Fire spec bonuses

You’re going to end up shooting yourselves in the stomach by voting for S2. :grin:


10 character are not required

Please take note that the season 2 set is quite weaker than the current season 3 counterpart.

In order to match them, the 2p bonus from the season 2 set needs to be bumped to 10%

Like this:

  • (2) Set Bonus: Phoenix Flames applies Charring Embers to all enemies it damages, increasing their damage taken from you by 10% for 12 sec.
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I’d say the blue post next time, should be highlighted and in Bold that the sets will be buffed when reintroduced.

A lot of people voting are just damage slaves

Basically, you can offer them to stab themselves. They’ll hesitate briefly, and then reply “… but will it make my damage go up?” and then they’ll do it.

It’s hilarious because you’d expect Warlocks to have that attitude instead.

A lot of the mages in WoW really don’t behave like mages.

I strongly suggest Blizzard ignore the poll for fire mages, because here non-mage players vote for the weakest set bonus to make fire mage worse in Season 4.
Allowing this falsified poll go through will make Blizzard do extra work in Season 4 buffing Fire mages so that the spec can stay relevant compared to other less hated classes.

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While this is true and they have noted that they’ll update the sets, apart from pure tuning there is another critical flaw in the oh so beloved season two set: the charring embers (2p) debuff does not work on any AoE spell in our kit. Namely the debuff is applied and counts only towards single target spells.

That is true, and I’m frankly not a fan of the S2 playstyle either.

Frankly, I don’t care if S2 would give me the “big deepz” against bosses, it just felt like garbage overall everywhere else, that’s why I didn’t vote for it.

Asking around, a lot aren’t really fond of the playstyle, but they’ll take the L in how good it feels because they felt S2 just made them stronger.

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First time I heard this so I looked it up. According to wowhead, it does apply to flamestrike and loads of frost and arcane spells (even a torghast power). Doesn’t seem to include flame patch and living bomb though.
Edit: nor Meteor.

S2 set won? Really? Makes no sense to me but okay, felt like S3 is pretty superior…

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It’s really non-sense this season 4. I won’t play my mage…

I agree. I think the reason it won, was people like how it affected their gameplay in ways that they could see. I preferred Season 3 bonuses…

Just realised that the raid build will go back to stacking skb before you combust on pull. Hate that.

Yeah, I was wrong in this case because I was thinking of the calefaction stack counter (4p), which doesn’t work off any AoE spells

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