Fire mage damage nerfs are NOT enough

Earlier today I got hit for the following within 0.7 seconds (numbers rounded)

3 x 5000 Fire Blast
1 x 11500 Meteor
1 x 7500 Pyro

that’s 34,000 damage in 0.7s with

a 10% is 3400 damage. so that means they’ll still be doing pretty much 30-31k damage in 0.7 seconds. which is still 90-95% of somebody health

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If their shields get nerfed more (Triune Ward Legendary, to be specific) they will be in trouble becuase then they will most likely not live long enough for a second burst setup if you pop defensive(s) for the first.

Lol the nerf to shields are miniscule.


this is to much for blizzard to handle xD they will never manage to get all this changes right

  • Infernal Cascade (Ilvl 200) conduit nerfed to a 16.6% damage boost at 2 stacks, down from 25.2%, leading to an 8.6% reduction to Combustion output.

  • Ignite damage from Combustion nerfed by the same amount.

  • Triune Ward now only granting 50% extra shields instead of 95%

  • Blazing Soul, Glacial Insulation and Cold Snap + Ice Barrier only giving a 50% shield instead of 65%.

  • Diverted Energy conduit healing decreased due to smaller barriers.

Even though only 2 things are changing, they all have a knock-on effect, further nerfing damage, conduits and talents.


Did you notice that changes are going live next Wednesday?

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For the moment, yes. But who knows the might get nerfed a bit more later?

The nerfs aren’t life they come with weekly reset fyi

My issues with mages is they only need 2 seconds of their combustion to throw tripple FB/meteor/instant pyro which can kill you if you’re in a global cooldown lock.

With these nerfs mages will be a more viable target while giving a bit of a leeway to players trying to survive.

8% is a lot keep in mind, unholy lost 8-10% dmg after the PVE nerf and it’s unplayable right now.

Cry more rogue, if you cant destroy mages as a rogue you should just uninstall the game.

Not true at all mage is super tanky vs rog

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