Finally monk, looks good also!

I have been spending some time looking into the talents to I rewrite this, I am focusing here on MW only.

I will still state though

Really disappointed to see that Way of The Crane is not in the talent tree

Really disappointed to see that the reversion of rising mist “up to 100% of the duration” still exists, despite the removal of corruption gear and 80% haste requirement to maintain in a raid 100% dot uptime on everything!

Firstly, the range spec (MW) makes sense on how it plays, and I think it would be very competitive, fun and a great alternative to Fist weaving.

Builders and Spot healing -Talents: Summon Jade Statue, Soothing mist,

Your basic rotation would be casting soothing mist on targets which would generate high HPS Soothing mists, 440%(you) + 220%(unison Talent) + 220% (Statue) also casting (spot heal with vifify where needed)

Spot healing - Talents , Zen Pules, Accumulating Mist, Vivacious Vivification

Zen Pulse being buffed by soothing mist stacks (60%) using every 15 seconds. As Spot healing and doing Damage.

Vivacious Vivification (instant cast Vivify) assuming you can cast Vivify on a different friendly player whilst channelling your focused soothing mist target, then this works well.

AOE Healing – Talents , Thunder Focus Tea, Font of Life, Upwelling, Bonedust brew, Attenuation (every second Essence font

Thunder Focus tea with Enveloping mist for Crit and cast Essence Font for AOE healing.

AOE Healing Filler – Talents - Feline Stomp, Chi Burst

Tank CD – Talents , Cacoon Mists of Life, Nourishing Chi.

Of course other choices to be taken, such as Revival for big CDS, utilising Renewing mist with Vivify cleave etc.

I would like to see some changes to the Mistweaver (Range healer) by having crackle Jade lighting also buff Accumulating Mist, and potentially a buff to Crackle jade lightining added into another talents, for example Soothing Mist buffs Crackle and Crackle buffs Soothing Mist. Supports downtime moments.

Upwelling and Focus Thunder to be able to be taken together, so separating them, so you can get the crit and because you cast Enveloping Mist you can gain your recovery time by also utilising Essence Font channelling faster, ensuring being able to react.

Having to spend 3 talents on Yulon to get Secret Infusion is not good, having a different path

Talent tree looking something like

Dragonflight Talent Calculator - 10.0.0 Beta (

When we look at Fistingweaving I feel some work needs to happen, I think all of the stuff needed to succeed is there, it depends on how we look at this from a raiding perspective or M+

Raiding – Fistweaver wants to get as many renewing mists out as possible, whilst fisting to passively heal from rising mist, which is relatively small amount of healing. They are waiting for the big burst healing requirement windows to stop fisting and start spamming Vivify, accepting that you will potentially lose some renewing mists. The longer you spam the worse the next burst window potentially can be. We focus on getting as many rising Sun Kicks out so we stack haste and work with probably a more complex and demanding DPS rotation above other healers, we also risk being in Melee range and also reducing our visibility, as a Range healer you more time to react, get into better positions and see the overall fight better. RiskReward right? Maybe some QOL

To support the Raid fisting there is some really good talents which help get them hots out.

Rapid Diffusion (Mist for 6 seconds, mostly likely this will not fall in the window when you burst heal)

Dancing Mist , Fantastic talent to help get more mists out!

Misty Peaks , Great for adding Enveloping which you don’t get the Vivify of healing but a overall high HPS heal.

Do you see the problem? Rising Mist nerf in 8.3 where its until its 100% original duration makes the spec clunky and not fluent. As mentioned above we wait for those windows to burst heal, how can we plan this when the hots keep dropping off! Where is the reward for maintaining good Rising Sun Kick? And having a more thought-out healing pattern? This nerfs in 8.3 needs to go away, allow the spec to fight for the mists by letting them extend until forever, same philosophy for warrior with Juggernaut, if you manage to get 20 mists out and you deserve the reward.

Mythic Plus

Ancient teachings of the Monastery should be a choice node, where you can also choose Way of the Crane. You would often choose teachings in Raiding and WOC in M+, this is by far one of the most fun spells MW has ever had! It is expensive and is an amazing healing CD.

Second issue for Fist weaver in m+ is damage, it would be good to have some DPS enhancers for Blackout kick and keep Rising Sun Kick damage competitive, one so we do good damage, we are a DPS healer, secondly that damage translates into Healing. An old azurite trait at 3 stacks I used to run which was fun, rewarding by multi dotting and not just using Spinning Crane kick, this Azerite was Sunrise Technique

Finally for Fist, I would like to see Rising Mist heal amount change to reflect mastery, for example, instead of rising mist healing for 28% of spell power, it would be great is it healed 30% of Gust of Mists, meaning you could also take advantage of using mastery in raiding and use the talent Resplendent Mist

One Final change for both specs I would like to see change. The Red Crane and Yulon are not really working out. The old Red Crane was better, which seems weird as you enhanced it.

Here I think there should be two choice

Red Crane for Mistweaver, where whilst active Essent Font CD is reduced by 300%

Fallen Order – Great for fisting and adding dots, however I would tune this so for example it maximum casts 2 Enveloping Mists and 2 Renewing Mists

Just some thoughts, otherwise the monks are looking good! Some rearranging of talents and more paths would be good!

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Apologies; hard disagree. This talent is amazing. This fixes MW’s biggest issue in PvP; that we have to open ourselves to kicks whenever we want a big heal. It is desperately needed.

Even outside of PvP, this talent lets us actually respond to melee mechanics (i.e. get out of there) while simultaneously casting our big cleave heal. With Renewing Mists out on the party, we can run, Vivify, and top everyone up at the same time. We are finally the definitively mobile healer. (Behind Invokers, obviously :joy_cat: )

The unkindest thing I can think of to say about this talent is that it may make Essence Font redundant for Fistweavers in M+ because there’s still no good reason for us to spec mastery. If you prefer to mistweave instead of fistweave, it doesn’t even do that because you’ll be stacking mastery and EF’s bonus is powerful.

Yeah… we got nerfed for 8.3 because of a thing that only existed in 8.3 and never put back afterwards.

I would love to see this too, but it looks like the devs want to die that up with Chi Ji.

In general, I’m not super pleased by the number of “can’t haves” when building for both Awakened Faeline and Rising Mist, if I want my fistweaver to have Jade Bond/Gift of the Celestials I lose all 3 of Uplifted Spirits, Spirit of the Crane and Mana Tea - and MW without some sort of mana saver seems like a really bad idea. I end up with less simultaneous choices than SL currently offers.

I’m also uncomfortable that Jade Bond is still “abilities that activate Gusts of Mist”. Fistweavers rarely do that.

Ancient Teachings is of course very welcome! But… why not just say that TP/BoK/RSK now trigger Gust of Mists? This would make both fistweaving and mistweaving act like other healers where you take mastery for more healing or dump mastery for more dps.

OTOH, it looks like we can have Spear Hand Strike back! That is amazing. I am very pleased with that :smile_cat:

Anyway, I imagine brighter minds than mine will give good feedback over the next few days. I think what we have is a good start (mostly because of Spearhand tbh) but it does need iteration and refinement. I don’t want it to go live as it is right now, with the compromises that have to be made.

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