Firemaw (PvP) - Que times ruining the game

Dear Blizzard,

please work on a solution for que-times on high pop servers - asap!!

Hitting 10k people in que yesterday while peak raiding hour of most people is an absolute desaster for the community.

The fact that character transfer is still possible to Firemaw is completely irresponsible. We are facing serious issues with people that have regular jobs to be able to raid at any day of the week. Its not like you can just swap raiddays from wed/sun to fri/mon because there is a que every day!!

In the short term it will probably

A) destroy guilds that are finally facing a challenging content (SWP is great - thanks for that!)
B) force people to move to another server with no guarantees of any comparable pop / economy
C) result in people quitting the game

I know there is no easy fix - but it is your responsibility to find a solution for this because you have failed to
A) prohibit transfers to high pop servers
B) find a solution for low pop servers other than making them transfer individually
C) secure a solid gaming experience for people that always were on Firemaw

Kind regards


The ridiculous thing was as well that servers were essentially forced to transfer to firemaw when they reached out for a solution back in november. Also the active population on ironforge pro has not seen an increase in firemaw pop really since BT release. There were 8 layers active when ZA was released, yet only 4 when SWP was released. At this point its not even the people transferring to the realm. Its blizzards.

Id say keep posting on here, but i tried to crusade for mograine to survive on here for months till my guild was literally the last alliance guild on the server. Kaivax who does the only blue posts or comments here only interacts with the NA forums. Twitter, reddit and the NA forums might be better :confused:


Well said.

Honestly, it is ruining the game for most of us.

Having to come back home from work and que for hour/s… until I log in, its “bedtime”.

I am currently paying monthly for a game I can’t even play.

My only solution is to actually quit.

Do something and do it fast… we are sick of all this.


There must be some servers that can be used to strenghten Firemaw!
I see atleast 13 servers that is basicly empty on EU.

Was 10500 at some point.

9k and 142 minutes on a monday evening is unnaceptable.


i saw some guy earlier wrote this.


Honestly, they’re discriminating against European players, what else could there be?

Benediction has < 27 000 active characters and 12 layers, no queue

Firemaw has > 33 000 active characters and 4 layers and > 8 000 queue;

IF this is true, then why do the US servers have stabil 12 layers on Benediction, meanwhile on Firemaw they getting ripped off like it was black friday…?


Yeah we couldn’t even raid yesterday to many stuck in queues, its ridiculous at this point, but this isn’t the first time and Blizzard devs wont fix it!

It is true and we dont know why.

Its easy. Europe is very vocal about the server demographics atm. They are actively lowering layers and raising queues so people use the FCT.

This company is just a pure scam and the guy in charge the biggest :clown_face: in the history of WoW. :woman_shrugging:


Well likely. In classic vanilla they had locked firemaw for 4 months and also layered so heavily it felt less than a medium realm but it worked. No ques nothing with 60k pop.

16.05. - 7pm (MEZ) queue at 9k people ~ 186 min in queue… what the hell!
At TBC Launch on Firemaw there were 12 Layer… 12! Now on a Wednesday 5pm peak time… there are 2-3 Layer… and a 2-3hour queue

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I’m worried how bad the queue times will be in Wrath, if they’re already this bad in SWP patch. :face_vomiting:

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Blizzard will HAVE to solve this! Best solution right now, share the crap out of this thread on discord and get them to notice us that way?!
…Meanwhile, some douche bag in another thread is asking for free character transfer to Firemaw so he can play with his mates.


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paying 10k queue service, cannot be believed this is 2022. Actually can believe it, degenerate customer service over decades and it came to this

BLIZZARD is NOT ethical, this is NOT ETHICAL. GET BACK TO WORK, the EU team didnt come to work for 6 months??!?!?!


I have just cancelled, gutted really but finishing work at half five and being hit with a 2.5hr queue makes it not playable for me, how come they don’t have this issue on the American mega servers?

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When will Blizzard realise that it will do very little to offer free transfer to almost dead realms, and instead move their focus in increasing server capacity? I can only imagine all of those people having families combined with work and only want to enjoy a few hours every night to play a game they love. This is no way possible with the situation the server currently are in.
One could hope Blizzard are actually willing to listen to their customers…

Sadly I will not be renewing my sub after this. The game isn’t good enough to justify spending 2-3 hours in queues on weeknights after work, and the silence from developers (singular?) on the issue is all the confirmation needed.

unsubbed, screw this company