Finel. The last survivor of Teldrassil

I wonder what happened to this kid, She was the last Night Elf saved from burning.
Now she would be 8 or 9 years old. Wonder if we will see her again and found out what happened to her after genocide committed by horde. Who is she living with, Maybe adopted by Shandris this time. Would be cool if Shandris goes Tyrande with her. That would also mean that maybe Shandris and Jarod finally get together after thousands of years.

Oh, I would love to found out what happened with her. Since, obviously Blizzard is on it’s way to change generations and put in younger characters as more important in this game.
For Night Elfs, she would be perfect for this. Also, what you said about Shandris and Jarod would be a nice addition to the story. We miss families in WoW lately. It’s like family don’t matter anymore.

Perhaps she would go with training with Mordent in arcane? Newest of youngest generation. Perhaps even go on to reform Moonguard.


Didn’t even thought about that. Would be interesting to see that,

Well, they made Bel’Ameth a neutral city. Only thing good there is that they added Finel as a character in it

At least she is there. One small good news with a bunch of incredibly stupid ones.

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