Feral Talents are painful

I play pretty much 50% of specs and classes and all roles, I find the Feral tree to be the most frustrating of them all.

The reason it is frustrating is because as much as you want more talents in other specs, you actually need more talents in Feral, otherwise you are heavily weak in a area and not just trading and tweaking your output or playstyle. On top of that the way the class plays feels terrible by removing some key talents.

I guess in Raid single target it is not as issue, you can take away some talents as it has zero impact. for example Primal Wrath/Tear open wounds. then you have the space to take other talents without a offset.

It feels so painful removing talents for Tyranical and Fortifide, I understand that we should and its perfectly normal to do this in a spec, but the impact feels atrocious in Feral, such as Brutal Slash, Tear open wounds, Double clawed rake etc etc. Horrible removing these…

10.2 has brought the Frenzy build, which is fun addition to the spec, however due to having to take both Frenzy and Convoke due to the tier set that means you can no longer play incarn, which I prefer and then you take away choices for other talents. I really like the new talent saber Jaws, it feels amazing to play with, but there is no room now. It would be ridiculous to untalent others in that tier for example Rip and Tear, Apex, Circle of life and death etc.

I do not think that Blizzard has focus on Feral nor do they have the time to redo the druids spec (which is desperately needs) so my suggestion would be to make the talents, Carnivorous Instinct, Frantic momentum and Saber Jaws all 1 talent point. It would be a damage buff but considering where feral is at, it needs it anyways.

Season 1, feral was for the first time in its history performing in M+. Despite the incredibly low single target (embarrassingly low) they made up for it in the AOE. They were not top tier dps but overall it was respectable. then the nerf hammers came, with the intent to fix the single target. This was over done and now the spec is not preforming in either area.

I think the Druid trees need a overhaul, they were one of the 1st talent trees created in Dragonflight and were never revisited properly, the quality it quite low, they are not even symmetrical trees.

Some talents should move over to the class tree from the spec tree. For example I think where Primal Fury is there should be another route down for Feral, it should have Tireless Energy and then another node below which is Frenzy.

I would also like to see Primal wrath in there too, meaning resto druid could have a good aoe cat rotation.

As well as convoke in the centre of the tree as all Druids want it, there are many classes that have common good talents in the class tree, take DH. The hunt, Collective anguish, Elysian Decree…

Move adaptive Swarm, to the class tree, why on earth would you want that as Feral, talk about adding annoying playstyle, thankfully it is not so competitive.

In the feral tree. I dislike having so many talents that are the same thing. I think just remove them and buff the abilities instead, for example

Dreadful Bleeding - 18% Rip damage
Lions Strength 15% Rip damage 15% Ferocious Bite Damage
Blood Tallons, 25% Rip and 25% Ferocius Bite (just make this 10%)
Circle of Life and death - In Essence 20% Bleed damage (the haste is good fpr APex Procs)

They are all pretty much the same and pretty much just flat out needed.

Like I say. I play all roles, 50% of classes and all specs within those classes, I am just frustrated with Feral and would like to play it.

Live in hope!


try it in pvp , feels even shlttier :smiley:

It’s literally like bashing your head against a wall of razors in PVP right now. By the time I manage to get my rip going, enemy is now waking from stun and I’ve barely put a scratch in their armour, and this is even against cloth, possibly even worse against cloth. Then it’s like 1 or 2 presses of any button the enemy can land his nose on as he facerolls his keyboard and I’m either dead already or forced into bearform, which is just like being dead already but you get to slowly watch your own death.


Maybe also buff Apex Proc chance in Single Target, so Feral have outside of Incarn more sustain dmg + more Energy, or just buff the Baseline Energy reg, but the low energy regeneration currently is also Horrible.

I have to agree that it doesn’t feel in a great spot at the moment. Playing around FF with the 4 piece bonus is fun, but the talents make it feel hamstrung in AoE. All the talents feel necessary, you feel like you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I’m playing with BM hunters, ret paladins, fury warriors, and no matter what I do I can’t keep up in burst AoE like I could in season 1. The hunters and warriors are bursting somewhere between 700k to 1 million in big pulls, I struggle to hit 500k. I just feel like the scaling and damage potential isn’t there. Where is the justification for camping rampant ferocity like they have? Why aren’t they doing more to nerf havoc DH and BM hunters when they so clearly have more output?


Couple of changes make this spec so much more fun
Merge double clawed rake with rampant and add another additional target to the rake, add another few seconds to blood talons proc as it feels awful during bezerk / incarn, more damage from rip and tear. Buff rip and make Sabertooth last longer
ST target is fine

I love how Rampant Ferocity is basically useless now. Pointless to spend 1pt in it even for AoE.

I like some of the talents, being able to take both circle and apex predator is nice, AoE rip and the synergies, but there are a lot of duds, dire fixation, protective growth, predator, sudden ambush, as well as our primary offensive CD requiring 4 talent points is a bit much

I want the old version of bloodtalons back :frowning: Thought with the introduction of DF talent trees we would get the option of choosing between playstyles.
Miss the slower version of feral in Legion and BFA even tho is was quite punishing if you messed up. It just felt so different than any other specc.

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Feral is still very slow compared to my BM hunter

The talent tree feels pretty good at the moment. There’s a lot of flexibility to create builds that are more ST or AOE leaning (speaking from a PvE point of view), and there aren’t many talents that are completely useless.

The class tree is a different matter, of course.

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say it loudly, It’s an abomination of a class tree, who still stuck in the beta

wish they could give the Relentless Predator Talent some love, or change the talent completely, energy reggen in m+ as feral felt great, but the energy regg in Single target situations feels bad, compared to other expansions like Legion

Really just put convoke, adaptive swarm and even Incarn into the class tree. Every single spec now takes their version of Incarn, no spec (maybe other than feral?) feels happy about taking convoke from the spec tree, adaptive swarm is basically dead?

It’s weird how DH, Warrior and so many other specs get like all of their covenant abilities in their class tree and druid doesnt get a single one and instead gets a ton of talents it cant actually use or give 0 benefits cause as Feral I wont be using Moonkin, or Sunfire, or Soothe, or Rejuv. PvE maybe is better cause you don’t need to go into Cyclone, but PvP is just a tragedy.

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Feral doesn’t take incarn in every build this season.

No idea about what other specs do.

Feral uses it in ST, cleave and (optional) in AOE.

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You could argue that Berserk is something like Incarn, Bala and Resto have a single Incarn talent, where Feral and Guardian require multiple Berserk talents for their Incarn to be useful. Also I did specify that there are some build that Ferals run where they are happy with taking convoke.

Sorry I should have specified that I’m talking more from a PvP perspective, but still I think having Swarm + Unbridled Swarm in the class tree would be better for Druid in general and would give back some badly needed talents in the spec trees and would replace some other useless talents in the class tree. Make Soothe baseline and replace the Protector talent with Swarm + Unbridled Swarm. 2 pretty useless talents get replaced with 2 new ones that you could actually take as probably every spec, even Guardian and Balance would probably take it in both PvP and PvE just for the small heals, small DoT and increased DMG / Healing.

I think there are a few abilities that should just be baseline abilities given to all druids as standard, the likes of Rejuv, Barkskin, Soothe, Hibernate and Innervate should be standard baseline Druid spells, regardless of spec. Seems mad to me that we have to spend points on those sort of, what I would class as very much core Druid abilities.


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