First transmog

So, im kinda new to wow and wanted to make a transmog, i was hoping that someone could rate my transmog, it’s not finised, im currently trying to farm the shoulders, wepons, boots and belt.

Any future advice u could give me (hope u can still see the transmog even tho the big axes are there)


Not bad for a first mog

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Thank u very much

I think you done a nice job here to be honest i am not a fan of your choice of head piece but i do like how it fits with the rest of the set up

nice look very sinister and dark :slight_smile:

i cant wait to see your finished look keep it up

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pretty hard to be a rogue with possibly the brightest weapons in the game…:smiley:
.oh and in my experience, xmog is never finished… o O (omg…i look awesome, but wait…look at these boots…but they clash with…) and so on it goes…:slight_smile:

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ty, il let u know when it’s “done”, appriciate the reply :slight_smile:

I like the colour combination and the overall look :slight_smile:

I don’t think I would give any advise, as I see your transmog as your way to express yourself and how you want your char to appear :slight_smile:

I’ll link the picture, so it will be more easy for others to see :slight_smile:

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Ty very much, ill keep that in mind, thanks for linking the picture, had some troble with it :smiley:

he is a little confused but he got the spirit


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