Fix loot system in LFR!

I been farming for this bloody tanking trinket, Fyrakk’s Tainted Rageheart and every time I lose it to DPS player !!! I do NOT fking care about them changing looting spec to tanking one, if somebody play as tank that players should have PRIORITY PERIOD !!! FIX THIS !!!

frist mistake was to do lfr lol

You were in my raid last night, i remember it dropped :') fact is, I feel you but there are two tank spots and people are allowed to queue for multiple roles. Also nobody wants to tank LFR when chances are they’d be flamed.

(Also the season is ending next week so your rageheart won’t even be useful as it’ll be lower than what normal dungeons drop. How’s this going to help? At this point I’d be mad if I got it because it’d be useless in a week so instead I hope you get a lovely tank trinket as soon as the season starts.)