Finding a place to call home

Of course I don’t know the other realms on a personal level, but I can tell you that Mograine realm is perfect for you.

Couple of months ago, I’d remark that the realm had a Horde surplus. But I’ve noticed a steady influx of players / guild transfers recently. So our Horde / Alliance ratio might be levelling out.

I stumble into a healthy spread of both Horde and Alliance players commonly now.

Got almost mid level alts, and the group and world channel is always fussing for group quests and dungeons within my range. I’m not a morning player, but gather that groups can be running all hours (from what others remark to me).

World feels normal, pvp wise, although I’m not at all into it. A red name might wake me up whilst I’m going through the motions in contested areas.

Pvp bracket is competative, with a friend of mine having just got rank 10, I am aware of the serious time he invested into the effort. Something about 300k was just under the requirement! He was gutted then but now flexing his stabby shoulders and is super chuffed!

We have not got a dominant guild currently, but there are established tags floating under names -I’m always noting a new tag as I go.

AH feels normal, peaking during the evening with posters and fuss. Trade channel is spammed.

All the channels combind, are too much, so I’ve had to have specific tabs up depending on my location and happenings.

Think I can wrap up now, always something being missed but hope I ticked most of the boxes :slightly_smiling_face:

Firemaw is FULL. Stay Away! Especially if you plan to roll disgusting smelly rotten Horde :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Also nobody rolls Horde for the racials, they do so for the lore and looks. Get it right.


Ashbringer is good. Slightly Alliance-dominated and has like 5.5 population. The Horde welcomes you!

Imagine caring about lore in current year lmao.

Surely you jest?

It’s what the average undead/orc says when you call them out for rolling horde for racials. It’s never the racials.

Yeah and Melania married Trump for his personality.

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Just roll Horde on Judgement …at least you can farm everything easily I guess ? :smiley:

I rolled UD purely for the look and lore. Most players didn’t know about racial advantage at all. And the same people, play Horde in Classic. So the maximum percentage of min-maxers, who rolled Horde only for racials, is the difference between Vanilla and Classic Horde population.
Not all guys like regular Human, ladylike Elves, short and fat Dwarfs, and midgets.

Also nobody rolls Horde for the racials, they do so for the lore and looks. Get it right.

That’s where I tend to disagree, in my opinion, there is a Reason why some Alliance players are complaning about the racials balance.

Let’s take the two admitted major classes for PvP in both sides:

Gnomes can escape a root or an immobilisation on a 2 min cd.
Dwarves can deny bleeds and poisons with a small armor increase on a 4 min cd

Orcs got a flat 20% stun resistance at all time, and a pure damage increase on a 2 min cd.
UD got a resistance to fear and charms on a 2 min cd.

If you are planning on maxing your character, unlike Retail you have to consider racials every good players seems to be telling that.
As the trinket only removes charms polymorphs and fears, and stuns are unavoidable for a rogue, it seems clear that orcs are the best rogues no matter what.

Of course, it’s a tool, give a Maserati to a guy who just got his Driving licence, he won’t win a race. Skill and experience helps a lot. But it’s still silly to say that a guy driving a Fiat Punto actually got a better chance than this guy just because he is a veteran pilot.

Just roll Horde on Judgement …at least you can farm everything easily I guess ? :smiley:

Yeah checked on it people said it was a dead server :smiley: We still need people to play with for content and PvP :stuck_out_tongue:

@Citadel @Ashgan thanks for the headsup, it seems that Mograine like Firemaw got a fierce competition and we surely all like that :smiley: about Ashbringer it’s really temptating, and being welcome is already heartwarming!

@Kork, Noggenfogger is clearly Horde dominated, we would like to fight against the odds a bit, there is no point ganking an underrepresented population until they all leave like it happened on some other places. Building it elsewhere would be a pain.

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I would not go firemaw or gehennas. Back to queues every day now and more and more people are paying to get off their dead servers and end up on firemaw or gehennas so the queues aren’t gonna get any better.

Earthshaker is on a decent uptick and has an alliance majority but not exceedingly so according to IF pro so maybe try there.

“looking for a challenge” -rolling horde.
Imagine Having an alliance sided pvp server. Consider yourself lucky if you will find an atleast not dead faction on any pvp server.

If your game time is limited and you want to avoid queues, you probably should reconsider rolling Horde. Since most PvP focused players rolled Horde for the racials, there is a huge surplus in Horde PvP’ers and they have queues for the BGs (WSG seems to be down to 5-10 minutes now but was around 20-30 minutes, AV is around 20-60 minutes queue) while Alliance has instant queues around the clock (except the 3-5min forced waiting time Blizzard added to prevent premades). Horde queues seems to have become a bit better, but that might change anytime again.

Besides that, some servers already have queues again and the 5-6 biggest servers had some serious issues when BWL was released with crashing world/BRM servers and people were unable to get into BWL for the first few days. That seems to be better now, but if you want to see unique events like the opening of the gates of AQ, you are most likely to see a queue window there or crashing servers/technincal problems when thousands of players try to get into Silithus. Unless you really have and want to play on one of the fullest realms, you might better skip those, queues and technical problems with every new phase are likely there. There are also several high servers which aren’t close to full or already have occasional queues.

Regarding challenge, I’m playing on the server with the second worse A/H ratio which survived P2 (Skullflame), even lately it seems to have shifted from 33/66 to 40/60. If you don’t mind playing on a medium server with a pop of around 3-3.5k (some consider it as “dead”, some enjoy playing on realms with a pop size the world was build for since Vanilla had a pop cap of 3k players, it really depends on your personel preference regarding pop size), you’ll find enough Horde there while the world is still playable since it’s not overpopulated.

But the best way to find the perfect server for you is to scout them, like you did, observe the chats and /w some random players and ask them about how they think about the server.

I was being sarcastic. 99% of orcs and Undead rolled that race only for the racial.

Ten Storms is the most classic-like realm if you ask me. At least its community doesn’t feel tainted with greed and lust unlike bigger realms.

I would also recommend Earthshaker. Reasonably well populated and balanced…

Hey peeps just a bit of an update, it seems that the guys decided to roll Alliance so we’ll be much more of a midget team, we are on Gehennas, which is apparently a slightly Horde pop server.
Indeed the challenge is even greater with lower racials even thought I’d have prefer to fight against the odds number-wise only and not with an additional disadvantage… Anyhoo, I surely hope that we’ll bump into each other regardless of the faction and probably regardless of the server if we meet in a BG or Something!

Thanks everyone, I’ll keep those Wise words and your kindness in mind!

Checkya later!

“Bump” into them. Yes, in Arathi Basin. With your daggers. KEK :blue_heart: :crossed_swords: :heart: BUR

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“Bump” into them. Yes, in Arathi Basin. With your daggers. KEK :blue_heart: :crossed_swords: :heart: BUR

Definitely will! Arathi is the best BG :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not say noggenfogger buff locks too!!!

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