Flamelash Ninja looter? Capsey


Okej so here is the deal. We made a group for ZF, Underworld Band Ring drops and we all agreed to give the Priest the item. A warrior tank named Capsey. Needed and won the roll. We all got kinda angry on him and we all think he “ninja looted” it. It’s not a item for him and he only needed on it just because of the gold for selling it. Do you guys agree and we should remember this guys name and dont invite him anymore on this realm. Or was he right in needing it?


I personally think that this is not a ninja looting situation. There has been a lot of discussion recently in the community regarding BOE “ninja looting”
General rule for the BOEs is everyone in the group to roll need on them. This would avoid situations like that and in the if the person who won the roll decides to give it to another member that choice would be up to that person.
I think this is very unfair against the mentioned player in the post and not a “ninja looting” situation


what is BOE?


This is as clear cut as a ninja looter situation can be. The person rolled need on an item that could not in any way be considered a reasonable item for his class. There is no argument here, no offspec situation, nothing.