Finishing character arcs

Now with the World Soul saga, three whole expansions. I’m wondering if they planned to finish the story of Denathrius (his soul is in his sword) and his nathrezim and Vol’jin who is currently in a wildseed at Ardenweald waiting to being reborn. Theories are that he will be a loa. Where will their stories fit in the world soul saga of maybe after?

Not sure that Vol’jin’s character arc has anywhere left to go, but I guess they might have him return, and well… there is room enough in the World Soul Saga. Even discounting possible unannounced quest content, there is tnough troll stuff that we can expect. In the 2nd addon we go to the Amani woods of Quel’thalas, and in the 3rd addon we go to Northend, home of the fallen Drakkari. In both cases there might just be a story about either subduing or convincing the locals to join us, and I could imagine Loa Vol’jin to have an opinion on that, and the powert to make it heard.
The Amani seem to be the more likely candidate to me, since rconciling with the elves after 1000s of years of hatred seems like just the thing the current devs would want to do. And of course Vol’jin would see the bigger picture and help his small-minded brethren to see that the Void is more of an enemy than the elves. I’m not saying I want that to happen… but I can just about see it.

Danny and his horny batmen were delegated to be Death’s ultimate saboteurs in the cosmic stuff now. So they could pretty much appear any time anywhere, to tweak outcomes in Death’s favour. If that happens, I’d probably expect that to happen in side-content, rather than as a greater plot, but I guess they could either fit them in in a patch, or actually have them join us against the Titans, when things get hot, and Order seems too close to a significant victory. Or Void. Or Light. Or whoever…

More than finishing character arcs. Blizzard should really sort through the factions and their current state. Especially the giant conglomerate (a set of parts that do not fit each other) that is Alliance.

We have Holy Light Champions, Void Spawns and most recently Man’ari Eredar serving under one banner. If Wild Gods joined the blue faction, then most of the cosmic forces were on Stormwind’s side.

No matter how good of a story you write, one cannot simply ignore this mess. How do you write a story that includes EONS old literal Demon? One of the most powerful villains we ever faced?

Vol’jin, Magni, Denathrius all those characters pale before the ticking time bomb that is Alliance right now.

I wish. It certainly should be a time bomb, but they haven’t even hinted at real unrest anywhere, and I don’t think that will change. The devs seem intend to pretty much write out any conflict that’s not either based on cosmic mumbo-jumbo, or personal.

So as much as I’d prefer a world-building focussed approach as well, asking about the character arcs might be the more reasonable question.

So how people are to take this lore seriously ever again? Half of the damn cosmology runs rampant in Stormwind like some glorified NPCs. How am I to take Void threat seriously when I can literally play as such creature in the first place?

It’s not about the weapon, it is about the wielder, yada yada. If we are tolerant and believe in each other, we can stand against anything. We can only defeat <insert current threat here> united. We all just want the same things, to live, love, and harvest souls in our own 4 walls.

I think you get the gist. Really, as far as I’m concerned the chances of taking this serious ever again died with the Void Elves and the lack of either explanation of why we would trust them, or a real reaction to their inclusion. Anything else is just another layer of icing on the turd. Accepting Eredar barely got a reaction from me anymore.

They have dug that hole for a long time. Even if they wanted to close it, I don’t think they could by now. They even introduced a peacetime timeskip without hinting at resentments welling up.

If vol’jin returns it will be as the new loa of kings most likely and be out of the story unless the princess has a role

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