Few issues of WOW


i don’t know how to start but i have troubles with level 20
or atleast how to get further then level 20!

do you REALLY have to pay to get further levels then 20?
i also get troubles getting the code since it isn’t on my documents and when i click for help i don’t get the codes either (expect security codes)

i’m not asking you to get the (redeem) codes on this website but in my mail to save the troubles!

also do you REALLY needs to pay after 30 days when you played WOW?
because i wanna play it for free without paying anything!


Hey Planetearth,

Yes, you need to add gametime to your World of Warcaft account to play beyond level 20. Without gametime you can still login and play World of Warcraft, but with certain limitations. Have a look here for those limitations.

What codes are you looking for, as I am not entirely sure where you ar elooking for codes. But yes, you do need to purchase gametime to be able and play World of Warcraft beyond the starter limitations.

You can enjoy World of Warcraft without paying anything, but with the starter limitations in place.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

(Dottie) #3

It could be worse, you used to have to buy the game too, another €15 which you don’t have to buy now, if you want to hit maximum level you will need to buy the latest expansion, BfA as well.

You also have to pay the subscription every month you want to keep on playing, in advance. If you don’t every character over 20 is locked.