Feral Survivability feedback

Im happy to hear that we got a little regrowth buff it could be 35% than 20% but atleast a positive. Now can we also get enraged regeneration buff and maybe duration of survival instinct from 6 to 16 seconds to fix the defensives issue? Shamans have 1.5 min cd on astral shift with 12 sec duration meanwhile ours is 3min cd and 6 sec duration

it does not make sense that a 3min cd defensive lasts for 6 seconds

and astral shift lasts 12 sec and 1.5 min cd

make it make sense blizzard.

Also we could get some fresh new pvp talents maybe 100% dodge when shifting forms like back in legion for 3sec and 30 sec cd on it, if rogue can get cloak of shadows with 100% dodge then so can feral get something rewarding. or just also bring back OG natures vigil ,when you do damage you heal 50% of your damage . these are just suggestions what could bring feral back to hybrid status since almost every class in the game has better offhealing than feral atm. ive been also playing boomkin and their healing is much better than ferals , i got a 160k regrowth as a boomy on 800k + hp bar .

but i would love to see something fresh and to fix the problem, hopefully people can add more suggestions what could be solution to fix the survivability issue itself for feral

not to mention feral is the only hybrid without any immunity, since shamans got the ground pvp talent that makes them immune, i would love to see feral in modern way not like its stuck 5 years in the past


Frenzied regeneration shoud presist while swaping form


Feral defensive CDs are less strong than shaman’s, because feral is expected to be more slippery and shapeshift and kite, while shaman has quite poor mobility and is stuck most of the games. Also, feral has a defensive CD that’s usable while stunned, and shaman does not.

That being said, feral is currently in a bad state gameplay-wise - a “poor man’s rogue”. Its other druid forms are not impactful enough - healing in human form is bad, tanking in bear form too.

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yeah i would agree with you but our slipery and shapeshift and kite is outdated since almost everything has something to connect with feral , warriors 2x charge, leap , intervene etc, dh 2x dash with retreat and felblade, rogue shadowstep 2x , ret has freedoom and horse which makes him immune to roots , i would understand if melees didnt have that , look at dks 2x grip perma slow chains of ice , then necro lord grip … feral slipery mobility is outdated as heck , our shifting costs GCD which is really risky to do, if they removed forms from GCD i would be fine with it lol


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