Fiftyswift / 50PUGS Ninjaing Raid Leader

Joined raid today with 50PUGS / Raidleader goes by name Fiftyswift, has many alts host many raids with name starting with Fifty. Advertised as SR > MS > OS Run. Completed run 11/12 HC in ICC25. The only item i acctually won roll on was ninjad by the raid leader himself lol. Screenshots posting here where i win roll, and following discussion with the leader on his own discord. Wont recommend joining this raid leader anyway , toxic asf made 2 people quit who were replaced aswell. Anyways thats normal but the ninjaing he did and the bullst responses given after are not okay. He even removed the comments on the discord to hide from others, luckily i managed to screenshot everything. Dont join this ahole and his little girlfriends raids. Even gave him a chance to compensate for the ninja but i got ridiculed. Have fun everyone. Be ware and be aware<3

Screenshots uploaded on Gehennas discord Blacklist channel

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