Feral Regrowth Heal buff is such an Joke and a Spit in the Face

  • Druid
    • Feral
      • Regrowth healing is now reduced by 20% in PvP combat (was 43%).

This Change is a Spit in the Face. because I know for a fact that Blizz thinks it’s enough and ferals will live longer now, but they wont

Nice, our Regrowth heals for 35k instead of 20/25k in Dampening + against meeles now

The change showed me that Blizzard has no idea how this class works, and why do we even have a Pvp mod on Regrowth in the first place??

and before anyone gets it wrong, I’m not saying that feral is c tier, but the changes what Blizz are doing to feral since Dragonflight are F++++ Tier and they dont have a Single Idea how to make a Good change to Feral/Druid in general Since Dragonflight

Alone The Fact, of how bad our normal talent tree is, is proof enough that they have abandoned Druid our/spec


If its any consolation, crimson phial heals you for 20-25% raw. And is nerfed by 50% in pvp when modifiers for pvp are active :slight_smile:

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Well, depends on which spec (not assa, cuz assa is a glascannon) but Sub rogue for example have a pretty damn Solid Heal/ Feint/ Cloak/ evasion

Sub Rogue and Outlaw Rogue are Currently Really Tanky, and Rogue Should be a Pure Dps with a Defensive Toolkit in the First place

But Druid is a Hybrid, without any immunitys

The fact alone that it’s not worth healing your teammates as a hybrid because the heal is so low should actually say more than enough that something isn’t right

From Tbc-Shadowlands it was worth to Offheal your Mates, now it´s Timewaste, wont do anything, cuz the basic heal is so so bad/Survivalbility

and Btw, why is a Warri allowed to Outheal us, it´s Blizzard New Class Fantasy?


You have frenzied,wall,bear form,regrowth, i will trade all my defensives for what feral has.

im not Sure if u would

i havent played dk after Legion anymore, thats why i cant say exactly if u would

but idk if u would take it as an Dk

u have Icebound, Ams, zone, Necrotic Wounds, Death strike which can heal for 120/170k? (maybe with huge rune investment) dont know much about this spell since Df

Will of the Necropolls already forgot about that

i dont say, that Dk defensive is op or something, but i have the feeling it is slightly better, than the current Feral Survivability? when we compare it with the death rate atleast

but i noticed one thing, that dk performs not really well into Warris/ww´s and tank pretty huge damn

but im really confused why u would trade your defensive, for our

i mean bearform give you slight armor, what does nothing since Df/ and u cant do dmg while in bearform

6 Secounds for 50% doesnt sound op/crazy or? especially as an Leather class

this spell isnt that good anymore as a feral/ Owl or rdruid Heals the double amount, because feral has a big pvp mod on this spell since dragonflight / you use it most likely when u dont have anything else to press before u die, and to give your heal a 20% healing buff, so he can top you easier

Cost 1 global + 1 stack of predatory swiftness, heals u for 30k in which world do you want to trade death strikes for it why? Death strike heal isnt crazy either, but Regrowth is just worse in Healing

i could understand when u want to trade the movement, but Healing or deff spells? naah i dont think u want


Bear form armor = same armor as you have
Frenzied = 12 % health for 4 sec. on 35 sec cd
regrowth = a joke of an ability, 20k heal on a 800k health pool.

Your defensives:
Spell immunity
Stun immunity + dmg reduction
Idk if Dks still got the full immunity talent but that too if its on the table.

  • permanent bear armor.
    As for Regrowth, your death strike probably heals more.

Another dumb comment from Vulrin, what a classic.


Feral is basically just a really bad version of rogue, anyone who actually thinks feral defensives in their current state are acceptable is completely delusional.


dont forget this joke

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