Feral set bonus this season?

So ehm, I saw the new set.
checked the set bonus.

Sipped my coffee, checked wowhead, scratched my head and now I am here.

Please help me understand, no matter content, dungeons, raids, single target / aoe the Feral set bonus force you into a Feral frenzy spec? Like for real? No april fools?

Almost every spec has tier sets that force them into a talent, Feral ain’t the only one. Some sets not only force a talent, but also forces a whole single build around that talent for it to work. :smiley:

It’s a great 4 set bonus for ferals imo, 30 second CD frenzy is amazing

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lmao 20% dmg increase. and you dont like it.
Piss off then.

Feral Frenzy was a very good pick before already, even for AoE layouts. So it is not like they force some silly useless talent on us. I think the Feral set looks really promising.

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I didn’t complain about it because I know I’m part of the minority that dislikes feral frenzy, but it’s the reason I dropped feral as my main for this season. I’ll do enough M+ to get all the dungeon teleports, but I won’t be pushing as feral.

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