Fishing bots in Revendreth

Like many of you, I’ve encounted a lot of bots running around the Shadowlands. I try to report them as best I can but I thought it would be a good thing for the server community to try report theese bots and keep them from ruining a very good expansion!

I am aware that there’s a fine-line to thread here, and you do not want to accuse people needlessly. Please keep that in mind.

Recently I, like many of you I guess, have begun fishing the Piranhas in Revendreth. Here I’ve come across a Night Elf Druid, who I can almost to a 100% certainty confirm is using a fishing bot. The druid is in freshly boosted gear and is always standing on the same spot and fishing.

The coordinates is 62.07 55.39 and is just down the hill from Darkhaven.
I’ve seen this guy for a couple of days now, always in the same spot, never moving. Even why I try to stand on his fishing bubble he doesn’t react, and he never moves. Any reasonbly player would attempt to move away if another player is trying to block their fishing bobble.

I’ve found a way to kill him by pulling the big mobs in the area and having them AoE slam me when I’m stood on top of him.

I call upon the Ragnaros community to find this guy and check it out for yourselves, and report him if you are as suspicious as I am.

/way 62.07 55.39 Night Elf Fish Bot

Signed Pekdon,
Scourge of the botters

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