Feral feels different... In a bad way

I have always played Feral in the past, but then finally decided to give Boomkin a try since the beginning of Dragonflight, just to try something new.

And now in 10.2 I finally decided to try Feral again in Blitz… :grimacing: Let’s just say I immediately went back to Boomkin afterwards…

My issue isn’t as much on “Feral being weak” though, since I feel like I’m doing “ok” in ST dmg… It’s more about the HEAVY Regrowth PvP heal nerf for me… :sweat_smile:

In PvE it’s fine. In PvP however, you gotta cast 3-4 regrowth to get the same amount of heal, as ONE cast in PvE. :confused: Druid is supposed to be a healing class, but as Feral, you can spend ALL your mana, just to heal 60% of your healthbar… No joking, I tested it… It’s insane. :sweat_smile:

Not to mention that you won’t have the time to cast 10 Regrowths during PvP… So Regrowth is just kind of useless as a hardcast… In fact, it’s more like a worse version of a DHs leech by now, but where you manually gotta press the healing button after every CP spender. :man_shrugging:

Even after combat, if you need to heal yourself up again, you are better off just sitting in bear form, and healing using Frenzied Regeneration… rather than spamming Regrowth… :tipping_hand_man: Which seems like an odd thing to do, when we have Regrowth…

I’m not sure what other changes has been made to Feral this expansion… but it just feels… “off” compared to pre-Dragonflight. :man_shrugging:


Regrowth healing is not even fine in PvE. Although I can imagine it is even worse in PvP…


Feral self-healing got some nerfs, with Frenzied Regen in particular.

Biggest issue is that Regrowth has not scaled with the increase in health pools:

  • Player stamina and creature damage was increased by 40% (@ level 70).
  • Additionally, the PvP trinket bonus to stamina was increased by 35%.

Yes, it was increased by 50% at some point (10.1 perhaps), but PvP was explicitly excluded.

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How do you feel about the fact that Shapeshifting does NOT clear certain slows and channels that slow you by 60+ % ?
And the fact that you gotta drop your + 16% movement speed talent to get defensive trait because other than your healing sucking your defensives aint better?
Also you got a single charge of feral charge vs any other class having 2+
And that youre the only melee that has no immunity of any type not even the Evasion/blur/die by the sword type ?
Or the fact that bear form takes 6 seconds (going in bear then pressing frenzied regen. then going back to cat) to heal you by 12 % ( 16 - 20+% = 11/12% health) ?
Or the fact that in pvp youre limites to 3 hard fixed pvp talents and 2 races?


If you’re asking me mate, I think Blizz has a lot of work to do.
The class tree is still in “alpha” and there is just so many changes that need to be done, not only to Feral but also other specs and the gameplay + pace in general (in particular for PvP).


im asking OP

Feral getting outhealed by non hybrid classes :sweat_smile:


In a game just now, me and a warrior trying to take down a dk with over 1.2mil hp. Going as hard as I possibly can on him and his passives are just laughing at anything I hit him with, while his aoe just melts me like ice cream.

That’s not a dig in any way at DK’s either, just highlighting again how useless it feels as feral lately.

What? This gotta be troll dk melt against physical dps let alone a warrior can kill dk instantly with lolstorm.

Also feral is not bad. It requires more talent to do good unlike other classes. You can watch Snupy’s videos on youtube to see I am right.

honestly i think feral feels real nice this season

Snuppy playing hunter, literally rn :sweat_smile:

Not a troll post at all, this is the second time in recent wees I’ve face a dk with over 1.2mil hp, whether he was up to some kind of cheating I have no idea but he was ridiculous. Literally just absorbing everything and self healing thru the roof… you can try and sound big and clever by saying x can do this or y can do that… I’m not interested in your crap, I’m only interested in what I know and expereience personally.

  • pvp

He´s a nice guy, but dont get baited by Clickbait Video Clips on Youtube

i dont say u shouldnt watch the videos, but keep in mind that it is not the reality

otherwise, axtin, twinklefairy, suffre, tony etc wouldnt complain about the survivability

Let´s make it clear, i dont say Feral is F tier or something, but the squishiness makes this class very frustrating to play

also the normal druid tree pathing is soooo bad, and need´s a rework asap

The current Feral gameplay is just Incarn opener, trying to get big bites, after incarn, we lose our dmg like “ret wings in the past” and spaming cyclone, like a cyclone bot to get Frenzy procs until our incarn is back, because we cant stay in catform, our overall dmg after incarn + the energy regg is really bad

simplified Feral gets multiple clones of = win
Feral getting no or barely any clone of = lose

and gl trying to clone, while 2 meeles training you the entire time, while you’re also so squishy and playing a Vers/Mastery build.

This class currently just feels not smooth to play, and is more frustrating than rewarding, for most of the players.

and you play the current class most likely around a pvp talent.

  • pve

I don’t recommend Feral this season for M+

we still havent gotten a Instant battle ress because “of friction”

and if u guys dont have a premade m+ grp, i really dont recommend to play feral then, because the frustration will be too big, and you will spend most of the time sitting in the lfg tool because the players are like “hm, why we should take a feral, when we can take a boomy?”

also the performance feels worse than last season, our heal feels worse in pve too compared to last season.

utility/dmg is just B tier currently We bring almost no utilities into our group except of a trash battle ress

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Have spent the last few days levelling a DH after a lvl 60 boost so still getting the hang of it but it’s insane how few buttons and keybinds I need compared to my feral. I’m watching packs of mobs just fold like a pack of cards with so little effort in comparison to feral. Obviously that’s just pve mobs but doesn’t seem much different from what I’ve seen feral v DH in a BG.

I could live with the damage we do if we actually had some half decent defensive options.

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