First Boss neltharion tanking question

Just a question:
should the tank collect the adds or do you just let them roam free and be killed by the dps anywhere?
I felt when I am collecting the adds, I feel like I am running out of space very quickly.

After schockweav when you are running out of speace you just turn boss around and run to beggining of platform, he got no cleave exept 1 sw every 30-40 sec

Yes, collect the adds. They are prio targets, so they need to be close to the boss so dps can cleave onto it. If the adds are running all over the platform, the boss will take forever to die.

I kite the boss slowly around the edge of the platform, leaving the green under and behind him (turning him outward for the frontal if dps are positioned badly and are at risk of getting hit). This means the dps and healer have safe space in the middle of the platform to stand at the side of the boss.

I personally always pick up adds so i can control where puddle drops :smiley:

i find it not so easy to collect the adds, taunt has longer cd than the spawn time and they often spawn out of my range of keg smash or fire breath :confused:
kinda annoying that boss.
had several ranged only groups there so the cleave didnt matter so that is ehy i was asking primarily whether the adds are actually dangerous and kill people.
when i did it on +15 the adds had like 300k hp and i felt like they should normally die so fast that they should be tanked by me.
of course in higher keys the die slower i guess

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