Fire mage looking for a new Guild

Hello there!
I am currently trying to find myself a new guild on Tarren Mill. What I am looking for is a social raiding guild that is progressing mythic and doing m+ keys with a fun and thriving atmosphere. I myself have experience raiding mythic and have done 4/12 on the current raid tier as a Guardian Druide though I am flexible and can play other classes and roles.

For anymore infos add me on bnet Devils#2476 or on discord Devils22#8106

looking forward to hearing from you

good raider ^^

Hi how are you doing i am currently recruiting for a mythic progress guild called Lost Boyz. We are quite new but have a good core player base and are currently 3/12 Mythic with a few pugs to make up the numbers. We are just filling the last few spots in our 20 man team to push 12/12 which with our current player skill we can definitely achieve. we also do a lot of M+ keys together and we have a good laugh at raids and during keys. Message me on discord at figsie#1288 or ingame on my main called Gárou if you’re interested mate.

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