melee that’s not a dk will testify how hard it is to kill a rdruid sitting in bear form.

I would like to be a fly on the wall and see who proposes these kind of things, because I cannot imagine these things are discussed with much attention


Reverting FR nerf just to nerf armor.

They could at least bring back Protection of Ashamane.

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I hadn’t even noticed that part, the armour nerf, only saw the FR microboost. Wow, just wow, is all I can say to that. Feral is already less tanky than the cloth specs and now they want to nerf the armour, you almost couldn’t write it, except somebody actually has.

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Im actually at a loss for words if i am to be honest right about now.
This spec is a complete goodbye in any content.

Imagine hiring someone to clean the tables at your bar. He takes the mop from the toilet and cleans them with it and calls it a day.

Thats literally what this developer does.
I wish I knew who he is so I can tell him to follow his passions, this job is clearly forced uppon him and hes not passionate about it, hes not doing even mediocre levels of okay, hes blatantly not making it. Nada. Nothing.
If you ask the feral dudu dev how much does 1+1 is hes gonna respond with -45% armor in bear form.


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