Firemaw (PvP) - Que times ruining the game

I love this server :slight_smile:
I love this game :slight_smile:
I love this company :slight_smile:
I love this subscription :slight_smile:

Dear Blizz, i forget to tell you something … …

Well, the game is unplayable like this. Cancelled my sub.

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so if you e.g. have to take your kids to bed in the evening and that takes you roughly an hour, you are pretty much not playing the game that evening.

Assuming you work from home you might have some game time during the day, but for sure not during the evening after you got home, had dinner and spent some time.

Couldnt turn the computer on before 20:30 ST now and its still a whooping 190 Min queue.

I guess thats 3 Subscriptions down the drain.
Probably about what another layer would cost you in server capacities per month.

Same here. I come home around 18 server time. I have to wait 180 minutes in the queue. Why there is no response from the Blizzard Team about this issue?
When posting or browsing AH it takes about 30s - 1min to make a purchase of 1 item.

And honestly, I’d gladly use free realm transfer but THE ONLY balanced pvp server on EU is french server Sulfuron. And it’s not possible to transfer to PvE servers at all.

Dear Blizzard, is this how it’s going to stay during WotLK? Majority of the game population is not kids anymore, most of use don’t have unlimited gaming time, but all still want to enjoy the game on decent level. Especially that it’s not free.

They can just close the 15 dead servers they have and move the power to firemaw!

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And thats just the characters that is in logs and pvp logs! So add all the below lvl 70 and non raid logging and PVP people!

are you this guy? :smiley:

We have got to a point where we dont post rosters and just ask everyone to try to be online and hope we get 25 people online at raid time, half the guild is on the verge of quitting the game. We are paying for a service and we aren’t getting it.

This is completely unacceptable


If I performed like this in my day job showing a total disregard for my customers and not communicating at all, I would not have a job left to goto.


Today is the first time my guild entered Sunwell, and I was logged in since 3PM since for the past few days the queues have been starting around that time.
I was working from home so I could check on my account here and there… When time came to make dinner, I luckily evaded disconnection and moved myself in time when needed. But while eating, apparently, I actually got dropped from the game and didn’t notice. Mind you, I was eating in front of the computer because this is the state of the game. We are slaves to our computers because if we log in too late we’ll have to wait for so long that the raid will be over, and if we log too early we are required to keep a close eye on our character so that it doesn’t fall off the server.

It boggles the mind that this is what “making the realms matter” boils down to these days. Being unable to play keeps the game original and layering ruins the experience, allegedly.

We are way past it. The game doesn’t thrive on world pvp these days anyway, why not just allow us to play so that we can at least enjoy the game with our friends, rather than creating artificial queues that only degrade our experience and diminish our utility from your product.

This used to be a game I loved playing, but it has become a sad chore to be subjected to this farce weekly.

If this keeps up on Firemaw I will opt-out of renewing both my accounts.


I stop play because this que in firemaw, no more subs for you blizz. I cant play normaly this game. Maybe we go back to warmane or ? There we can skip queue

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Community wants to play on a realm they either “grew up” on or PAID ADDITIONAL MONEY to be on. :slight_smile: FTC is a very bad joke and I really don’t get this stubborn stance that Blizz assumed.

The will to struggle through queues that the new content created is quickly dwindling to a point where its not going to be worth it anymore.

Need a fix asap.

and bots sadly…

Hi. After SWP got Out. Hyped and ready.
But whit the queue thats made now. Its hard to even get time in real life.
Queue time is the real wow killer.

Dear Blizzard,

I guess everyone in the community can agree that we all play since we enjoy the game. This common ground is currently trembling and crumbling apart BECAUSE of these insane que times. People that have a job have to make impossible turns (e.g., remote desktop, work from home just for the sake of raiding) to be able to play the game at all.

The “easy option” of just transferring away does not really apply unless you want whole guilds to fall apart. The whole Firemaw community is awaiting your answer Blizzard. This is the momentum to do the right thing before you lose the majority of the player base (also looking forward to WOTLK).

Looking forward for your reply with an adequate solution!


What’s your guys’ favorite laundry detergent flavor?

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Already transferred once due to mismanagement of blizz, not doing it again. The situation is basically unplayable and there’s no way myself or others will play wrath of this isn’t fixed.

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Hope you guys all miss your raid and quit

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