Finding Mythic+ buddies

For ages I’m trying to play with a sort of regular group to do Mythic+ with.

I notice that due to work and family life (we got a 1.5+ year old son) it’s even more difficult to find a proper group to do this sort of content.

As much as I like raiding, I love doing dungeon more. I don’t care much about e.g. this mount you get now, chances of me using that is highly low, and I’m not the showing off type, of mounting myself afk on it, to show what I achieved in Oribos lol.

I just want to try pushing this content as high as possible. I ain’t perfect, but I consider myself pretty knowledgable on this spec.

Playing pugs mostly, and it seems to bother me more and more every day, to a point where it just takes away my joy in the game.

So that being said, just checking if there’s more people looking for something like that.

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