Firemaw Login Queues Continued

Please Blizzard, you have people on both Horde and Alliance being seriously disrupted by the queues. I just tried to login 16:12 (server time) on 31st March 2020 and there is a 1600 queue.

I just flicked through all other Europe high populations realms and they had no queue whatsoever.

It is time to implement something:

  • Limit transfers
  • Stop new account characters
  • Stop multiboxing
  • Increase capacity
  • Transfers off Firemaw

You need to be doing something as, like other people have stated, it is starting to damage communities as people struggle to make raids or to just enjoy the game. This could be due to work or simply getting disconnected (which your queuing format is very unforgiving of). People should not have to login at 16:00 to raid at 19:00. So please listen to your community!


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