Ok but for real can we nerf this abomination already?


working as intended
fun, tanky, deals damage, carries
like bard in lol

one thing they’ve done is removed their ability to bubble themselves every 1.5m with restoral out of any magic cc in the game
now it just puts immune to damage but cc lingers, before the patch they could restoral in hoj/fear/coil/input any cc and get rid of it

its very easy to counter…just focus the monk and kite him as much as possible and away from hes faeline Stomp,most of hes heals comes from what you gain when you are inside of it and if he isnt lucky to reset it he is a free kill

yep just kite a monk bro
just kite a monk
a monk
just kite a monk who also happens to be a healer so he can dispel himself on top of his “lackluster” mobility
if its so easy to counter how come shuffles are full of melee monks


The problem of faeline stomp is that the area is big, and the duration while you have it is to high, maybe is good to decrease the area and reduce the duration you have the buff up.

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