Finding AD very unfriendly to newcomers

You’re always going to bump into elitist or clique-y RPers at some point. Fortunately, that doesn’t speak for the majority of the server. If you’re trying to find RP on Horde, it’s worth trying to look for a guild/a community to RP with as there’s less random roleplay that side. Alliance is more a mix of both.

Also, do you have an RP addon such as TRP? It can be a lot easier for people to approach you and interact with you ICly if you have some information up about your character. It’s not necessarily essential but it helps greatly and lets other roleplayers know things about your character.


I do TRP3 but I’m not really sure what to put on besides what I’m currently doing and that I’m relatively new

You could probably just start to flesh out your character a little bit. You don’t need to put a big fancy, articulate description in the About section, but maybe something like filling in the first glances section for their appearance or some basic info and personality traits.

I also find it a lot easier to go up to people ICly if I have a question for them, for example, “Do you know where ___ is?” or “Have you seen ____ around?” It can help break the ice a little easier as opposed to just going up to someone and saying “Hi” and is also generally less awkward if you’re rping with someone for the first time.

As for the person who used Check PvP on you, that’s just petty. I wouldn’t take that as a sign to give up on RP though, as there are so many friendly people on this realm who are especially helpful towards new RPers. Keep browsing Argent Archives and the forums for guilds/public events/things going on!


Please don’t give up, RP is far too much fun and I’m sure between the forum people we’ll find you a great guild.

I would suggest Red Venturers - they’re a mixed race, take vulpera too, and a bit hard to describe so here’s there post for you:


Horde is pretty guild based but you should find roleplay regardless. Never had a problem with it myself.

That is beyond creepy.

Just basic stuff. Maybe what your character is currently wearing. What details your character got like pouches, bags etc. Just small details that you might need or come in handy.

Maybe also find a guild who will teach you the basics.

As I mentioned the Batallion, I might as well link a thread for them; [H-RP] The Bilgewater Battalion - Welcoming The Vulpera!


Swing by and find me or any other Hand of Conquest member. We are more than happy to help you out and give you tips!


Persevere, you’ll find a community or niche that suits you and from then on it’ll be fine. If you’re worried about people reacting negatively to inexperience, put it in your OOC tab on your TRP or send the player in question in a whisper.

It’s a learning curve like everything else in WoW but I’d like to think most roleplayers won’t ostracise you out of hand. There’s a big element of “fake it till you make it” to RP too. Start with nice simple characters and try to be the person who initiates a conversation even if it feels really uncomfortable. It’s a confidence game to begin with but once you fall in with a guild or community you like it’ll get better.

If you’re playing Horde, I can also recommend doing a little background reading on some of the guilds and communities available as lots of the Horde RP scene are engaged in events and initiatives outside of Orgrimmar. Plenty of discords too if that’s your taste.

Good luck!


I dont know what mons you have faced, but ivbeen helping and chatting with countless of peoples, new mons expecially, and helping them to build their characters, lores, classes etc. and they are now succesfull roleplayers and having a blast, seems like you had really bad luck while trying to contact with other peoples. But lend me a more messages if ya really seek help or want to chat!


but i’m pretty vocal…

We’re not openly advertising yet, but my guild is newbie friendly. I recommend you give Ranko/Orinobu, the guild leader, a whisper in game if you’re looking for Vulpera RP.

Even if you don’t want to join the guild, we’re more than happy to RP with you. We’re currently camped at Sun Rock Retreat in Stonetalon with a bunch of other guilds.

I’m also aware the Dunetail Caravan are welcoming people to RP with them down in Tanaris, too. Likewise, I’ve seen the Dust Scavengers in Durotar. They’re probably the largest vulpera guild right now.

I also recommend the Bilgewater Battalion. I’ve had brief encounters with them in the past and they’ve always been pretty cool. They’re not purely vulpera, though.

There are a couple of other vulpera guilds but i don’t know much about them yet. I hope you find what you’re looking for, OP. Welcome to AD :fox_face:

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When considering the larger hubs especially, the level of what is generally accepted as the idea of roleplay ‘quality’ varies hugely from person to person. It’s equally likely that a player will run into someone of extremely low character quality as it is that a fantastic roleplayer will wander around the corner, and I think it’s this disparity of interaction that causes roleplayers especially to form such sheltered cliques. Many of us don’t have the luxury of the seemingly infinite time that we might have done five or six years ago; as such we don’t want to take the risk that the characters we interact with might be shallow and unfulfilling. For that reason, most of us tend to stick more closely to established social groups that we might otherwise in real life, simply because we are at least guaranteed roleplay interactions that we find enjoyable.

To an outside observer or somebody new to Argent Dawn this might seem like elitism, but in my experience at least there’s not much of a sense of superiority associated with this behaviour. In most cases, once you break the ice and demonstrate to other players that you are considerate and your character is interesting, you’re likely to find them friendly and accommodating no matter how new you are.

If you’re not sure about getting in a guild yet, a fair bunch of people are following the Roaming Hub (currently in Sun rock retreat) ; it’s a good occasion to find casual/social RP and maybe join some events.
And also, welcome on AD!

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Come swing by where the Roaming Hub is holed up at some point (currently that’s Sun Rock Retreat in Stonetalon Mountains, soon it’ll be Splintertree Post in Ashenvale).

It’s a mixed-guild community that’s intended to also accommodate people who’re just dropping in for an hour or two of RP. :slight_smile:


I am fairly new on Argent Dawn myself but did meet very rp open and welcoming people.
As for guilds being closed in their own events, i can not speak for all. Surely there might be some events who are more of an internal matter, but others could as well be public?
For example a few of the trials my caravan is going trough are open for spectators if they happen to stumble upon us.

Walk up to the people you find interesting, or wave at them. At least that is how you will get my attention, since my chat is mostly active so i miss whispers :frowning:

Do not give up! There are many nice and good roleplayers out there, you can save some of the names in this thread and approach them maybe?

-warm sands


To watch pasta sauce role play or griefers on alts ? I think not mate

You should seek out the PCU, Ivysaur, whisper the Hand of Conquest or Bilgewater Battalion :+1: they are part of an incredibly large + active and very welcoming (in regards to new role players that want to learn) community


you really think people would do this? make wacky TRPs on throwaway alts to disrupt (enormous, high quality) events?


Believe me, i have a PhD in mathematical roleplay add-on analytics, the numbers do NOT lie.


Yeah sadly one of the R*g’s members decided to do really weird OOC harassment in both the game and discord and is apparently defended by the aforementioned one
I think that’s not what the OP is about, let’s not veer off – come to the PCU to become a master role player and have the RP time of your life :+1:


Condiments in jars aren’t condoms.

That aside, you may have had a spell of bad luck OP, or as said before people looked at the boosted gear and went into defence mode. Get some transmog, write a description and give it another burl.