FIX MW (pvp)

All the other healers are in a good place which i’m happy about, both priest spec being playable to a high level is awesome, if they managed to make holy priest playable, why is it so difficult to bring MW up to par.

Some of the 9.1 changes were in the right direction but it is clear alot more needs to be done, wether it just be some number changes or some actuall changes to abilities.
Let’s discuss changes we’d like to see! #soloque


It needs its armor doubled for sure
Arena partymember should do 5% increased damage permanently

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MW pvp is awfull, I have 235 Ilvl in pvp and only have 43k hp I get one shotted by pala#s etc whats the point in working for gear if it doesnt make you any better?

mw actually gets weaker as the gear progresses since you can’t reach the defensive versality you need

  • versality dr + level squish
  • 40% increase to offensive versality ( medallion-passive )
  • removal of pvp resilence

that’s why MW is outperformed by the numbers

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