Flamelash Horde and Alliance Dueling discord

Hey, so in the midst of theese tough phase 2 war times ive decided to cease myself from some of the war and spend my precious time dueling outside IF for the past couple of days, and well it was fun and all, but in general i felt like there arent much of the people Dueling, atleast on Alliance side, so ive come up with an idea to hopefuly unite both horde and alliance duelers and make some sort of a discord group where people can hop on and meet up even when being from the different factions, the channel is mainly for self progression of getting better at 1v1s and skill level in general, whilst i have future plans for hopefuly some transfaction tournaments and PVP events. The channel is fresh and requires alot of moderation (so im looking for a moderator), i welcome all of you flamelashians to hop in and hone your skills :slight_smile:

https ://discord.gg/naHpjB

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i am in man Qbelord horde side :slight_smile:

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hop in scary spriest, all are welcome :smiley:

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Alliance will win all duels ez though :confused:

that is not true ! :slight_smile:

You cant beat me though :confused:

Wait you are on my kill on sight list, fight me! Duel 1 v 1

Bring it on hordies! I await you around Felwood most nights :stuck_out_tongue:

so far we have 7 people, cmon guys, its time to focus on progressing on personal level rather than grouping :wink:

link is dead

I’m interested but the link is dead.

i kinda abadonned the discord, due to had to make discord for them. Anyway there arent many people left on the server who are interested in duels…

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