Fix Group Loot

Please tell me why a Paladin with a Hero 6/6 weapon was able to roll need on a Champion weapon during Amirdrassil normal PuG run? Do you have any idea how infuriating it is to have to deal with these kind of unempathetic, arseholes just because your system is fundamentally flawed?! Only myself on my Fury Warrior and him needed on it and I lost it. There should never have been any competition in rolls to begin with.


Nah. It’s fine as it is now.

go away. trolls like you aren’t needed here, or anywhere in life. Get back under whatever bridge you crawled out from under.

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Fix Personal Loot First

If I shouldn’t be able to need on items which aren’t upgrades, then PL shouldn’t award duplicates like it does in M+.


Little aggressive aren’t we?
Also disagreeing with you does not equal to trolling.
I much prefer the new loot system and want it to stay.


Yes I’m aggressive, because I’m furious after that little interaction. And adding fuel to the fire is obviously not going to help things is it.

Any what loot system? Group loot isn’t new, it’s just a reversion back from Personal Loot to how it was for nearly the entire history of WoW.

I agree it can be dishartening when somone who clearly doesn’t need an item takes it from someone who does. Group loot certainly made that worse but even PL had it’s problems too.

I know it can be annoying but you might want to edit your post and remove the swear word. It’s not worth getting a forum ban over. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes Personal Loot had problems. But at least then you’re mad at the system, and not inconsiderate players.

What’s most infuriating is they’ve already gone half way, stopping you rolling need on Tier tokens… sooooo why not everything else?

The end result is the same: you don’t get the loot you want. Jumping from one bad system to another isn’t a solution. That’s why people are pushing back on these threads.

I disagree. Being wronged by another human being who is consciously doing it invokes a different emotion to just the system gave me rubbish loot.

It’s still amazing how raid loot have been trash since it’s inception…

The bonus rolls in legion made it passable but still bad.

Getting the same item the 4th time in M+ that nobody needs, knowing that the group only gets 2 in total and so the system wasted one is equally bad for my mental state.

Sorry but I can’t relate to people who feel bad for losing a roll just because they can see the results, but not when it happens in the background.

And I can’t understand the view point of someone that doesn’t understand that the system can’t be any more generous in a game mode that has infinitely farmable gear or it would completely destroy the entire gear economy of the game.

so let’s agree to disagree, and you can jump out the thread and take your opinions elsewhere.

That’s the biggest bait aspect of M+.
I have no life and the farm for specific items even burns me out.

Just because you ignore PLs problems doesn’t mean they don’t exist. But since this is a public forum feel free to share your biased, subjective opinions.

I think every loot system we have had has it’s flaws, some definiately worse than others.

Maybe a better solution would be for each boss kill to reward a set amount of points instead of (or in addition to) dropping loot, like valor and being able to spend those points at a vendor to purchase the loot. Similar to how they did the fated at end of SL.

I’m not ignoring them. I said in a previous comment that it has it’s problems. But this thread is not about PL. It’s about Group Loot. Make a PL thread if you want to complain about it.


Yeah Personal Loot is way worse than group loot. There just has to be no incentive for people to need on items they don’t need. Maybe making it so that “if” people actually need the item, then those people who transmog roll something get a chance of winning the transmog appearance itself, but not the item. Because I gotta admit, I have been tempted to roll on items I clearly don’t need, just to fill up that transmog tab.

Its a public forums where people can express agreeing or disagreeing opinions.
If you are looking for “only anti group loot opinons allowed” then you need an echo-chamber…which you wont find here.

No. I’m looking for ‘discussion about group loot’. Not, ‘whataboutism personal loot is worse bla bla’.


They could make the system do a transmog roll for the “appearance” of the item between people who needed on the mog, while giving the item to whoever needed.
And make the item soulbound-non tradeable if you won it with a Need roll.
This would stop the loot trading/ninjaing and make everyone happy.

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