Choose Your Own Gear in Dragonflight Season 4

In Dragonflight Season 4, we’re going to try something new. We’re preparing a remixed set of gear for each specialization. To determine what that means for each class and spec, we’re asking you to vote for your favorite class look and your favorite specialization set bonuses from the first three Seasons of Dragonflight.

This means that in Season 4, demon hunters might vote for a set that has the look of Season 1, with Season 2 set bonuses for Havoc and Season 3 set bonuses for Vengeance.

We’ve opened a poll for every class and every spec! You can vote now on your favorites, and the winners will determine what we build into the endgame for Season 4. Please keep in mind that we’re going to update the power of the set bonuses to match the increased power of the new gear in Season 4, so any bonuses you choose will be tuned to be as strong as any others.


Death Knight set look

Demon Hunter set look

Druid set look

Evoker set look

Hunter set look

Mage set look

Monk set look

Paladin set look

Priest set look

Rogue set look

Shaman set look

Warlock set look

Warrior set look


Blood death knight returns a 404 page not found

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Please don’t make me play S1 Arms again… I hate Cleave.

I feel like you should just let us pick whatever set we want rather than voting.


I assume they won’t do that because it’ll be a nightmare to balance.

At least all players can give their input with this.

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Cant wait to be trolled with bad rng sets again.


All i see is 404 not found when i click on any link
Nvm works now

This is such a horrible idea.
People who play M+ will be put against people who Raid, and against people who PvP…
Why not leave players with agency and have THEM choose?

I mean there was literally few weeks ago the issue with Warden set and then you come and do the literally same stuff again.


Because it’ll mean balancing all 3 sets, and that’s going to be a nightmare.

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Not true.

Last season no Rsham played Tier set in PvP, that’s how insanely bad it was.

How is that good balancing?

If they had agency, all Shamans would play Tier set. Because they’d choose whichever one makes sense for the content they play.

So your argument is very obviously invalid and the less agency players have, the more inbalance there is. Simply because a thing that blizzard chooses for you, usually can’t be good in all form of content so you’re stuck with trash thing in some form of content.


Player “input” is going to make me play with a tier set I consider utter garbage. This vote isn’t a good idea.


It is a very Bad Idea, Just let people decide on what they want and work around that.


Power of democracy.

How is that an argument in this situation?

Trying to make sure all 3 tier sets are balanced with the other tier sets, and those tier sets from other classes and specs is sheer madness. Like you’re expecting Blizzard to be able to equally balance 3 tiers worth of set bonuses for over 30 specs! It’s hard enough with just one tier bonus.

Also there is massive difference between bad design and bad balancing. Balancing can easily be fixed, design is much harder.

Like, I do get what you’re saying. In an ideal world, having all 3 tier sets would allow players to use the ones they want for the content those tier sets do well in. It is, however, almost never going to happen simply because tuning all those tier sets, especially since some of the classes were redesigned in 10.1, is simply not going to be worth the nightmare.


Maybe Change the Poll to once per Account and not once per Character (how its currently is).
This way it will be trolled even more.

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The entire evoker subforum is missing. Error 404 for all 4 evoker posts.


So are you going to enforce a 6 months long S4 at the expense of S3 ?! That’s bad news.

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am I the only person to find it lame we dont get new tier sets? honestly kinda disappointed with this announcement.
Season 4 was such a nice way to shake up gameplay last expansion and I expected something more. Maybe bringing back previous expansion tiersets or something other cool to mix things up


Terrible idea, lazy and disrespectful of the playerbase. Re-using art and already made set bonuses. How about new tierset transmogs? Ooh too expensive? Kekw, multimilliondollar company.

Not to mention it will be unbalanced as all hell and leave either pvpers, raiders or m+ players with best/worst options.

Framing it like the community has agency makes it even worse. Disgusting. I’m so disappointed.


Way to be lazy.


i already see on prot pala choice, that ppl just trolling here.

just let me use the set bonus i want, if you lack on creativity to create a new one